Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 101 - Demonization
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 101 - Demonization

Chapter 101 - Demonization

Over two thousand men were holding their bridles and staring fiendishly at Martial Uncle Bai standing there in the center of the circle they formed. So long as Gu Hai gave the order, all of them would rush forward and tear Martial Uncle Bai to pieces.

Watching this sudden change in the atmosphere, the onlookers scarcely dared to breathe. Everyone had gone silent.

The crowd of cultivators was internally rejoicing that they had not rushed forward just a moment ago, or else, they would also be trembling.

Most of the hundred Song Jia Sect disciples were dead already. And those who had luckily survived were also grievously wounded, so injured that they could not move even a bit, and likely dying. They were lying on the ground, watching Gu Hai as he pointed at Martial Uncle Bai with the crop.

"I didn't want to come! I didn't want to come!"

"Chief, help us!"

"Spare me, I won't do it again!"...

The surviving Song Jia Sect disciples were crying out in feeble voices.

In the distance, Martial Uncle Bai, on the other hand, had an extremely horrid grimace on his face. You guys don't play by the rules. I just hit the child, no, tried to, and you came running at once. I have done nothing, I didn't even hit your children...

Just a half year ago, Martial Uncle Bai, with the Song Jia Sect Chief by his side, had seen Gu Hai. At that time, he could have popped Gu Hai like an ant with his pinky finger. And today, this very ant was pointing at him with a crop!? His sons had killed a hundred of his martial nephews, and he was still being threatened by Gu Hai!

"Mister… Mister Gu!" Martial Uncle Bai spoke up with an ashen face.

"Is it you who wants to kill my sons?" Gu Hai face did not look kind.

At this point, Gu Hai had no intention of stopping here, as there were too many people watching. Gu Hai wanted to give everyone one hell of an impression. He wanted to show them that anyone who wished to harm him or his family would have to pay a hefty price, indeed!

"Yes, but I didn't...!" Martial Uncle Bai just wanted to explain...

"Void Company, attack!" Gu Hai immediately ordered mercilessly.

He simply didn't give any chance for Martial Uncle Bai to beg for mercy.

Having received their orders, the men of Void Company drew back their arrows without hesitation.

"Mister Gu, it's a misunderstanding, it's just a misunderstanding!" Martial Uncle Bai cried out anxiously.

"Fire!" Scar ordered the archers.

Hails of arrows swished towards Martial Uncle Bai right away. This hail of arrows, laced with True Qi, was exceptionally dreadful. Martial Uncle Bai would be riddled with holes in the blink of an eye.

Hundreds of arrows streaked across the sky like dark rainbows in an incredibly dense wall of death.

At the sight of this, all of the cultivators in the vicinity had chills run down their spines. Had it been them, they were sure they wouldn't be able to do anything. Martial Uncle Bai was doomed!

Martial Uncle Bai promptly drew his sword and slashed it in one direction before numerous sword qi streaked forward.

After a thunderous crash, many of the arrows crashed into the ground. However, the arrows were simply too many, and he was unable to block them all.

"Gu Hai, you, arghhhh~!" Martial Uncle Bai was furious to the core. His eyes went wide with anger.


Suddenly, Martial Uncle Bai's hair turned scarlet as strands of scarlet demonic qi circled around him. Meanwhile, a mutation also took place in his hair. Each strand of his hair had metamorphosed into something akin to a small snake, and these snakes could be merged together as well. In the blink of an eye, Martial Uncle Bai's hair had transformed into hundreds of long, slender scarlet snakes.

The nest of snakes opened their jaws, straight at the remaining arrows.

"Hiss!" "Hiss!" "Hiss!"...

The snakes hissed ferociously before crashing into the hail of arrows with a loud thunderclap.

Most of the arrows were knocked away, but there were few snakes that were cut by the arrows and fell to the ground.

The snakes crashing to the ground hissed constantly as strands of scarlet demonic qi emerged from them. But much to everyone's surprise, instead of reverting back to hair, they remained as they were before withering away slowly.

The cultivators all around immediately burst into an uproar.

"Martial Uncle Bai's eyes have turned fiendish, his hair has turned into red snakes, so disgusting!"

"What a heavy demonic qi!"

"How can his hair turn into snakeheads? So many snakeheads!"...

All of the onlooking cultivators were horrified at the sight.

Changes had also appeared on the faces of Gu Hai’s two thousand men. Even Gu Hai's face had an astounded look.

Countless snakeheads on Martial Uncle Bai's face writhed ever so nimbly as they bared their fangs at Gu Hai, hissing loudly.

His hair has changed into snakes!?

Martial Uncle Bai let out a roar as made a break for it. Apparently, he wanted to scare the encircling men away with his hideous appearance and make a run for it.

Innumerable slender red snakes on Martial Uncle Bai's head danced along with the wind, baring their fangs, making threatening gestures, hissing ferociously, sending palpitations into everyone's hearts.

The direction Martial Uncle Bai was shooting for was directly towards Gao Xianzhi!

Gao Xianzhi was also frightened. However, he opened his eyes wide, glaring and roaring, "Don't let him run, fire the arrows!"

Having received the command, the team of archers let out a roar, firing arrows one after another.

What the criminals had gone through wasn't something any ordinary cultivator could bear. Terrified as they were in the beginning, they calmed themselves down instantly.

"Charge!" Having fired their arrows, the men of Void Company drew their swords and sabers, and charged at Martial Uncle Bai.

With the scarlet demonic qi circling around Martial Uncle Bai, his strength seemed to have taken quite a bit of a boost. As Martial Uncle Bai waved the long sword in his hand, round after round of dreadful sword qi streaked out towards the oncoming men.

Bellowing their battlecries, Gu Hai's men launched a joint attack on Martial Uncle Bai.

The snakes flurried, the white sword rushed forward. For a moment, the surrounded Martial Uncle Bai did his utmost to resist.

Gu Hai was still on horseback, watching the proceedings with a cold gleam in his eyes.

"Song Jia Sect's Elder Bai! I heard his cultivation had halted at the second level of Golden Core Stage, but currently, his strength has...!" Gu Hai mused in a deep voice.

"His strength has risen far more than that. But the strange part is those snakes on his head!" stated the nearby Scar, frowning at the sight.

Gu Hai turned his head, coldly regarding Scar.

Scar's countenance immediately changed. Without further ado, he yelled at his subordinates, "Kill him, take this demon down!" He also rushed quickly into the battlefield.

Under the sword strike of a distant warrior, Martial Uncle Bai suddenly lost his right arm.

"Ahh~!" Martial Uncle Bai screamed miserably. Having lost his right arm, his strength plummeted.

"Kill!" A Golden Core Stage fighter suddenly stepped forward and slashed his saber at Martial Uncle Bai's neck.

"Nooooo!" Martial Uncle Bai let out a desperate roar. Nonetheless, his head had already been separated from his body, flying into the sky.

With that, the battle came to a halt. The men closed in immediately.

Gu Hai's face turned dark as he got down from his horse and slowly made his way to the head of Martial Uncle Bai. The cultivators in the vicinity wanted to take a closer look, but with Gu Hai’s men all around, none dared to approach!

As Martial Uncle Bai's head fell to the ground, scarlet demonic qi was still circling all around it. The snakes on it struggled painfully for a moment and eventually went limp, ceasing all movement. Nevertheless, they didn't revert back to hair. Keeping their snake form for another moment, they soon withered away.

At the sight of this, the men’s eyes twitched for a moment.

"What happened to him? Tell me!" the nearby Gao Xianzhi questioned the still surviving members of the Song Jia Sect.

"We don't know, we don't know anything!" the few surviving Song Jia Sect disciples cried out in panic.

Hair transforming into hundreds of snakes!? Gu Hai's face darkened.

"My Lord, this man has been demonized!" Shangguan Hen, who was standing nearby, stated suddenly.

"Oh? You know about this?" Gu Hai looked at Shangguan Hen, seeking an answer to this question. Pretty much everyone else also turned their gazes on Shangguan Hen.

"Yes, this subordinate saw such a thing once. This man has demonized already, he is no longer a human! He is a half-human, half-demon, a monster by any standard!" Shangguan Hen confirmed, nodding to reinforce his words.

"A half-human, half-demon monster?" Gu Hai stared at Shangguan Hen.

"Yes, my Lord! Their human spirits are eaten by a demon, and they are then infused with demon blood essence! The demon blood essence then alters their body, creating a demon soul essence which then becomes their new spirit!" Shangguan Hen explained.

"Oh? The heaven soul is bestowed by heaven, the earth soul comes from reincarnation, and the human soul is inherited from the parents. If the human soul is eaten by the demon and is replaced by soul essence, then he can't be considered human anymore. He would be a demon offspring, one with an acquired demon soul, and thus a half-human, half-demon, huh!" the nearby Scar mused, taken aback.

"Monster?" Gu Hai stared at the head once covered by snakes before him.

"Demon blood essence and soul essence are also very precious. No demon would easily bestow them to others. Furthermore, only an extremely powerful demon can demonize a human, one in the Nascent Soul Stage, at the very least. Judging from the snakes on his head, he must have been demonized by a snake demon!" observed Shangguan Hen, frowning in thought.

"After the demonization, what's different, besides the change in their body?" Gu Hai asked Shangguan Hen.

"Their temperament will be like that of a demon. That scarlet qi was demon qi. Their body would also undergo a transformation, one that is similar to the demon. Furthermore, their strength can be increased by as much as five times for a short time. All in all, they would become extremely formidable. More importantly, this kind of demonized serpent loves to eat the hearts and livers of humans!" answered Shangguan Hen, his voice becoming heavier.

"Ah! Ah! No wonder, when we were coming, two of my junior brothers suddenly died in an inexplicable manner, they didn't have their hearts and livers! We thought they had been eaten by a demon beast. So it was Martial Uncle Bai, Martial Uncle Bai!" That Song Jia Sect disciple who had blurted this out was lying on the ground, and looked at the monstrous head of Martial Uncle Bai with a terrified gaze.

Gu Hai's pupils contracted as he looked at the head of Martial Uncle Bai. There was a somber expression on his face. Martial Uncle Bai had been demonized! Not just him, there might be others as well!

"Incinerate it!" Gu Hai ordered in a cold voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" the men obeyed immediately.

"Godfather!" Suddenly, a joyful cry came from nearby.

It was none other than Gu Qin and Gu Han, who were rushing towards Gu Hai with a team of subordinates.

None of the cultivators stopped them, giving way to them immediately.

Seeing his two sons coming, a smile finally showed up on Gu Hai's face.

"Greetings, Godfather!" Having arrived, Gu Qin and Gu Han greeted Gu Hai respectfully.

"Greetings, Master!" the group of Gu Mansion servants also greeted him, excitement obvious on their faces. Their lord's new prestige was pretty evident to them. All of the cultivators had a terrified look in their eyes when they looked at Gu Hai.

"Is everything all right?" Gu Hai asked, smiling at them all.

Gu Qin smiled slightly. Just as he wanted to speak, Gu Han beat him to it. "Godfather, don't worry, everything is in accordance with your arrangements. Everything was built rather quickly. But because it was a bit dangerous recently, Great Brother and I moved to the bunker. Just a moment ago, that explosion sure was terrifying. All those Song Jia Sect disciples who were acting all arrogant were all blasted apart in the blink of an eye, hahaha!"

Gu Hai was extremely excited. In contrast, Gu Qin kept his head straight and said, "Godfather, everything is fine, but there are many cultivators with evil intentions in the vicinity!"

Gu Hai, a grave look falling over his face, turned around.

All around them, the many cultivators who were still looking at Gu Hai's position were on their tiptoes with expectation.

"I am about to arrange an array! Anyone who rushes into the array haphazardly, I will not spare!" Gu Hai shouted icily.

Hearing this, all of the cultivators' eyes went wide instantly!


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