Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 172 - Money Swallowing Beast
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 172 - Money Swallowing Beast

Chapter 172 - Money Swallowing Beast

The guides of the Great Han Royal Casino were all professional salesmen that Gu Hai had recruited from all over the world. They were geniuses that were trained and fostered in the Gu Hai's business empire in the past. And now, they had all been transferred to the Royal Casino, and everyone was well aware of the heavy responsibility they bore.

Busy as they were, the guides were extremely enthusiastic nonetheless. Because Gu Hai had long practiced the custom to give better rewards and commissions to whoever worked harder!

And the current commission wasn't just gold! Oh no, there were spirit stones as well; a lot of spirit stones!

The guide, Su Mo was one of them. And during his career, he had long practiced a sharp eye for spotting rich people.

When he spotted twenty-one glamorous men walking over from the distance, just from a single glance at their clothes, he knew that the clothes they were wearing were simply marvelous, filled with extravagance, and emanating an immortal aura!

Like an arrow fired from a bow, Su Mo rushed over to them. When several of the nearby guides noticed Su Mo's quick steps, they started beating their chests and stamping their feet in regret. Fortunately, there were many cultivators everywhere, and as such, they didn't care about it too much.

"Sir Immortals, my humble self is a guide of the Great Han's Royal Casino Resort. Gentlemen, if you insist, my humble self can be a guide for Sir Immortals! I will definitely make Sir Immortals feel at home!" the man politely greeted them with a smile.

"A guide?" Li Shenji looked at the extremely courteous man in a daze.

"Sir Immortals, if you follow me, I will first lead Sir Immortals to sight-see the Nascent Soul Cliff outside the Great Han Royal Palace, which is the prime attraction of our Great Han Royal Dynasty.! Any immortals who come here will visit it to sight-see!" Su Mo explained.

Everyone looked at Su Mo in disbelief. When Li Shenji confirmed that Su Mo hadn't recognized them, he finally nodded his agreement.

Along the way, they noticed many groups like theirs. There were some groups where a guide was even carrying small flags at the front, taking care of several dozen cultivators who were looking about.

"Oh, that's a tour group over there. Those immortals have come from various parts of the Thousand Islands Seas and aren't familiar with the place. That guide is using the flags to notify them, afraid that they will lose the way. After all, there are too many immortals coming to sight-see!" Su Mo explained.

Li Shenji was completely at a loss.

Tour group? Had all this turned into a business?

Following Su Mo, Li Shenji and his team arrived at the cliff outside the royal palace.

At this moment, close to ten thousand cultivators were gathered around the cliff. One by one, guides were vividly explaining the origin of this cliff.

"Sir Immortals, see that? On it, eighty-nine Nascent Soul immortals are crucified! All of them wanted to charge into the royal palace. Ah! Look, another one is being added to the cliff, that's ninetieth. You know, back then a total of five Nascent Soul cultivators of Nine-Five Island came to cause trouble, but my Great Han Royal Dynasty couldn't tolerate that, not in the slightest!" Su Mo said, pointing into the distance.

Hiss! Everyone behind Li Shenji drew in a mouthful of air as their faces started to twitch.

Not just them, all the onlooking ten thousand or so cultivators hissed in shock after watching this baffling scene.

"Killing the chicken to scare the monkeys! Hahaha!" A sliver of a sneer showed up on Li Shenji's face.

"Commander, as long as the cultivators are brought to this cliff, no would dare to rush into the Great Han Royal Palace haphazardly, right!?" a subordinate voiced out his conjecture, furrowing his brow.

"Guide!? Haha, although it is somewhat artificial, it's effect is indeed remarkable. By narrating this cruel fact with such a calm attitude, they have given a huge blow to all the onlookers. Nascent Soul cultivators? They are announcing to the world that the Great Han Royal Dynasty is far more formidable than they had imagined! Ninety Nascent Soul cultivators are considered nothing in their eyes! But everyone seems to be oblivious of the fact that these ninety Nascent Soul cultivators didn't attack the royal palace together!" Li Shenji said with a sneer.

"Sir Immortals, if your sightseeing is over, shall I guide you to our Royal Casino Resort? That is the main destination of our trip!" Su Mo rushed over from nearby, and asked with a smile.

"Let's go!" Li Shenji agreed, curious.

Before coming here, Li Shenji hadn't expected that Gu Hai would set up so many guides…


Li Shenji and his team, following Su Mo, soon arrived at the Royal Casino Resort.

Just as everyone walked into the entrance...

Two rows of two hundred men and women wearing uniforms bowed down and greeted them in an extremely respectful manner, "Welcome Sir Immortals, Sir Immortals please come in!"

Li Shenji was left gawking with widened eyes at the sight of this.

"This is the welcome of the resort. Sir Immortals, if you will, follow me! Right, Sir Immortals, will you be staying for a long time, or leaving today? If you staying for a long time, I can help you register for residences!" Su Mo asked thoughtfully.

"Staying for a long time!" Li Shenji replied as his brow lined up with a tight furrow.

"Then, please follow me! Look, do you see those villas over there? A majority of the villas have already been rented out, there are still some left over there. There are nine kinds of villas. The best villa cost a high-grade spirit stone for a day. It comes with a swimming pool, billiards room, fitness facilities, some fruit juices, wine, and snacks; a single-family home with the best view. Ladies and gentlemen, if needed, there are all kind of relaxation services such as pedicures, massages, Gua Sha, and spas!" Su Mo informed them enthusiastically.

[TLN: Gua Sha - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gua_sha ]

"A high-grade spirit stone for a day? That is plain robbery!" a man at the back shouted with wide eyes.

Nevertheless, Su Mo explained, without getting angry, "The villas are divided into nine types. The lowest level villa costs ten low-grade spirit stones for a day, one-thousandth the price. However, they are just standard rooms! Of course, there are also semi-detached villas, joined-villas, ordinary apartments...!"

"Then, the best villa!" Li Shenji calmly said.

Su Mo's eyes immediately lit up. My Heavens, they are all local tyrants! Lodging has its own commission. If I introduce gambling to them, they will surely gamble at high stakes. My commission will surely be bigger!

"Sir Immortals, this way please! Rest assured, I will settle everything for you!" Su Mo said with a smile.

Foot massage, massage, Gua Sha, all these leisure services had already been set up in the world by Gu Hai when he was a businessman. Only, this time, they had all been moved to the resort, that was all.


Su Mo led everyone into a villa. At the sight of some strange things, everyone was dazzled.

After trying the foot massage at the villa, everyone felt refreshed. Strange as it was, they slowly accepted it.

Su Mo patiently waited inside. After all, they would have to pay for the foot massage, and for that, Su Mo would get his commission!

"Sir Immortals, would you like to go to the restaurant first, or the casino? The restaurant has our local specialties, the best chef will carefully cook for you. The Royal Casino is the most exciting place of my Great Han Royal Dynasty. There is lottery, horse-betting, blackjack, all kinds of games for you to choose! I guarantee that you will play for three days and nights straight and still not want to leave the table!" Su Mo informed them happily.

Every term Su Mo spoke of was unfamiliar to them. Hearing this, everyone felt like they were bumpkins. You are the bumpkins! We came from Divine Continent!

Everyone skeptically followed Su Mo to the casino.


After three days...

Li Shenji had returned to the villa. Looking at the Great Han Royal Palace across the distance, a slight frown crept up on his brow.

Over the Great Han Royal Palace, the fate was lacking a lot. Nonetheless, it was increasing in a steady stream.

"Commander, Commander, Eight was beaten up! Beaten up by Gu Hai's men!" A few of Li Shenji's subordinates ran over, shouting anxiously.

"Hmm? What happened?" Li Shenji coldly glared at the subordinate.

"We have been playing at the Royal Casino these days. Those gambling games are really novel. However, we lost all the time. At last, Eighth got annoyed from losing and started shouting that the casino was scamming. As a result, the array at the Royal Casino fell upon him, and then he was beaten up. Fortunately, Su Mo showed up, or else...!" that subordinate reported with an unsightly look on his face.

"Eighth got violent from losing? Why did Eighth get violent? I remember that Eighth had a hundred high-grade spirit stones on him before coming here!" Li Shenji looked at a man with a black and blue face at the back.

Beaten black and blue? I haven't even made Gu Hai pay back, and my men have been beaten black and blue?

"I lost, lost everything!" Eighth, rubbing his battered face, replied in a desolate tone.

"Lost everything? Did you come here to squander everything?" Li Shenji shouted as his eyes widened in anger.

"It's not just me, everyone else has also almost lost everything. In these three days, we have lost close to two thousand high-grade spirit stones to the Great Han's Royal Casino!" Eight said as he lowered his head.

Li Shenji looked at everyone with wide eyes.

Lost everything? I wanted you to gather information these last few days, and you went off to gamble? Okay, you gambled, it's not a problem, but you actually lost everything!?

"Sir Immortals, Sir Immortals, you can't blame it on the Royal Casino, it's just that Sir Immortals gambled too much! At that time, there were many witnesses! They actually bet three hundred high-grade spirit stones at once!... our casino isn't the one to shy away from this!" the nearby Su Mo immediately explained, a wry smile on his lips.

"You go out, we have something to talk about!" Li Shenji said in a chilling voice.

"Alright, alright, I will be waiting outside. Sir Immortals, if you have any request, you can immediately tell me!" Su Mo very politely went outside.

The commission he had made over these days had made his colleagues jealous to death. He had indeed found local tyrants, the most profitable ones!


After Su Mo went out, Li Shenji glared at his subordinates coldly. At this moment, a tempestuous storm was billowing in his heart.

"Did you even inquire about anything, or were you totally engrossed in the casino?" Li Shenji asked, glaring at them.

"No, it's all fraud, they cheated!" Eighth whispered.

"Bullshit!" Li Shenji rebuked them, his eyes widening in anger. "I have checked everything! There isn't any cheating, winning and losing is just a matter of probability! They make money with probability! You all just gambled like crazy!"

Li Shenji's subordinates lowered their heads, they didn't dare to say anything.

Li Shenji, after reprimanding them, also slowly suppressed his anger.

He turned around, looking at the distant Royal Casino. His eyes flickered with a solemn light. "This Gu Hai sure has some means. Royal Casino!? This is a gold swallowing beast! Great Han!? Hmph!"


In a study room at the Great Han Royal Palace...

While Gu Hai was approving documents, Gu Qin walked in with Su Mo.

"This Commoner Su Mo greets Your Royal Majesty, long live Your Royal Majesty!" Su Mo bowed down and greeted him, extremely excited. After all, he was meeting the King for the first time!

"Father Emperor, Li Shenji sent over a card!" Gu Qin handed over a purple-gold invitation card.

"Li Shenji!? Li Haoran's uncle?" Gu Hai's eyebrow twitched momentarily as he stopped the brush in his hand before receiving the card with great care.

"At present, Li Shenji has settled in the Royal Casino Resort. He was received by this guide. It has already been four days since they arrived!" Gu Qin reported solemnly.

"Oh? Four days? What have they been doing for these four days?" Gu Hai's expression changed as he looked to Su Mo extremely solemnly.

"Reporting to Your Royal Majesty, the leader, Li Shenji only gambled a bit on the first day, while the other twenty men have been gambling every day. As a result, they have lost everything. And when they were about to cause trouble at the casino, they were stopped by the array and beaten up. After Li Shenji reprimanded his subordinates, he sent me to give Your Royal Majesty his card!" Su Mo reported respectfully.

"Gambling? Lost everything? Beaten up!?" Gu Hai was a little shocked.


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