Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
149 Exposing The Ghost Doctor’s Identity 4
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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149 Exposing The Ghost Doctor’s Identity 4

"General Gu, do you take me for an idiot? This girl currently looks to be around the age of seventeen or eighteen. That would mean that within these past three or four years, she has broken through to the top level of a Martial General from the second level of the Qi Collection Ranks?"

To be able to reach the top level of a Martial General from the second level of the Qi Collection Ranks within such a short span of three to four years, who else could have groomed such a genius besides the few powerful forces from the Spirit Sect?

This old man was obviously playing him for a fool!

How could he not be offended?

General Gu’s face turned a little stiff, "Elder Lei, could you have been mistaken?"

Actually, the old man only wanted to remind Elder Lei to take another look, but he had not expected to anger Elder Lei with this one question.

"What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I cannot see clearly? That I cannot even see other people’s capability clearly? If you do not believe me, get your grandson to invite the Master of the Gentle Breeze Faction to come here! In fact, I want to ask him what the meaning of this is. I came here as a guest and yet there are people who question my abilities."

Elder Lei, being the elder of the Heavenly Thunder Faction, always meant what he said. This old fellow was only a useless good for nothing and he even dared to question his opinions! Also, he more or less looked down on Gu Xianglin. After all, he was just the foster son of the Gentle Breeze Faction’s Master, which was not really justifiable and there was nothing special about him either. If it weren’t for the order given by his Master, he would never have come to this stupid banquet.

However, Gu Ruoyun had never really expected Elder Lei to see through her capabilities. This really surprised her for a moment.

"The cultivation skill that Elder Lei practices is called the Heavenly Eye technique, there’s nothing that can escape his sight."

As though knowing of Gu Ruoyun’s queries, the Ghost Doctor who was by her side explained the situation to her. Gu Ruoyun nodded when she heard it, she was curious just now as to why Elder Lei was able to see through her capabilities. She had not known that it was because of the Heavenly Eye technique.

"General Gu, you should look for a better excuse next time. No one would believe this. On top of that, the Ghost Doctor reveres her as her Master so her medical skills must be better than the reputable Ghost Doctor herself. Despite this, the Gu family had disowned her as a good-for-nothing. If I had a granddaughter like that, I would protect her like a treasured object. How could I be willing to disown her?"

Elder Lei did not understand General Gu’s motive. How could he have disowned such an exceptional granddaughter? And in contrast, he continued to treat those useless people as treasures? When he heard that, the old man felt as if his throat was being strangled by a hand. He could not make a sound and his face turned ghastly ashen without a trace of color in it.

At this moment, it seems that the guests in the banquet hall had snapped back from their shock and suddenly there were waves of discussions.

"Gu Ruoyun is actually the Ghost Doctor’s master? This Ghost Doctor’s status is really high, and who on this land does not need to pay her some respect? With the Ghost Doctor as her disciple, does she still need to sell her flesh to seduce Elder Yu of the Hundred Herb Hall? The funny thing was, Gu Panpan even condemned the Ghost Doctor for learning the art of seduction from Gu Ruoyun."

"We too only heard about it from General Gu, plus with the way Elder Lei was defending Gu Ruoyun, we have to believe this claim. It is pretty obvious that General Gu was being a sour grape and he had deliberately framed Gu Ruoyun. As for the reason that Elder Yu had protected her, it was definitely out of respect for the Ghost Doctor."

The whispers of the crowd entered Elder Lei’s ears and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Was this damn matter even humanly possible? Actually accusing her of selling her body to seduce the old man of the Hundred Herb Hall? Did she even need to do that? No matter where it was, the Ghost Doctor could become an appointed Imperial physician with her reputation.

Hold on!

The Hundred Herb Hall?

Suddenly, Elder Lei remembered the shocking auction which had been held by the Hundred Herb Hall three years ago. He turned a questioning gaze towards Gu Ruoyun.

Her medical skills must be brilliant if she could get the Ghost Doctor to acknowledge her as her Master! For example, the skill to change one’s appearance…

Therefore, could it be that the auction that took place three years ago had anything to do with this young lady?

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