Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 137 - Bone Wings
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 137 - Bone Wings

Chapter 137 - Bone Wings, Part One

All around the Ding Long Clan, intensive earthquakes broke out. One by one, huge mountains collapsed with thunderclaps.

At the entrance of the sect, the countless cultivators who had rushed to the Ding Long Clan after getting the news, but weren't allowed to go in, immediately retreated again and again.

"The weiqi games aren't solved, right? Then, why is the ground rocking so much?"

"Something happened inside the Ding Long Clan, the Mountains Sealing Grand Array has also been activated, something must have happened for sure!"

"What intense earthquakes, hurry, retreat, hurry up!"...

A great commotion broke out outside the Ding Long Clan.


The same was true inside the Ding Long Clan.

A huge change took place in Ding Rui's countenance as she anxiously looked at the weiqi world. However, apart from the visible dragon vein, she simply could not see anything else. What the hells was going on?

Everywhere, the ground was growling and quaking. The cultivators in the Entertainment Valley were continuously dodging countless rocks rolling down the mountains.

"What is happening? Is it related to that floating island?" some cultivators cried out, perplexed.

Suddenly, the Mountain Sealing Grand Array surrounding the Ding Long Clan collapsed with a thunderous crash. Countless rocks that were circling in the sky started to fall towards the ground at once.


The crowd of cultivators quickly ran about, escaping the falling rocks.

"The Ding Long Clan array is broken!"

"We can get out, run!"

"Ah? The ground is quaking outside as well!"

"What the hells is going on?"...

Everywhere around the Ding Long Clan was in a mess. Terrifying earthquakes forced the countless cultivators to flee and dodge. Looking at the rocking floating island in the sky, a look of shock and horror showed up on their faces.


Somewhere far away, the Divine Battalion's flying ship was flying towards the Ding Long Clan at breakneck speed.

"Faster, faster!" Li Haoran shouted, urging the crew onwards. But the flying ship was already flying at its maximum speed...


Inside the weiqi world...

Long Wanqing was trying to receive the dragon vein with the Dragon Drawing Jade. However, even after several tries, she wasn't successful, which made her increasingly anxious.

All around the island, tsunami rose into the sky. Fierce storms were set off everywhere as the dragon vein's body squirmed and thrashed. Nonetheless, Gu Hai stuck close to the dragon, like maggots in one’s feet, and desperately drew energy out from the dragon vein.

Suddenly, Gu Hai was slightly taken aback as a hum suffused his body.


Gu Hai withdrew his arm, and the network of bones retracted into his palm before he jumped away from the dragon vein's side at once. A billowing mass of energy was raging in his body, Gu Hai was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

The one-thousandth part of energy fed back by the Life Severing Saber was stored inside his skeleton. As the raging mass of energy accumulated in his bones, Gu Hai felt that they had reached their limit.

The energy of the earth dragon vein was simply too vast.

The accumulation of energy in his bones was just a plain accumulation of energy. It did not lead to any qualitative change. Gu Hai had a premonition that if continued to accumulate the energy in his body, he would eventually explode. He needed a qualitative change, and only then could he absorb more energy.

"Karmic fate! I need karmic fate!" An unsightly look emerged on Gu Hai's face.


Although Gu Hai had stopped sucking in the dragon vein's energy, the dragon vein had been angered already. It did not stop its thrashing immediately.

"Ah~!" Suddenly, Long Wanqing let out a painful scream.

Gu Hai hurriedly rushed over and seeing Long Wanqing sent flying away by the dragon vein, he immediately caught her in his arms.

"Hurry, the Dragon Drawing Jade, the Dragon Drawing Jade!" Long Wanqing anxiously pointed at a spherical thing tumbling away.

Suddenly, a black silhouette rushed over from the sky, shooting towards that spherical Dragon Drawing Jade in mid-air like a hunting hawk.

"Not good!" Gu Hai slammed his foot fiercely on the ground, and shot towards the Dragon Drawing Jade at breakneck speed instantly.

Reaching it first, Gu Hai caught the Dragon Drawing Jade before falling down to the ground with Long Wanqing.

Right at that moment, the black silhouette that had failed to catch the Dragon Drawing Jade suddenly swept a palm at Gu Hai.


An enormous palm aura, carrying a strength that could shatter everything, came down on Gu Hai, able to smash him to smithereens.

"Go!" Right then, Long Wanqing suddenly shouted aloud as she threw a small blue ball at the oncoming aura.

As the small blue ball and that palm aura came in contact with one another, the blue ball suddenly exploded with a thunderclap, blasting the palm aura to smithereens.

Gu Hai and Long Wanqing landed on the ground, whereupon Long Wanqing took the Dragon Drawing Jade from Gu Hai and embraced it. A golden light shield appeared around her, protecting her from all sides.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, stared vigilantly at the silhouette before him.

"Meng Tai!" Gu Hai's countenance immediately hardened.

Meng Tai, with Feng Ling in his arms, looked at Long Wanqing as his eyebrows twitched. "Hall Lord, you are really slow! Why haven't you received the dragon vein into the Dragon Drawing Jade yet?"

Hearing this, Long Wanqing's eyelids twitched madly.

"You are Meng Tai? You have always been here? You wanted to snatch my Dragon Drawing Jade!?" Long Wanqing shouted angrily.

"After been trying for so long, you have been unable to receive the dragon vein yet. I was worried about you. Give me the Dragon Drawing Jade, let me give it a try!" Meng Tai said as a cold smile flashed past his lips.

Long Wanqing grimaced in anger.

"Meng Tai, you are Ascendant Hall’s Earth Throne Master, are you also planning on rebelling like Ding Rui?" Long Wanqing said as her voice grew colder.

"Hall Lord, you are no different than a mortal at this moment, and Gu Hai is unable to arrange an array, he is just a Xiantian cultivator. You think you two are my opponents at this moment? Give me the Dragon Drawing Jade, and I can give you a way out!" Meng Tai replied indifferently.

While speaking, Meng Tai still had his guard up against Gu Hai, nonetheless!

Long Wanqing's face darkened as she waved her hand, and a box emerged on her palm.

"Gu Hai, use this saber to block him!" Long Wanqing ordered grimly.

"Hmm?" Gu Hai was slightly confused.

"My cultivation may be sealed, but I still have treasures with me. You can use them, right? This saber was stolen by my sister from my Grandfather's treasury and given to me!" Long Wanqing explained.

"Hmm?" Meng Tai's face twisted upon hearing this.

Gu Hai hurriedly opened the box.

An endless bloody aura emerged from the box, dying the surroundings red in the blink of an eye.

Inside the box lay a four-foot long saber. It was as thin as a cicada's wing and completely blood-red in hue. Upon it were many vein-like blue protrusions, throbbing as if blood was flowing through them. A thick and sanguine aura was emanating from the bloody saber.

Gu Hai quickly grabbed the saber’s hilt.

A bloody energy surged straight into Gu Hai's body. In the blink of an eye, Gu Hai's entire figure was dyed red as bloody qi flames emerged from his body continuously. Gu Hai's mind was suddenly filled with a powerful bloodthirst.

"What saber is this? It is so powerful!" Gu Hai blurted out in surprise.

"It's an imitation of Blood Prison! Because the imitation was very good, Grandfather collected it. Use it, it can allow your cultivation to reach Nascent Soul Stage for a short time!" Long Wanqing cried out.

"It's just an imitation!?" Gu Hai was slightly taken aback for a moment. Then what about the original?

"Blood Prison!" Hearing the name, Meng Tai's face twisted in shock and horror.

"You stop Meng Tai, I have already gotten the knack, I can receive the dragon vein immediately!" Long Wanqing ordered him calmly, as she grasped the Dragon Drawing Jade tighter.

"Alright!" Gu Hai smiled wryly.

So speaking, he swung the bloody saber at Meng Tai at once.


A bloody qi blade appeared in the air. Not only was the qi blade a hundred times stronger than the qi blade when Gu Hai used the Life Severing Saber, just a swing from it gave the impression that it could rip away the heavens itself, tearing the fabric of space open. The qi saber ripped the rocks, mountains, and everything on the island in its path to pieces.

Meng Tai's expression changed for the worse. He immediately took out a long sword with a flip of his hand and swung it down.

The sword qi and bloody qi blade clashed with each other with a thunderous bang, tearing away at space.

"Good saber!" Gu Hai blurted out in astonishment.

At this moment, Gu Hai's entire body was surrounded by a bloody glow. Whenever he took a step forward, he felt his strength growing immeasurably in the blink of an eye.


Once more, Gu Hai swung the saber at Meng Tai.

Meng Tai also swung his sword in response.

The bloody saber aura and sword aura collided with a thunderclap each time. Suddenly, both sides were locked in a stalemate. With the help of the bloody saber, Gu Hai's strength appeared to have risen far past his limit. Even facing the grim Meng Tai, Gu Hai did not lose even a bit.

"Just an imitation of Blood Prison has actually boosted your strength by so much!" Meng Tai roared, still hugging Feng Ling with one arm, and a savage look on his face.

Gu Hai pushed forward as he clashed head-on with Meng Tai by firing another one of those saber auras.

On his other side, Long Wanqing, clutching the Dragon Drawing Jade, released a golden halo facing the dragon vein.

"Earth Dragon Vein, come into my dragon jade!" Long Wanqing shouted aloud.

Suddenly, a powerful suction force erupted from the Dragon Drawing Jade, trying to draw the earth dragon vein into it. However, the earth dragon vein was simply too enormous, and the Dragon Drawing Jade was simply unable to move it, making Long Wanqing extremely anxious.

Meng Tai shouted loudly, pushing Gu Hai back.

However, the bloody saber was only diverted a little.

Gu Hai swung the saber at Meng Tai once again, dyeing the entire sky red as raging bloody storms headed towards Meng Tai.

In response, Meng Tai grasped Feng Ling and leaped upwards, soaring high up into the sky immediately. The bloody saber aura simply couldn't touch him now!

"That bloody saber is really terrifying, it actually allowed your cultivation to reach Nascent Soul Stage! However, you are just a Xiantian Stage cultivator in the end, and a Xiantian cultivator can't fly. You are never going to be my opponent!" Meng Tai said indifferently.

Gu Hai slammed his foot on the ground as his face grew colder.

Like a bullet, Gu Hai jumped high up in the sky as the terrifying strength erupted from under his feet with a deafening bang, shooting straight towards Meng Tai.

Once more, a saber aura broke out from the bloody saber, pressing towards Meng Tai.

In contrast, Meng Tai's eye lit up with a bright gleam, the corner of his lips rose as a sliver of a ruthless smile appeared on them.

All of a sudden, Meng Tai's figure sank down. Immediately, he arrived a bit under Gu Hai, from where he swung his sword skywards, heading towards the saber.

The sword and the saber collided with each other with a thunderclap. Under the terrifying recoil, Meng Tai was sent flying towards the vast sea. Gu Hai, on the other hand, was sent high up into the sky.

Having been pushed skywards, Gu Hai's countenance immediately changed.

"Hahaha, now, you have no ground to apply any leverage against. Even if you have the bloody saber, so what!? You can't do anything to me!" A savage look showed up on Meng Tai's face, rushing towards the sky.

Meng Tai swung his sword towards the sky. The strike appeared as if it would split the falling Gu Hai asunder.

Gu Hai, still clutching the bloody saber, was falling through the sky. Because he had nowhere to apply any strength, he could only watch the sword strike coming at him helplessly. Even if he swung the saber, it would have little to no power behind it.

The nearby Long Wanqing, being unable to receive the dragon vein, also grew anxious. She raised her head to look, and immediately saw the scene of Gu Hai in crisis.

In Long Wanqing's opinion, Gu Hai was finished. He had nothing to exert leverage on. All he could do was let Meng Tai cut him in two!

"Unless you can fly, you are so dead!" The strength of the longsword in Meng Tai's hand erupted to a new apex.

"Not good!" Long Wanqing cried out in shock.

A savage look was clearly apparent on Gu Hai’s face. He was about to be cut into two in midair!

But right then, the clothes on his back ripped away in the blink of an eye. Two slits suddenly appeared on his back as a pair of ten zhang-wide white wings popped out from within his body. A pair of bone wings!

With a flap of the wings, Gu Hai's figure came to an abrupt halt!

Meng Tai's sword qi swished through empty air!

"What?" Meng Tai's face distorted in shock.

Long Wanqing was also stupefied by the pair of enormous bone wings on Gu Hai's back. How can he have wings?

The enormous wings stabilized Gu Hai's figure in the mid-air. With another powerful flap of his wings, Gu Hai was pushed downwards as he chopped the bloody saber down on Meng Tai with a thunderclap.

Having missed Gu Hai and striking empty air, Meng Tai was momentarily unable to counter with all his strength. All he could do was block the bloody saber hastily.


The sword and saber clashed with each other with a deafening thunderclap. In the aftermath, Meng Tai's long sword was smashed to pieces before his figure was drowned in qi blades erupting from the bloody saber.

"No!" Meng Tai's face grimaced in shock and horror as he released an aura shield that enveloped Feng Ling completely. Meng Tai protected her with everything he had.


The bloody saber slashed through Meng Tai's body, drawing a huge gaping wound along his back. The wound was so horrifying that Meng Tai's bones were clearly visible.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, landed next to Long Wanqing. The pair of bone wings on his back suddenly disappeared into nothing.

"What happened?" Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai's empty back, confused. Where are the wings? Were my eyes playing tricks?

"What a terrifying bloody saber!" Gu Hai marveled in awe.

On the other side, Meng Tai's entire body was covered in blood. Hugging Feng Ling, he looked at Gu Hai, a horrible look on his face.

"Gu Hai, I still underestimated you! You can also fly!?" Meng Tai lashed out, his voice growing colder.

Suddenly, the space began to shake as the earth dragon vein struggled more intensely. It appeared that it would break through this small world any time now!

"Hall Lord, what happened?" Gu Hai asked, worried.

"I also have no idea! I am simply unable to receive the dragon vein, the dragon vein is just too strong. The power from the Dragon Drawing Jade is not strong enough!" Long Wanqing replied, distressed and hugging the Dragon Drawing Jade to her.

"The force from the Dragon Drawing Jade is insufficient! Fuck, it's because this isn’t the place the dragon's head is located at!" Meng Tai's countenance changed immediately.

"Dragon's head?" Long Wanqing looked confused.

Meng Tai's eye flickered with a sliver of greed as he looked at the Dragon Drawing Jade in Long Wanqing's hands. However, seeing the nearby Gu Hai clutching the bloody saber, his face sank. He was still bleeding from his back. He knew that maintaining the deadlock anymore would be useless.

"Feng Ling, let's go!" Meng Tai flew up into the sky, embracing Feng Ling.

"Catch them, don't let them escape!" Long Wanqing yelled at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai gave Long Wanqing a wry smile as he replied, "Hall Lord, you are really treating me like I am a Nascent Soul cultivator!"

Gu Hai didn't give chase. Wounding Meng Tai was just a lucky fluke which was only possible after a series of surprises. More importantly, he was using the bone wings for the first time, how could he maneuver as flexibly as a Nascent Soul cultivator? If they continued their stalemate, Heavens knows who would have won and who would have lost.

"But… don't let him escape!" Long Wanqing cried out anxiously.

Gu Hai shook his head. Ding Rui was still waiting for them outside! Gu Hai couldn't obey Long Wanqing's wishful commands.


The dragon vein let out a deafening roar as it thrashed and twisted with ever more madness. In a flash, the island where Gu Hai and Long Wanqing was at started to break apart at an ever-increasing intensity.

"Not good, this weiqi world is about to collapse!" Gu Hai's face twisted in horror. He immediately grabbed Long Wanqing by her waist and jumped into the distance.


All around the Ding Long Clan, the earthquakes grew incomparably intensive. The mountains and rivers in the vicinity started to collapse, and were left in shambles. Meanwhile, the cultivators fled helter-skelter in all directions.

Ding Rui, who was standing on the floating island, looked ever more anxious.

"It's about to break! The weiqi world is about to break! Long Wanqing, why haven't you received the dragon vein yet? Once the weiqi world's seal is gone, this dragon vein will escape, it will escape! Don't you have the Dragon Drawing Jade? Hurry up!" Ding Rui was endlessly anxious.

However, all she could do was stand outside the floating island. She was completely powerless to do anything.


Suddenly, a tempest came storming in from the distance as a colossal object came to a stop next to the floating island. It was the Divine Battalion's flying ship!

Li Haoran, who was standing on the flying ship, was fuming with anger as he scowled at Ding Rui in front of him.

"Ding Rui, you old slut, you tricked me!" Li Haoran lashed out in anger.

Ding Rui's expression changed as she turned her head…


Editor’s Note: Yes, those are VERY big bone wings. Ten Zhang = one hundred feet, quite a wingspan. For contrast, each spread wing is more than twice as long as a city bus.


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