Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 171 - The Royal Casino
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 171 - The Royal Casino

Chapter 171 - The Royal Casino

Just as Yao Zhengtian had stated, the temptation of the earth dragon vein quickly spread to the islands neighboring Nine-Five Island. Some of the Nascent Soul experts could not sit still. They continued to arrive at Nine-Five Island, one after another.

When the arrived, each and everyone of them came down menacingly, with an ever-imposing momentum. In their opinion, Gu Hai was a Golden Core cultivator at most, who had tricked everyone by resorting to the bloody saber; nothing more, nothing less! As long as they found an opportunity, they could capture Gu Hai at once.

However, when each and every one of them finally arrived outside the royal palace of the Great Han Royal Dynasty, their ever-imposing momentum dissipated in the blink of an eye.

Countless cultivators had surrounded a tall mountain outside the royal palace.

All around the mountain, a large number of mortal soldiers were stationed. Naturally, these mortal soldiers weren't considered anything by the group of cultivators.

However, a scene on the mountain wall made the hearts of countless cultivators pound crazily.

Before their eyes, sixty tragic figures were nailed on the mountain wall. Some of them had already passed away, and were left scorching under the sun. There were still some who were alive, only their dantians had been crippled. These completely crippled men were also nailed on the mountain wall.

"Heavens, that's the patriarch of Taiyuan Clan of Eight-Six Island, he is a Nascent Soul expert!"

"That's the Nascent Soul experts of Eight-Nine Island! My god, several of them had been...!"

"Are these ALL Nascent Soul experts?"...

Among the crowd of cultivators gazing at the cliff, there were Nascent Soul cultivators, Golden Core cultivators, and even Xiantian cultivators. And all of them, with no exception, drew in cold breaths at this horrific sight.

"Ah! Master, how...how come you are here!?" A Golden Core cultivator looked at the white-robed man who had suddenly appeared by his side.

The white-robed man's eyelids twitched madly as he replied, "Your Senior Brother returned and reported to me that Gu Hai had obtained an earth dragon vein. The earth dragon vein is of great use to our clan. Your three martial uncles will also be arriving here within a few days. What...what exactly is going on here?"

"Master, in the past few days, many people wanted to obtain the earth dragon vein. For that, some forcefully charged into the Great Han Royal Palace, and some sneaked into it... All of them ended up like this, a total of sixty Nascent Soul cultivators. Sigh, five more have been captured over there... look, Master, look there, they too have been crippled! Only Nascent Soul cultivators have the qualification to be nailed on the wall here!" that Golden Core cultivator explained, pointing nearby.

Only Nascent Soul cultivators had the qualifications? The white-robed man's face warped into an unsightly expression as he turned his head to look.

Indeed, a group of Great Han Imperial Guards was bringing over a few more crippled Nascent Soul cultivators to the cliff, and then nailed them onto it.

"Master, are you and the three martial uncles planning to give it a go as well?" The Golden Core cultivator turned his head, looking at the white-robed man.

Hearing this, the white-robed man's face grew stiff at once. He very much wanted to slap this inconsiderate disciple to death.


Over the vast waters outside the range of the Thousand Islands Seas...

Monstrous tsunamis were rising up into the sky.

Li Shenji, aboard his flying ship, drew back a purple-gold longbow.


As the bowstring returned to its position, twenty arrows streaked across the air like twenty rainbows, raining down on a giant turtle in the sea like a meteor shower.

The giant turtle let out a roar as it used its shell. A shell-like shield blocked off the incoming arrows.


The arrows crashed into the shield and blew into pieces with thunderous reports.

Li Shenji narrowed his eyes at the sight of this. "Miao Chen, you are truly haunting me like a ghost! You can sense the Golden Black Tortoise Armor!? You actually chased me to here!?"

"The Golden Black Tortoise Armor is the sacred relic of my clan, I can't let you tarnish the Golden Black Tortoise Armor. I will chase you to the ends of the world if I have to, I won't rest until you are dead! Hmph, I will immediately spread this news throughout the world! As long as it's disseminated by a respectful supreme like me, you will be looked upon as a hated enemy of my Clan! Li Shenji, my Black Tortoise Clan would not rest until you are dead!" Miao Chen roared.

"You madman, the Black Tortoise Supreme has been dead for eight hundred years, and you are still loyal!?" Li Shenji rebuked him coldly.

Miao Chen let out a roar as he pounced at Li Shenji. As he attacked, monstrous tsunamis rose behind him, as if they wanted to flood the heavens and the earth.

"Hmph, let's go, we don't need to be entangled with this old madman!" Li Shenji coldly ordered.

While speaking, he once again drew back the longbow.

Twenty arrows rained down on the giant turtle like a meteor shower once more, as Li Shenji's subordinates quickly helmed the flying ship to fly away.


The twenty rain of arrows crashed into the giant turtle, once more raising tumultuous waves that blotted out the sky.

" Li Shenji, hold it right there! Give me back my Golden Black Tortoise Armor!" Miao Chen roared as his eyes widened angrily.

The flying ship shot through the air at a breakneck speed. In no time, there was no sign of it.

With a thunderous crash, the sky-grabbing waves crashed back into the sea.

Right afterwards, Miao Chen transformed back into a robust man, coldly gazing at the flying ship that had already reached the horizon. "Hmph, you can't escape!"

As Miao Chen resumed his chase, he eyebrow suddenly twitched as he stopped.

"Thousand Islands Seas!? This is Thousand Islands Seas!" Miao Chen's face turned unsightly as he hesitated, wondering whether he should proceed or not.

After remaining silent for a while, Miao Chen took a deep breath as he stepped forward, rushing straight into the range of Thousand Islands Seas.


The Great Han Royal Dynasty...

Already eighty Nascent Soul cultivators had been nailed to the cliff outside the royal palace. At this point, the enthusiasm of the crowd of cultivators for the earth dragon vein had finally been doused. Every time their enthusiasm was ignited, one look at the nailed eighty Nascent Soul cultivators completely extinguished everyone's eagerness.

The crowd around the mountain continued to increase as more and more cultivators came rushing in from all across the Thousand Islands Seas.


Inside the royal court of the Soaring Heaven Palace, Gu Hai was sitting on the dragon throne, listening to today's matters.

"Reporting to Your Royal Majesty, although all the raiders rushing into the royal palace have been captured by his Royal Highness, more and more cultivators are coming from all around the world. So many cultivators can easily cause chaos!"

"Yes, Your Royal Majesty, a dozen or so fights have already broken out. There are too many people. By a conservative estimate, close to 200,000 cultivators have gathered outside our royal palace from all across the Thousand Islands Seas!"

"Your Royal Majesty, these cultivators had gathered here for quite a long time, many of them are growing restless!"...

A group of officials was complaining bitterly.

"Gu Qin!" Gu Hai shouted.

"Here, Father Emperor!" Gu Qin walked out from the ranks.

"How are the preparations I asked you about going?" asked Gu Hai.

"Reporting to Father Emperor, as Father Emperor had requested, we have sped up the construction, and the buildings have already been built. A place has already been outlined outside the royal palace for the cultivators coming from everywhere to reside. Of course, they are high-end residences, and the charges are high as well. Furthermore, there is also the Royal Casino designed by Father Emperor. It should draw them in!" Gu Qin reported.

"My Great Han needs to develop and recruit countless cultivators. Apart from the Xiantian cultivators, all the ministers and officials need spirit stones to cultivate. Nine-Five Island has many spirit stone mines, but we can't remain at home and eat away the whole fortune. The Royal Casino is a project for which we must maintain the monopoly in Nine-Five Island. We can't allow any copycats, anyone who does so must be beheaded. Open it at once!" Gu Hai stated in a deep voice.

"Your child and subject will carry out Your Royal Majesty's decree!" Gu Qin obeyed respectfully.


Under Gu Hai's decree, a vast space outside the royal palace was officially opened to the public.

While the cultivators outside the royal palace were concerned about the ever-increasing number of cultivators nailed to the cliff, a shout suddenly rang out.

"I am here, bringing His Royal Majesty's decree! Cultivators of the Thousand Islands Seas, guests from far away, His Royal Majesty apologizes for not giving everyone the welcome you deserve! However, the Great Han Royal Palace can receive only a limited number of guests! Therefore, honorable cultivators have had to live in the village and forests! Your quality of life has been really simple, which guests such as yourself doesn't deserve!
“As such, His Royal Majesty has developed a new place for you, a Royal Casino Resort for cultivators to live at in comfort! Moreover, there is also entertainment for you to pass the time!"

The imperial guards of Great Han beat the drums as they continuously repeated this passage, astounding the listeners ceaselessly.

"What is this Royal Casino Resort?" the crowd of cultivators asked, perplexed.


Following the direction of the mortal guards, many cultivators went to investigate.

Sure enough, extremely beautiful and magnificent buildings had been built, one after another, not too far away from the royal palace. Many attendants were lined up, waiting upon one side to serve the guests.

When the cultivators drew closer...

"Welcome immortals!" The crowd of attendants respectfully bowed down and greeted them.

The orderly greeting and salute, coupled with the warm service attitude, drew the eyes of onlooking cultivators.

"Gu Hai!? What does he want to do? What the hell is he planning?" The dazed cultivators were led into the Royal Casino Resort by the group of attendants.

The fresh air, the magnificent buildings, ad the picturesque environment might not be able to move the cultivators, but it sure was far better than their previous places of residence, the caves and the inns!

Only, they needed to have the money, spirit stones!

However, when they could live in such a comfortable environment, spending a few spirit stones was simply nothing. After all, it wasn't that expensive to them.

Having confirmed their residences, the cultivators started looking about and saw extremely strange things…


At a square nearby...

"Come, come, come, come and buy the Royal Lottery! With just one middle-grade spirit stone, you have the chance to win a hundred high-grade spirit stones. You have a chance to get 10,000 times in return! Step right up, don't miss this chance! After three days, we will draw the lotteries at noon right here, right before everyone! It will be absolutely fair!"

"The royal horse-races are about to start, come and prepare your spirit stones for betting, the bigger the bet, the more you will win! The horse racing will take place right before everyone, it's absolutely fair!"

"Come, come, come, come and try your luck at the Royal Family Casino, we have set up various card games for gambling, that can help you achieve your gambling dream!"...

The group of Royal Casino staff cried out to attract the cultivators. At the sight of this, all the onlooking cultivators were left in a daze.

In the past, the Golden Tong Colosseum had earned riches for the Golden Tong. Naturally, Gu Hai would not let go of the gambling industry. After all, he needed to train more and more people, and couldn’t just remain at home and eat away all the fortune here.

Among the Golden Tong's gambling events, the Colosseum was the most profitable. But how could the likes of the Golden Tong compare with Gu Hai in knowledge of gambling games?

Gu Qin had already set up grand arrays everywhere. Anyone who tried to rob them would immediately have the same end as the Nascent Soul cultivators nailed at the cliff.

In regards to the game designed by Gu Hai, Gu Qin had actually found methods from Elder Guanqi's inheritance to prevent cheating. If Elder Guanqi ever came to know that his vast inheritance was used for gambling, only the Heavens knew whether he would be angry or not.

Lottery tickets, horse betting, cards; each and every one of them was far different from the gambling at the Colosseum. It immediately piqued countless cultivators' curiosity.

On the very first day of opening, spirit stones in epic proportions were already flowing into the Great Han Royal Palace.

With such revenue, Gu Hai no longer had to worry about emptying away the fortune of the Great Han Royal Dynasty. At the same time, law and order had also been restored to a great degree in the blink of an eye.

Everything was developing as Gu Hai had envisioned.

Although Nascent Soul cultivators were still being crucified on the cliff from time to time, the Royal Casino was ever-bustling. The cultivators also need to relax, and needed a spiritual life. After visiting and observing the Royal Casino Resort, no one wanted to return to their previous places of residence.

Isn't it just spirit stones? Your father has spirit stones!

Some of the people who lost were furious, and wanted to create trouble. But they were immediately captured by the grand arrays and thrown out.


After half a month, Li Shenji arrived at Nine-Five Island.

He didn't charge into the Great Han Royal Palace with an imposing momentum, but rather pretended to be an ordinary cultivator and entered Gu Hai's territory.

Li Shenji, with twenty people, landed at an extremely remote place. Just as he walked onto the streets, someone immediately rushed over to greet him.

"Huh?" Li Shenji's eyebrow twitched momentarily. Have I been discovered just after landing here?

"Sir Immortals, my humble self is a guide for the Great Han's Royal Casino Resort. Gentlemen, if you insist, my humble self can be a guide for Sir Immortals! I will definitely make Sir Immortals feel at home!" that man politely greeted them with a smile.

"A guide?" Li Shenji looked at the extremely courteous man in a daze.

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