Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 162 - Golden Core Stage
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 162 - Golden Core Stage

Inside the Weiqi of Death, no one had expected the situation to take such a turn suddenly. Everyone was left dumbfounded.

Originally Gu Hai should have been dead! How did he successfully launch a sneak attack on Li Haoran?

"Are we dreaming?" Many cultivators rubbed their eyes, thinking their eyes were playing tricks on them.

As the things stood, Gu Hai was standing before Li Haoran, clad in an armor with a metallic sheen. With the bloody saber in one hand and the bone saber in other, he suddenly attacked towards Li Haoran.

Li Haoran moved his right hand towards Gu Hai, trying to capture him. Not too far away from the pair of them, two golden pieces had flown out.

At this moment, both of them were too late to grab the two golden pieces. Now, both were in a rush to resolve their issues with the other.


Gu Hai's sabers and Li Haoran's right palm clashed with other with a thunderous impact. The collision of their terrifying might crushed the stones beneath their feet into dust.

"What!?" Li Haoran's features distorted in shock.

His left hand, which had suffered a wound from the bone saber, had a large amount of black qi gushing into it. Countless little skulls madly ate away his left arm, as if they wanted to devour his entire body!

Li Haoran was unable to move his left arm even a bit!

"Cut!" A ruthless and determined look appeared on Li Haoran's face.

In the next moment, Li Haoran's left shoulder turned golden, and a quiver ran through it before cracks extended around it. In mere seconds, his left arm suddenly separated from his shoulder and fell down.

The severed left arm was drowned in the swirling black qi. In the blink of an eye, all that was left of it was just a pile of bones. Afterwards, the black qi slowly returned to the bone saber. It didn't jump to the rest of him.

Gu Hai's face turned stiff. "Sacrificing one to save the whole!? If you can't use the arm, then cut it off, hah?"

Gu Hai, with the bloody saber's entire strength infused into him, used both sabers to attack Li Haoran, yet he was unable to leave a single wound on Li Haoran's right arm. At this moment, Li Haoran's right arm had already transformed, as if it was cast from gold. His entire body was brimming with a shimmering golden aura.

The two were locked in a stalemate. The two golden pieces were lying to one side, yet the two were unable to reach out and take them.

"Commander!" the crowd of Divine Battalion soldiers cried out in shock.

After having gotten free, Grandmaster Liunian and Long Wanqing promptly launched an attack one Li Haoran.

A thunderous boom immediately followed. Everything was blocked by the defensive barrier.

"What!? The defensive barrier is still there!" Everyone's expression changed again.

To everyone's surprise, Gu Hai and Li Haoran were still treated as the players by the golden pieces by default. The defensive barrier was still there. Anyone outside was still unable to close in even a bit.

Quickly, the Divine Battalion soldiers were surrounded by countless cultivators from all sides, who were hoping that they could help out somehow.

As for the crowd of Divine Battalion soldiers, they were gawking, stunned at this turn of events. At this moment, everyone was staring at them with enmity. Since they were unable to help Gu Hai, everyone surrounded them and went all out to massacre each and every Divine Battalion soldier!

"Don't come any closer, you are crazy! The commander will not let you go!" a Divine Battalion soldier cried out in horror.

"From the get-go, he hasn't been planning on letting anyone go! Had it not been for you lackeys, we would not have ended up in such a sorry state!"

"Kill them, kill them all!"


The battle was instantly a chaotic and bloody mess.

Long Wanqing and her three subordinates, supporting Grandmaster Liunian, kept their gazes focused at the defensive barrier, worried about Gu Hai.

"Why? Why? How did you appear over my hand?" Li Haoran's face turned hideous as he cried out with profound hatred and sadness.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, had a mocking smile flash past his lips as he said, "Don't you remember? In the beginning, when Meng Tai and Wei Yang were dealing with Fu Xue, Fu Xue couldn't resist! It's not that he didn't resist, but rather, he couldn't! He simply didn't have the ability to! The transparent pieces are illusionary. Only the black and white pieces are real. All we can do is defend. We can't attack!"

"Then, why were you so calm earlier? Why were you still so confident? You couldn't take any action, then all that confidence was just bullshit!" Li Haoran roared out in despair.

“It's called the empty city strategy! Had I not been acting so confidently, how would I be able to fool you? How would you let me enter your defensive barrier?" Gu Hai sneered back.

"You used Long Wanqing, Grandmaster Liunian, and her three subordinates to deceive me? They were my pieces, no, you used my pieces to fool me!? From the start, you wanted to send your golden piece into my hands!?" Li Haoran stated as his eyes widened in disbelief.

"If I delivered it to your door, you wouldn't cherish it. Only if you went through Hell to get it would you treat it as a treasure. Isn't that true? If I threw it to you right at the beginning, you would have destroyed it for sure! But since you went through fire and water to acquire it, you wouldn't be guarded against it, would you? Li Haoran, what you can't get isn't necessarily a good thing!" Gu Hai explained as the corner of his lips rose into a smirk.

"Good, good, very good! You little bastard, everyone just became your pieces, treating them as weiqi pieces! You actually deceived me right under my nose! How did you come in, any way? Even if you entered my defensive barrier, so what? You are still going to die, you are just a Xiantian cultivator, a Xiantian cultivator, that's all!" said Li Haoran, as a savage expression came over his face.

"Ahhh!" Gu Hai let out a war cry as he mobilized his entire strength.

A ruthless look showed up on Li Haoran's face as he proclaimed, "Indeed, the bloody saber can boost your strength to that of Nascent Soul Stage;however, you know there are differences between Nascent Soul cultivators? I have already congealed three nascent souls, THREE nascent souls! Even if I have lost an arm, you are still not my opponent! Even if you have entered my barrier, you are as good as dead! You are only a Xiantian cultivator! Even if the bloody saber boosted your strength to the limit, you can only amount to this! You aren't my opponent! I will let you know that clever people don't live for long. Hahaha!"

Immediately, his entire body bloomed with a golden glow as he pushed Gu Hai back, bit by bit. A terrifying power was suppressing both of the sabers. Gu Hai was completely drenched in sweat. His entire body was trembling, as if he had reached the limit.

"Hahahaha, you can't go on, right? Unless you are in the Golden Core Stage, the bloody saber is simply unable to infuse any more of its power into you. You can't beat me, die! Hahaha!"

Li Haoran's peals of laughter reverberated as he pushed the bloody saber back, towards Gu Hai's own neck!

Even though Gu Hai had already mobilized all the strength he could muster, he was simply unable to stop the tyrannical might of Li Haoran!

"A Xiantian cultivator is just a Xiantian cultivator, you will never enter the Golden Core Stage! Kill that thought!" Li Haoran stated emotionlessly.

But right at this moment, strong gales started blowing towards them out of nowhere. One after another, streaks of golden light, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, drilled into Gu Hai in the blink of an eye.

"Hmm? Karmic Fate? Where is this Karmic Fate coming from?" Li Haoran was taken aback.

"Hahaha, hahaha, Zhao Kingdom, the entire Zhao Kingdom has received the disaster relief! This is the gratitude from the people of Zhao Kingdom! Immeasurable karmic merit from the Zhao Kingdom! Karmic fate from the Zhao Kingdom! Karmic Fate! Karmic Fate! So timely!" Gu Hai broke into loud laughter as he spoke.

A shock wave suddenly spread out from Gu Hai's body with a dull boom.

Inside his dantian, dragon True Qi drilled its way into the True Yuan beads. The energy of over thirty thousand demonized humans that he had killed earlier was vigorously compressed. All the True Qi Gu Hai possessed was completely transformed into True Yuan.

The cyclone in his dantian had disappeared. Instead, above the True Yuan beads was a whirlpool formed out of something liquid in nature. All the True Qi in his meridians had completely converted into True Yuan.

In a flash, billowing True Yuan was poured into every corner of his body, spreading through all his meridians.

The True Yuan started circulating in his meridians, and throughout his body as one. Each and every pore across his body opened in the blink of an eye. The imposing aura around Gu Hai changed fiercely.

“True Yuan in the entire body, circulating as a whole, transforming the body into a golden core, I am the Golden Core! The entire body is the golden core! Golden Core! The Golden Core Stage! This is the Golden Core Stage! Hahaha!" Gu Hai started laughing loudly.

[TLN: 全身真元,混元一气,以人化丹,我就是金丹。混元一气金丹, I am really not sure about this sentence, I did my best. If anyone knows any better, please do tell.]

Suddenly, even more energy was infused into Gu hai's body by the bloody saber. The qi flames around Gu Hai suddenly soared tenfold.

"What?" Li Haoran cried out as his features twisted in shock.

BOOM! Suddenly, Gu Hai erupted with full force. The heaven and earth were dyed in red. Li Haoran was cut by Gu Hai, crashing deep into the ground.

Li Haoran's right arm flew into the air.

Having been wounded by the Life Severing Saber, the wound was enveloped in swirling mass of black qi immediately.

Puff! Lying in a huge crater, Li Haoran spewed up a mouthful of blood. He had lost both of his arms. Even his head had been split in two; his brain was clearly visible. Nonetheless, owing to his vigorous life force, he wasn't dead yet. His eyes, on the other hand, were flickering with complete disbelief.

"Imp...impossible, haaaa, how...how did you break through?" Li Haoran said in a feeble voice, stupefied.

Halfway through the battle, everything was going fine. But then, how did he suddenly break through to the Golden Core Stage? This is cheating, cheating! How is this freaking possible?

"First level of the Golden Core Stage!" Gu Hai marveled, taking a deep breath.

Slowly, Gu Hai picked up the two golden pieces lying on the ground.

In a split second, the battle outside the barrier abruptly stopped as well. Everyone's eyes were opened to the limit, filled with an incomprehensible emotion. Gu Hai has won?

"Gu Hai, you won!" Long Wanqing was the first one to cheer.

In the next moment, the sixty thousand cultivators also broke into wild cheers. One after another, they shouted excitedly.

"Kill him, kill Li Haoran!"

"Mister Gu won, Mister Gu won!"

"We are saved!"...

The cultivators cheered and shouted in jubilation, looking at the triumphant Gu Hai protected by the defensive barrier excitedly.

Whereas Gu Hai, with his bone saber in one hand, and the bloody saber in other, was coldly looking down at Li Haoran.

Even after all this, Li Haoran was still alive. Only, he was unable to move at this moment, staring up at Gu Hai in horror.

"Commander, Commander!" the Divine Battalion soldiers who were still alive cried in shock.

"Kill them, this group of lackeys!" The sixty thousand cultivators burned with rage as they attacked the surviving Divine Battalion soldiers together.

The Weiqi of Death was filled with wild cheers. It was complete chaos.


Countless cultivators outside were also inexplicably shocked. Although they could see the other people only vaguely, they clearly saw Gu Hai and Li Haoran's fight clearly. They saw how Gu Hai had defeated Li Haoran with their own eyes.

That's the Divine Battalion Commander!

A year ago, Gu Hai had just broken through to the Xiantian Stage. In this short time, he has destroyed a force like the Divine Battalion! In the past, Li Haoran used to be insufferably arrogant! No matter who it was, no matter who he met, he would meet his maker with just one arrow.

And such an aggressive character has actually fallen under Gu Hai's saber!

Everyone only had one thought in their mind: This Gu Hai cannot be provoked. He is rising like a sun, completely unstoppable. Whoever tries to block him will be burned!

Everyone was flabbergasted. While Gu Qin and others were overcome with jubilation, a silhouette suddenly rose into the air.

"Black and white robes! It's Wei Shengren! I saw him in the Xiantian Endgame World!" someone cried out in shock and fear.

"Wei Shengren! What!? Wei Shengren has been hiding under that tree!?" another cried, surprised...

A perplexed look appeared on every cultivator's face.

Gu Qin also noticed Wei Shengren flying over.

"Gu Qin of Gu Mansion greets Senior Wei Shengren!" a surprised Gu Qin bowed to Wei Shengren.

However, Wei Shengren, without paying any attention to him, entered the Weiqi of Death.

"What, why was no weiqi piece clone created when Wei Shengren entered?" someone asked, shocked and amazed.

Everyone was dumbfounded once more.


When Wei Shengren stepped into the Weiqi of Death, he arrived near Gu Hai's location in the blink of an eye.

"Wei Shengren!" Grandmaster Liunian, attending to his wounds, exclaimed in surprise when he saw the newly arrived Wei Shengren.


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