Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 158 - Extreme Use of All Sorts of Intrigue and Vile Schemes
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 158 - Extreme Use of All Sorts of Intrigue and Vile Schemes

Chapter 158 - Extreme Use of All Sorts of Intrigue and Vile Schemes

When Long Wanqing and her two subordinates jumped into the Weiqi of Death...

Li Haoran was thrashed by Meng Tai again and again, but he would pick himself up with a ferocious look every time.

"What are you waiting for? Everyone, if we don't resist, we would be completely drained by him. Divine Battalion soldiers, attack for me!" Li Haoran stood up and cried.

Immediately, many cultivators charged at Meng Tai. After all, anyone could see that Meng Tai wanted to suck everyone dry completely.

"Hmph, a weiqi piece will forever be a weiqi piece!" Meng Tai stated coldly as he waved his hand.

Just as nearly ten thousand cultivators reached him, they were sent flying back with the wave of his hand in the blink of an eye. It wasn't that Meng Tai could unleash some terrifying might, but rather that Meng Tai was in possession of two golden pieces, and he could control them through these golden pieces like marionettes. Everyone was the marionette, and their strings were in Meng Tai's hands.

"Ahhh~!" "Ahhh~!"...

Ten thousand cultivators were sent flying, unable to control themselves. After all, they were just weiqi pieces, whereas Meng Tai was a player!

"Overconfident! Hmph!" Meng Tai coldly glared at the cultivators all around him.

However, the cultivators didn't give up at all. They still pressed towards Meng Tai continuously, for everyone understood that only if they charged forward did they have any chance to survive. If they didn't, then they would be drained to death.

Meng Tai, pushing away the countless cultivators, drove a palm at Li Haoran once again!

"Commander Li! This cultivation of yours is based on gold. It's indeed strange. Even if I withdraw your strength, it is still extremely slow. However, don't worry, I will drain you completely, bit by bit!" A fierce look appeared on Meng Tai's face as he stared at Li Haoran.

Li Haoran strength was being extracted even while he was being hammered. In a flash, his face grew pale. However, he kept on attacking Meng Tai with a savage expression.

Tens of thousands of palm auras thrashed him!

"Ahhh~!" Li Haoran was sent flying once more.

Right then, the Divine Battalion soldiers fired their long arrows, shooting straight towards Meng Tai.

A salvo of thousand arrows, wrapped in aura qi, streaked across the air and descended on Meng Tai. Owing to the aura qi, they were incomparably sharp.

At the sight of this, countless cultivators' eyes lit up. Meng Tai can control our bodies, but can he control the arrows as well? We have been saved!

In regards to the rain of arrows bearing down on him, Meng Tai simply didn't care. On the contrary, a sliver of a sneer appeared on his lips.

"It's going to be a disaster!" Amid the crowd of cultivators, only Grandmaster Liunian frowned.

Indeed, when the arrows were just five zhang away from Meng Tai, they were suddenly smashed into pieces with a thunderous bang.

"What!?" Countless cultivators' eyes widened in shock at the sight of this.

Much to their surprise, a transparent sturdy shield with a diameter of ten zhang was protecting Meng Tai. All the arrows just shattered against it. They had been completely blocked!

"What's that? Isn't that an aura shield? A thousand arrows struck it, and yet not even a ripple appeared!?" someone cried out in shock and horror.

"Hahaha, of course, it's useless. This is the protective barrier of a player! Can you, just a bunch of pieces even hurt me?" said Meng Tai, a sneer on his face.

"Players' protective barrier!" Everyone's expression fell swiftly.\.

"Hmph, you think that it's so easy to get the golden weiqi piece? Elder Guanqi left three keys, only those three keys can enter this barrier. I, Wei Yang, and Fu Xue battled for days and only then, after getting the three keys, did we get the golden weiqi pieces. And you want to rake in a profit just by sitting idly by?" Meng Tai sneered.

"Im...Impossible! Then, wouldn't that mean you are invincible here?" Countless cultivators were struck with indescribable fear.

Countless cultivators rushed over in madness, only to be sent back flying with just the wave of the scornful Meng Tai's hand.

Meng Tai continued, smiling coldly, "I am a player. From the start, I am invincible here. Having become weiqi pieces, you must have the attitude of a weiqi piece!"

"Nine Stars Bead!" suddenly, a loud shout reverberated.

It was Grandmaster Liunian's praying beads that suddenly transformed into nine stars and rushed at Meng Tai's position.

Meng Tai's face momentarily sank as he waved his hand.

Grandmaster Liunian was promptly flung away. At the same, Grandmaster Liunian's energy was forcefully extracted.

"Ahh~!" the distant Grandmaster Liunian let out a deafening cry of pain.

However, the nine stars had gotten closer.


A series of explosions rang as the nine stars crashed onto the defensive barrier. The defensive barrier trembled ever so slightly, but it wasn't broken at all.

"Golden arrow!"

Right then, Li Haoran's golden arrow streaked over with an insurmountable momentum and crashed onto the defensive barrier.


A huge ear-deafening explosion immediately followed. Nonetheless, the barrier only shook a little, it simply wasn't broken.

"Continue!" Grandmaster Liunian's yell came from a distance as he controlled the prayer beads to continue attacking.

Eighteen prayer beads transformed into two sets of Nine Star Beads, and rushed straight towards the barrier.

"Golden arrow!"

"Attack together!"

Countless cultivators rushed to Meng Tai, just as one fell, others stepped forward to take his position.

"You think I am afraid to kill you? Hmph!" Meng Tai let out a cold snort. With a wave of his hand, several rushing cultivators had their energies forcefully withdrawn at an astonishing speed.


Even though they were in an excruciating pain, the swarm of cultivators continued to advance, taking up the positions of the fallen and rising to fight, one after another. If they didn't advance, they would still die!

It was a mess everywhere. The first batch at the forefront was already at the defensive barrier. But no matter how they struck the defensive barrier, it simply wouldn’t break.

Meng Tai waved his hand, again and again, sending many of the people who had arrived at the front flying back. Many of the people who crashed to the ground thereafter were in a half-dead state.


"Nine Star Beads!"

"Golden arrow!"...

Countless cultivators continued to press forward. At the sight of this, Meng Tai's face turned colder. However, no one could break the barrier. Realizing this, he slowly calmed his heart.

"A weiqi piece is just a weiqi piece. Your fates are already in my grasp. Anyone who dares to rush, I will first extract your entire energy!" Meng Tai let out a chilling proclamation.

"Ahhh~!" "Ahhh~!" "Ahhh~!"...

The group at the most forefront quickly shriveled, letting out painful screams.

"Hahaha!" Meng Tai broke into haughty laughter.

At this moment, Meng Tai was no different than a god. No one could stop him. They were completely helpless to do anything. Everyone lamented their doomed fate.

But right then, suddenly five silhouettes suddenly emerged behind Meng Tai, charging into the defensive barrier.

To everyone's astonishment, they went in easily.

The moment they went in, the cultivators getting shriveled outside widened their eyes in shock. Immediately after, their faces gleamed gleefully. Thereafter, they started attacking the barrier more and more desperately.

"Hmm?" Meng Tai sensed that something wasn't right with the cultivators.

However, at that moment, his response was too late. From behind him, two palm auras struck him suddenly.

"What?" Meng Tai cried out in shock, but right then, he was hit in the back, causing him to immediately spew a mouthful of blood.

Even though he went all out to activate the shield, a sword was suddenly thrust into his wrist, right at that moment.

After his wrist was pierced, the two golden pieces momentarily flew out of his hand.

At the sight of this scene, the eyes of countless cultivators outside widened instantly.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the sight of Long Wanqing jumping out from behind and grabbing hold of those two weiqi pieces at once.

Meng Tai staggered and tumbled to the ground.

"No, my golden piece, my-!" a terrified Meng Tai cried as he tried to rush over to Long Wanqing.

Long Wanqing, on the other hand, immediately leaped twice, jumping into the distance, where she stood on a giant boulder, holding the weiqi pieces alone.

A panic-stricken Meng Tai rushed over, only to crash into the defensive barrier.

Meng Tai was blocked by the defensive barrier.

The player had been so easily changed!?

"Ye!" "Ah!"...

The cultivators immediately broke into cheers of happiness. The Devil Meng Tai had finally fallen from god's pedestal!

Countless people locked their gazes on Meng Tai, brimming with hatred.

As Meng Tai turned his head, realization also dawned upon him. It was Long Wanqing's two subordinates, who, carrying Li Wei and Wei Yang on their back, had approached him from behind. On their backs were two palms, belonging to the two subordinates of Long Wanqing. The sword inserted into his wrist was thrust by none other than Wei Yang himself. It was Wei Yang's sword thrust that made him lose the golden pieces!

"Meng Tai, you are finished!" A murderous smile appeared on Li Wei's lips.

"Ke ke! Li Wei! I should have finished you back then, I should have killed you right then!" Meng Tai rushed at Li Wei, roaring out in anger.

"Protect Li Wei!" someone shouted.

"Catch Li Wei!" It was a mess everywhere.

Long Wanqing had just gotten hold the golden pieces, and as such, she wasn't that proficient in them. However, she still gave a try.

Under her control, there was a rumble as everyone was suddenly pushed away.

"Hahaha, hahaha, Meng Tai, you are out, you are out, hahaha!" Wei Yang immediately started laughing.

"Old Bastard, it's you, it's your fault!" Having cast Li Wei aside as the target, Meng Tai immediately charged at Wei Yang.

"Go!" Long Wanqing shouted aloud as she smacked her palm. Suddenly, everyone's strength seemed to have been mobilized, pressing towards Meng Tai.

Tens of thousands of palm aura appeared at once.


A series of thunderous crashes immediately followed.

"Ahhh~!" Meng Tai let out a blood-curdling scream as he was sent flying.

Meng Tai coughed up a mouthful of blood before he crashed into the ground in the distance. His entire body was a bloody mess. He was simply unable to move.

"No, no, no, it should not be like this! Long Wanqing!? You, ke ke ke, why are you here? How did you appear near Li Wei!? I placed Li Wei and that Old Bastard in a secluded corner. No one should be able to approach that corner, no one should be able to approach them... How did you do it?" Meng Tai gasped from where he was lying on the ground. There was a look of disbelief on his face.

"The people in here are unable to approach, but that doesn't mean that the people outside aren't unable to approach, does it!?" Long Wanqing stated with an emotionless voice.

"Outside!? You came from outside? How did you know which piece was Li Wei's? And how did you arrive before Li Wei so accurately? I don't believe this, I can't achieve this accuracy! It's impossible, ke ke ke!" Meng Tai cursed weakly, a look of disbelief on his face.

"It's because Gu Hai helped me!" Long Wanqing answered calmly.

"Gu Hai! It's Gu Hai again!? How many things are you going to ruin things for me, Gu Hai!?" Meng Tai's face turned hideous as he roared. Screaming and everything, there was an agonized look etched upon his face.

"Meng Tai, I said, you are all alone in this world, what else do you have? Sure, you can use all kinds of intrigue and vile schemes, but so what? Everyone hates you, even your beloved wife, who you believed would never change, left you. And you still haven't gotten anything yet! Your hands are empty, you have lost the entire game, you have lost everything, you are all alone, you got nothing, hahaha, hahaha, ke ke ke, hahaha!" Wei Yang, having a fit of coughing, yet mocked Meng Tai.

"Old Bastard, what about you? Aren't you all alone as well?" a forlorn smile emerged on Meng Tai's face as he said.

"There is no winner! Hahaha, there is no winner!" Li Wei also started laughing sadly as he repeated the words.

Everyone had their eyes focused on this group. Long Wanqing too was gazing at the distant Meng Tai with a cold gleam in her eyes, without a shred of sympathy. These kind of people were only good at death.

"Hall Lord Long, help!" Suddenly, Long Wanqing heard a shout coming from nearby.

It was the crowd of Divine Battalion soldiers who, carrying a shriveled Li Haoran, made their way to the vicinity of the defensive barrier, asking for help. At present, Li Haoran's entire body was covered in blood; he was hanging by a breath.

"Commander Li!?" Long Wanqing's countenance changed at the horrid sight of Li Haoran.

"Hall Lord Li, Commander's vital energy had been completely extracted, he cannot hold on for much longer. Quickly, quickly help Commander Li!" a Divine Battalion soldier anxious cried.

"What should I do? What should I do to help him?" Long Wanqing asked, worried.

"Transfer vital energy to him, let Commander enter your barrier and lend him your golden piece. We are willing to offer Commander a part of our vital energy, we beg of you. Now, only you can save Commander. Hurry, Commander can't hold on for much longer" that Divine Battalion soldier cried out.

"Lend my golden piece to him, and let him extract your vital energy?" Long Wanqing's expression changed upon hearing this.

"Yeah, it's only going to be a part. As long as Commander can gather his breath, it will all be good. We are completely willing. Hurry, hurry up, please. You just have to lend Commander one of your golden pieces! Commander cannot hold on for much longer, please!" that Divine Battalion soldier exhorted her.

A slight frown crept up on Long Wanqing's brow as she suddenly recalled what Gu Hai had asked her earlier, he asked her not to trust Li Haoran.

I have promised Gu Hai, but...but...! Long Wanqing was at a difficult crossroads.

"Hall Lord Long, please save Commander! Commander has saved you in the past. he risked his neck to save you by offending your cousin! Now, the Commander is about to die, can't you save him now? He has saved your life!" that Divine Battalion soldier anxiously called out.

Long Wanqing was in a dilemma. After remained silent for a moment, she finally nodded in assent. “Alright, I will lend him one of the golden pieces!"

With a wave of her hand, a crack suddenly appeared on the defensive barrier.

Just as that crack appeared, Li Haoran, who was hanging by a breath a moment ago, suddenly sprang back up and like an arrow, pushed himself into the crack in the blink of an eye.

"What?" Long Wanqing's face twisted in shock.

At the same time, the injured Grandmaster Liunian who had just crawled to his feet in the distance, happened to see this.

"Nooo...!" Grandmaster Liunian screamed out, but he was helpless!
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    《Everlasting Immortal Firmament》