Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 106 - Flood Dragon
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 106 - Flood Dragon

Chapter 106 - Flood Dragon

The Song Jia Sect...

Under the first rays of the morning sun, many Song Jia Sect disciples discovered the grand array arranged by Gu Hai.

"Hurry, look there, what's wrong with the spirit stone mine?"

"Such a dense fog, isn't that an array?"

"What happened? Junior Brother, isn’t he also there?"...

A dozen or so Song Jia Sect disciples immediately rushed towards the grand array, trying to find out what was going on.

However, just as they approached, they suddenly caught sight of a group of coldly smiling men standing just outside the array.

"Who are you?"

"Not good!"...

The group of strangers attacked the incoming Song Jia Sect disciples at once.

In response, the team of Song Jia Sect disciples immediately transformed. Their hair metamorphosed into snakes dancing about, as a powerful strength rose in their bodies.

Even when their bodies were surging with tremendous strength, they weren't opponents for the strangers. They were immediately taken down.

"Ah~!" A Song Jia Sect disciple gave out a blood-curdling shriek as his arm was chopped off.

"What?" The eyes of distant Song Jia Sect disciples immediately widened in shock.

"Kill!" Scar gave out a thunderous shout.

A dozen or so incoming Song Jia Sect disciples immediately died under the swords and sabers of Gu Hai’s men.

"Enemy attack!" the Song Jia Sect disciples yelled at once.

"Quickly notify Martial Uncle!"

"Hurry, notify Master!"

"Quickly notify the Elders!"...

A series of anxious shouts rose as many Song Jia Sect disciples dashed for the entrance.

In a flash, the vicinity of Song Jia Sect was crowded with more and more disciples. Each and every one of them had taken out their swords and sabers, and were glaring at the distant array.

"The spirit stone mine is being robbed! Senior Brother, what should we do?"

"Ah, Junior Brother is inside as well!"

"Who the hell is it?"...


While the Song Jia Sect disciples were rushing around anxiously, at the heart of the array, standing at the summit of a mountain, Gu Hai was coldly gazing at the world outside.

"Throw them out!" ordered Gu Hai coldly.

"Yes!" Chen Tianshan and Shangguan Hen answered at once.

With a wave of their hand, all eight hundred demonized disciples who were assassinated that night were thrown out by a team of men, one by one.

Corpse after corpse, like the flowers scattered by a heavenly maiden, were hurled out uncaringly.

The eight hundred flying corpses shocked the oncoming Song Jia Sect disciples as horrid looks took over their faces. They were just about to attack, but then they suddenly discovered who these bodies belonged to.

"It's Junior Brother!"

"Senior Brother, it's Senior Brother!"

"Ah, everyone at the spirit stone mine had been killed!"

"These devils!"...

The Song Jia Sect disciples screamed out in shock immediately. The impact was simply too big. All eight hundred Song Jia Sect disciples had been annihilated!?

Who in bloody hell was in the array?

More and more Song Jia Sect disciples rushed out of the entrance as they were informed. Each and every face was laced with a cruel and ferocious expression as they glared at the array. But for the moment, no one rushed into the array.

Finally, someone among the Song Jia Sect disciples shouted aloud, "Who are you?"

Suddenly, the clouds over the grand array dispersed a bit, revealing a peak. Standing on top of it was Gu Hai, with Shangguan Hen and Chen Tianshan standing behind him, coldly looking back at the distant crowd of Song Jia Sect disciples.

"Gu Hai! He is Gu Hai!" someone suddenly screamed.

"He is still alive?"

"Sky Sabers Life and Death Board?"

"No, this is 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array!?"...

Everyone who was planning on stepping up at first, immediately halted in their footsteps, staring at Gu Hai in shock. After all, the tragedy of Golden Tong was still vivid in their minds.

"Gu Hai, you sure have big guts, you actually dare to kill my Song Jia Sect disciples! Our Chief would not let you go!" a Song Jia Sect disciple shouted aloud, glaring at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai looked back at that man with a sneer on his lips and said, "Are you talking about Song Jia Sect Chief, Song Shengping? Don't expect him to come, he has already died under my array at the Clear River Sect!"



A crazed look took over each and every Song Jia Sect disciple's face.

"Song Jia Sect? It's you whose guts are truly big, you are but a scourge; nothing more, nothing less. You started a feud with Clear River Sect, okay, but you actually dared to attack my Ascendant Hall Lord? Where is my Ascendant Hall Lord? Hand her out, or else, I will bathe the Song Jia Sect in blood, no one can escape!" Gu Hai shouted aloud, glaring at them with wide eyes.

"You killed the Chief? Impossible, the Chief is a Nascent Soul cultivator, how could you possibly an opponent of the Chief?" that man roared out, alarmed.

"What's so great about a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator? If I want to kill someone, no one can escape. If not for Hall Lord, do you think you would still be alive today? I can destroy your Song Jia Sect by nightfall!" Gu Hai stated coldly.

"Don't listen to him, the Chief can't be dead!" someone shouted.

"But...but, he indeed can deal with Nascent Soul cultivators!" someone cried out anxiously.

"Charge, let's destroy his array!"

"You can go by yourself, the Sky Sabers Life and Death Board massacred twenty thousand cultivators! Although our strength can be increased by five times, still...!"...

More and more Song Jia Sect disciples gathered about Gu Hai's array. However, for the moment, none dared to rush into the array. Everyone was incomparably anxious.

"Hurry, inform the Ancestor, inform the Ancestor quickly!" someone shouted finally.


Outside the Song Jia Sect...

With Song Jia Sect disciples crying anxiously and the captured citizens begging for mercy, it was incomparably noisy. The scene was particularly chaotic.

Hiding among the 'citizens', Gao Xianzhi winked at the man disguised as a Song Jia Sect disciple at the forefront.

"Senior Brother, hurry up, let me take this fodder inside. Gu Hai is here, I have to inform my Master as well, hurry up!" that man disguised as Song Jia Sect disciple beseech him anxiously.

The Song Jia Sect guard was also feeling anxious and irritated as well.

It's freaking Gu Hai! Gu Hai is here? Now, with Song Jia Sect disciples going in and out, he simply was unable to check everyone. More importantly, the cries of the countless mortals were irritating him greatly.

"Go on, hurry up!" that guard gave his assent, annoyed.

"Walk, go in!"


Under the snap of the long whip, Gao Xianzhi, along with many 'citizens', rushed into the Golden Chrysalis Array.


Song Jia Sect, at the entrance of Song Jia Palace...

"Ancestor, bad news, Gu Hai is here!" a demonized man cried out anxiously, facing the closed doors of the palace.

"Gu Hai?" a puzzled voice rose from inside the palace.

"Yes, he is the Water Throne Master of Ascendant Hall. He said he had already killed the Chief! Now, he wants to save the Ascendant Hall Lord!" the demonized man explained respectfully.

The doors of the palace crashed open.

The black-robed man with a scar on his left eye glared coldly at that demonized man. "Are you talking about the Water Throne Master of the Ascendant Hall? What is his cultivation?"

"He...he seems to be in the Xiantian Stage!" that demonized man answered in a low voice.

Hearing this, the black-robed man immediately slapped that demonized man. "And you believed it? Can't you capture him? Can he even kill Song Shengping?"

Covering his slapped cheek, that demi-human explained Gu Hai’s history to the black-robed man quickly.

"Oh?" the black-robed man immediately narrowed his eyes.

"Ancestor, this lowly one don't dare to hide. It's true that he was in Xiantian Stage about half a year ago, but now, he can fight with a Nascent Soul cultivator with the grand array; therefore...therefore...!" that demi-human stated, feeling wronged.

The black-robed narrowed his eyes and commanded, "Lead the way!"



Outside the Song Jia Sect...

Along with the arrival of the black-robed man, more and more Song Jia Sect disciples rushed out of the Sect. In the blink of an eye, thousands of disciples had already come out of the Song Jia Sect. Each and every one of them had drawn their swords and sabers, protecting the black-robed man in the middle of them.

A corrupted disciple next to black-robed man continued to inform the black-robed man of what he knew about Gu Hai.

The black-robed man narrowed his eyes, and coldly stared at Gu Hai on the distant peak.

"What a dense demon qi! My Lord, that black-robed man must be the snake demon, be careful!" Shangguan Hen said tensely, narrowing his eyes at once.

Gu Hai was also looking coldly back at the black-robed man. Noticing the scar on the left eye of the black-robed man, Gu Hai's eyebrows twitched, as if he had seen it before.

"Kid, have you killed Song Shengping?" the black-robed man asked in a cold voice. While speaking, he slowly started to float up. Black qi emerged from his body, circling around him as he looked at the grand array covered in the fog before him.

Gu Hai's eyebrows suddenly twitched in shock as he said, "Ah, I remember, it's you!" Gazing at the black-robed man, an ever-more solemn look appeared on Gu Hai's face.

"Oh? You recognize me?" the black-robed man considered Gu Hai in astonishment. His eyes were brimming with icy scorn.

"I don't recognize you, but I do recognize the scar on your left eye. I didn't think of it before, I always believed you were a snake demon, it never crossed my mind that it would actually be you!" Gu Hai said, getting serious more and more.

"My Lord, he isn't a snake demon?" Chen Tianshan asked, astounded by this revelation.

The black-robed man studied Gu Hai coldly. "It's impossible for you to recognize me. Kid, are you seeking death?"

"The one who is seeking death is you!" Gu Hai replied coldly, glaring back, unmoved.

"Hmm?" the black-robed man wondered, a crooked smile starting to rise.

"You don't remember me? Of course, it's impossible for you to remember me! I could never forget that scar of yours, sea beast, flood dragon!" Gu Hai stated coldly.

"Flood dragon?" Chen Tianshan's eyes widened in shock as he blurted out in shock.

Previously, when they were returning from the Xiantian Endgame World, their ship was wrecked due to the scuffle between the flood dragon and the Bixi. This black-robed man is that flood dragon?

Chen Tianshan compared the scar on the left eye of the black-robed man with the scar he had seen on the flood dragon. It really is the flood dragon!?

"Flood dragon?" Shangguan Hen's face was ashen as a worry covered his face.

Had it been the snake demon, my Lord's array would have been sufficient to resist it. However, can it block the flood dragon? Suddenly, Shangguan Hen felt that the immediate crisis had surpassed his calculations.

The countless demonized disciples also looked at the black-robed man in surprise. "Ancestor is a flood dragon?"

"Having transformed into a flood dragon from a snake, did your Excellency came to my Nine-Five Island to further transform into a dragon?" Gu Hai asked coldly.

"You sure can spout nonsense!" the black-robed man rebuked in a cold manner as he stretched his hand out.

Suddenly, swirling mass of red poisonous mist surged out from his sleeve, charging straight towards Gu Hai.

Gu Hai waved his hand at once. And with the wave of his hand, the grand array immediately started to operate as billowing mist enclosed him in the blink of an eye.

In a flash, the red poisonous mist came in contact with the swirling clouds, as if it would dye the entire grand array in red.


Inside the Song Jia Sect...

Gao Xianzhi, following the 'citizens', made his way through the grand array.

In a secluded valley, a couple of Song Jia Sect disciples had been knocked out cold by a crowd of 'citizens'.

"Captain, all have been dealt with!" a man came over and reported.

Hearing this, Gao Xianzhi said in a deep voice, "Our Lord is drawing the attention of most of the demonized men outside for us. Furthermore, that great demon has also been lured away. However, it's impossible for my Lord to drag it out for too long, we have only two hours. Find the Hall Lord as soon as possible!"

"Where should we look?"

"Let's try the core locations of the Song Jia Sect, move towards the Sect Chief's hall and Song Jia Palace. Divide into teams of a hundred people and search, make sure you move as covertly as possible!" Gao Xianzhi ordered in a deep voice.

"Yes, sir!"
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    《Everlasting Immortal Firmament》