Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 112 - Breaking Into the Clear River Sect
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 112 - Breaking Into the Clear River Sect

Chapter 112 - Breaking Into the Clear River Sect

In an arbor inside the Clear River Sect...

Song Shengping was looking at a red-robed Song Jia Sect disciple before him.

"Not long ago, Gu Hai once again arranged a 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array in the Song Jia Sect?" Song Shengping looked at the red-robed disciple.

"Yes, Chief! And that array was extremely fearsome, even Ancestor didn't fare well before it, Ancestor's entire body was laden with over a hundred wounds!"

"Even a flood dragon… a flood dragon's body could not bear the brunt?" Song Shengping's face turned unsightly as he wondered aloud.

"Chief, it seems, the Clear River Sect also needs to be careful. That Gu Hai is extremely treacherous, and if he can get his hands on the array, then...!" that red-robed disciple spoke up, perturbed.

"What are you so afraid of? Didn't Fu Xue say that Gu Han needs a large number of spirit stones to arrange the array? Does he still have any spirit stones now? Previously, he relied on my Song Jia Sect's spirit stone mine to arrange the array, but now, how can he possibly arrange an array without any spirit stones whatsoever? If he is unable to arrange an array, he is nothing more than a Xiantian cultivator. Nothing more, nothing less!" said Song Shengping coldly.

"That's right, the spirit stones are crucial! Gu Hai simply doesn't have any spirit stones!"

"Permission to report!" A white-robed disciple rushed into the audience hall.

"Why are you here? Weren't you ordered to monitor Gu Mansion? Did something happen at Gu Mansion?" Song Shengping barraged him with a bunch of questions in a heavy voice.

"Yes, Chief! This subordinate came here to report that Gu Hai has borrowed spirit stones from almost all the cultivators there!" the white-robed disciples reported anxiously.

"He wants to borrow spirit stones? Are you serious? Those people want to rob Gu Hai, why would they lend their spirit stones to him?" Song Shengping said, his voice turned colder.

"But, they did lend to him! Moreover, they loaned him almost all of what they had!" the white-robed disciple reported, a wry smile on his face.

Song Shengping was rendered speechless. "...!"

"How did this happen? Have they gone nuts? Why are they lending spirit stones to Gu Hai?" Song Shengping snarled, his eyes burning with fury.

Without further delay, the white-robed disciple narrated everything.

Listening to everything, Song Shengping was flabbergasted once more. "...!"

"Chief, Gu Hai has the spirit stones now!" the nearby red-robed disciple said as a horrid look appeared on his face.

Song Shengping was struck with a jolt immediately. Right, Gu Hai has the spirit stones. Then… then he can arrange the array?

"Gu Hai has borrowed spirit stones, and he sure ain't planning to keep them at home. He is going to take some action. Maybe he is going to the Song Jia Sect, or maybe he is coming to the Clear River Sect. It is quite possible that he is already on the way!" conjectured the red-robed disciple with an unsightly face.

"There is no need to worry. Even if he comes, it will be useless! The Clear River Sect array is already activated, they can't come in!" Song Shengping said calmly.

"But that 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array is truly terrifying. We cannot be negligent in this matter. In the beginning, a heaven-shaking shout came from the array before Ancestor was pushed back!" stated the red-robed disciple, perturbed.

"Don't worry, he can't break the Clear River Sect array for sure. Right, what shout came from the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array?" asked Song Shengping, furrows appearing on his brow.

"I also can't seem to remember it clearly, it was like, like...!" the red-robed disciple tried to recall.

Exactly at this moment, a thunderous roar came from outside the Clear River Sect.

"With such big strength, I can remove a mountain. With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world!"


All of a sudden, the Clear River Sect started to quake with a loud thunderclap. Song Shenping, who was standing, was almost thrown off his feet by the shaking ground.

"Chief, Gu Hai is here, Gu Hai has broken the array!"

"Chief, the array protecting the sect is broken, Gu Hai is here!"...

The cries of Song Jia Sect disciples rose everywhere.

"Right, right, that was the voice! With such big strength, I can remove a mountain; With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world!" the disciple dressed in red-robe cried out suddenly.

"Fuck off!" Song Shengping kicked that disciple to the ground with a roar, glowering at him.

Do you think I don't know that even at this time? Do I still need you to tell me?

"Idiots, all of you! I asked you to find Gu Hai's trail, and you only discover him after Gu Hai has broken the array!? What's the use of keeping you?" Song Shengping shouted, his eyes red with rage.

Shouting angrily, Song Shengping soared into the sky, flying towards the source of that thunderous shout.


Outside the Cloud River Sect, inside an array filled with dense clouds...

"Hurry up, pick up the spirit stones!" Gu Hai shouted aloud.

Suddenly, the clouds started to disperse as Gu Hai's men cleared away the spirit stones and charged towards the inner section of the Clear River Sect, following after Gu Hai.

"My Lord, over there, that was the peak where Hall Lord used to live!" Chen Tianshan pointed in a direction.

"Let's go!" Gu Hai ordered aloud. Three thousand of Gu Hai's men closely followed him.

"It's Gu Hai! Stop!"

"Gu Hai, how dare you break into the Clear River Sect!"...

Suddenly, some Song Jia Sect disciples appeared here and there. Each and every one was pointing their swords and sabers at Gu Hai.

"Forget them! They can only dare to clamor!" shouted Gu Hai.

"Yes, my Lord!" the three thousand men responded as one.

Indeed, the congregation of Song Jia Sect disciples, who were shouting angrily just now, didn't dare to step up. They had have heard of the terrifying might of Gu Hai's group many times. If the Song Jia Sect disciples, who were scattered here and there in groups of twos and threes, stepped forward, Gu Hai's men didn't even need to fight, they could just trample them to death.

At this time, loud rumbles were heard in the distant as Gu Hai and his men sighted a group of men running towards them.

"My Lord, it's Song Shengping!" one of Gu Hai's men suddenly cried out as he pointed.

"Gu Hai!" Immediately after, a furious rose reverberated from high up in the sky.

Hearing this, a great change took place in Gu Hai's countenance as he shouted, "Arrange the array!"

The three thousand men had long been trained on what to do. Very quickly, they started burying the spirit stones.


A gale of wind started to blow as clouds of mist suddenly rose from the ground, enveloping everyone inside.

At the sight of this, Song Shengping also stopped in the sky at once.

"Gu Hai, you sure have big guts, you actually dare to break in here!?" the glaring Song Shengping shouted out.

"With such big strength, I can remove a mountain. With the lofty quality, I am matchless in the world!"

Following the titanic cry, a huge Fang Tian Hua halberd emerged from the clouds of mist.

Song Shengping's face changed as he slashed out with his sword in response.


A streak of sword qi and the Fang Tian Hua halberd clashed with each other with a thunderous bang. Under this deafening clash, the sword aura was promptly broken as the Fang Tian Hua halberd continue to move towards Song Shengping without a change in its momentum.

"Not good!" Song Shengping's face distorted as he retreated without delay.

Nonetheless, Song Shengping's sleeve was cut through. Blood was dripping from his arm as a huge gaping wound opened up.

Retreating to a safe distance, a hideous look appeared on Song Shengping's face as he harrumphed. "Hmph! Gu Hai, do you want to die? Are the spirit stones you borrowed sufficient to use? From what I heard from Fu Xue, you consumed piles of spirit stones in the Song Jia Sect using the array just for a while. Have you borrowed enough for you to use? When the spirit stones are completely depleted, I will see what are you going to do then!"

Song Jia Sect disciples and Clear River Sect rebels, one by one, began to encircle Gu Hai and his men.

"Song Shengping, it's you who is looking to die. You actually dared to attack the Ascendant Hall, don't you want to live? Today,
in the name of the Ascendant Hall, I will take you down!" Gu Hai's cold reply rose from the grand array.

"Hmph, come on, then! Hahaha, why aren't you coming? Can't you move? This array of yours can only remain in one place, it's can't move!" Song Shengping said as he burst into a cold laugh.

The 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array could not be moved. And once the spirit stones were depleted, Gu Hai was doomed.

At this time, that cloudy array shook slightly and then, slowly started to move!

"What? Chief, how can the array be possibly moved?"

"It moved, it really moved!"

"Pull back, quickly pull back!"...

The faces of every Song Jia Sect disciples blanched in horror.

Song Shengping's also grimaced. Moved? How is this possible? How can it move? Didn't Fu Xue say that the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array cannot move?

Nonetheless, the array was slowly moving forwards!


Inside the array and shrouded by the clouds, the three thousand men had assumed a fan formation with each other, sending a stream of their True Qi forward to the forefront, where Gu Hai was standing.

From Gu Hai's stretched hands, countless clouds were gushing out.

At the same time, there were a dozen or so men who were responsible for picking up the spirit stones from the ground.

The 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array had already been withdrawn. Now it was Sky Sabers Life and Death Array!

An army of men, supporting Gu Hai, slowly started to move towards the place where Long Wangqing used to live.

Along the way, the crowd of terrified demonized disciples got quickly out of the way.

Several times, Song Shengping, who was flying in the sky, wanted to rush into the array to see the whole picture. However, every time he stopped himself.

The strength of that Fang Tian Hua halberd from just a while ago was still fresh in his mind. If I hadn’t dodged it, perhaps...!

"Why can it move? How can the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array move?" Song Shengping's face grew hideous.

However, the huge array was still moving, slowly proceeding towards one of the hills.

Song Shengping, as well as eight hundred demonized men, were standing all around the clouds of the array, but no one had the guts to step forward. We can't let Gu Hai wantonly walk around. When are his spirit stones going to run out?

"Chief, that way, they are going that way!" suddenly a demonized disciple shouted in shock.

Song Shengping's countenance turned ugly. Isn't Long Wanqing's place of residence that way? It has been the main target of my search in the Clear River Sect.

Does… does Gu Hai know how to find the exit for Grandmaster Liunian's return? Or maybe, Gu Hai came here to recall Grandmaster Liunian!

"Right, that must be it!" Song Shengping's face shook once.

Song Shengping had never been able to see through Grandmaster Liunian. He looks gentle and refined, but I was still discovered by him when I tried to eavesdrop on Long Wanqing's conversations a few times. That itself was proof that he is quite remarkable.

I need to stop Gu Hai! No, there is another way!

Song Shengping narrowed his eyes.


Suddenly, Song Shengping flew into the distance, disappearing from everyone's line of sight.

"My Lord, Song Shengping is gone!" cried Chen Tianshan.

"Forget him, we are going to Hall Lord's residence first!" ordered Gu Hai.

"Yes, my Lord!" everyone answered respectfully.

Gu Hai's team quickly rushed their way towards the peak where Long Wanqing used to live.



Song Shengping, bringing a few people, bypassed Gu Hai and arrived at Long Wanqing's residence.

"Tie him up! Make him look like a prisoner!" shouted Song Shenping.

"Yes, Chief!"

The team of demonized man quickly tied a man to a scaffold using chains. The man was none other than the Clear River Sect Chief.

At this moment, the Clear River Sect Chief had a complex look on his face, an expression filled with pain.

"Clear River Sect Chief Li Qinghe, you and I are in the same boat, why are you still struggling? You can never go back!" Song Shengping said coldly.

Li Qinghe's face turned extremely ugly. Nonetheless, he nodded. "I know I have been turned into someone who is neither a human nor a ghost. I can never go back. However, Song Shengping, it won't end well for you, either!"

"When you were eating a human, why didn't you say this? Furthermore, Li Qinghe, you are a mutated demonized human. When you were being demonized, the mutation gave you an ability which even Fu Xue is extremely jealous of. Remember, you are demonized by Fu Xue, he is your ancestor. If Ancestor wants you dead, you are dead! What's the point of being faithful to Ascendant Hall anymore? Well, I am not going speak any more nonsense with you. In a while, Gu Hai will come here, you have to pretend you are imprisoned, then...! Understand!" Song Shengping said in a deep voice.

"Hmph!" Li Qinghe let out a cold harrumph.

"Oh, well, Gu Hai and the others are about to arrive. Let's go!" Song Shengping shouted.

Song Shengping, bringing a group of demonized men, left quickly. He left the haggard and 'unconscious' Li Qinghe, who was chained to a scaffold, behind.

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    《Everlasting Immortal Firmament》