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Luo Yin was totally stunned. Her eyes were full of astonishment as she looked at Gu Ruoyun with an incredulous look.

No wonder Shopkeeper Zhao calls her Lady Gu, she’s the boss behind the scenes after all. But why had she not known about this matter at all? On top of that, when the Hundred Herb Hall was first founded, Gu Ruoyun had not even been born yet…

Gu Ruoyun’s brows were creased together, she was obviously unhappy about the fact that Zuo Shangchen had just revealed her identity, prompting her to sweep a light glance towards the face of that evil-doer.

"If it weren’t for the fact that you’re my brother’s friend, I would have already asked Elder Yu to throw you out because of what you’ve just said."

There was a slight awkward and guilty smile on Zuo Shangchen's face as he stroked his nose.

He had done it because he was worried that Susu would look down on Gu Ruoyun and who knew what she would do to her because of this. However, no matter what the reason was, revealing Gu Ruoyun’ identity without asking her permission was a mistake after all.

Susu opened her mouth and seemed to be trying to say something but she felt too embarrassed to say it out loud.

Right now, inside the hall, the voice of Elder Yu rang out again.

"Everyone, if there are no other questions, then let us begin the auction! This time, there are a total of five Beauty Rejuvenation Pills up for bidding. None of you are allowed to obtain more than one pill per person. The starting price of the first pill is 10,000 gold coins."

As the voice of Elder Yu died down, the whole hall fell into a dead silence. Soon after, a commotion of competition erupted suddenly as swiftly as a clap of thunder.

"100,000 gold coins!"


Everyone was entirely stunned by that voice which was filled with arrogance. After all, 100,000 gold coins was sufficient for a middle-sized family to survive for up to two years. Right now, it had became the initial starting price of the pill instead.

"Ba Zhengtian! That wife of yours is already old and grizzled, why do you still want to spend so much money on her? How about you just pick another beautiful young lady and just leave this pill to us instead? Haha!"

A middle-aged man who was dressed in green laughed loudly as though he could not care less about the enraged piercing gaze that was directed at him.

"Humph!" Ba Zhengtian snorted coldly, "I will still insist on getting my hands on this pill!"

"Well, excuse me then, I’m interested in getting this pill as well. So, I’m going to bid at 200,000 gold coins!"


In the box seat, Zuo Shangchen smiled softly as he leaned against the back of his chair. His face was even more beautiful than a woman’s, and it was decorated with a pleased but lazy smile. He seemed to know that Gu Ruoyun was unfamiliar with all the various clans of the mainland so he explained it out to her softly by her side, "The one with the scar on his face is the commander of Heaven City’s underground forces in Black Tortoise Country, Ba Zhengtian. In Black Tortoise Country, the power of Heaven City is even greater than the whole country itself. This is exactly why you should have an idea of what his position actually is. However, this Ba Zhengtian is well known for being a henpecked husband!"

Raising her brows, Gu Ruoyun's looked at Zuo Shangchen.

Zuo Shangchen, still smiling, opened up his fan as he said, "I suppose the purpose of his trip today was to get his hands on a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill for the sake of his wife. As for the person who was competing against him, he’s the shopkeeper of Heaven City’s largest medicine hall. I guess his purpose here is to bring the Beauty Rejuvenation Pill back with him as a treasure of the town and to help him gain fame."

Heaven City?

After a long moment of silence, Gu Ruoyun finally asked, "Where is Heaven City? Why have I never heard of it before?"

"Heaven City is the most powerful authority in Black Tortoise Country. If the Emperor of Black Tortoise Country ever decide to change dynasties, it won’t be enough to only have the permission from their ministers. His Royal Highness would be obliged to get the approval from Heaven City as well. Even if it was the ceremony of the Crown Prince’s appointment, it would have to be decided by Heaven City. Therefore, the existence of Heaven City in Black Tortoise Country is one of absolute supremacy."

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