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For a moment, the gears inside Elder Yu’s mind were turning.

That was right. If that auction had nothing to do with her, how could the prideful Ghost Doctor revere her as a master? It was not only that; the fact that a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill was used to treat the injuries on the Ghost Doctor’s face should also not be forgotten.

In this case, does this mean that this young woman knows how to refine pills?

Truthfully, it did not matter if Gu Ruoyun had anything to do with the auction or not. There was no other possible reason for the Heavenly Thunder Faction to have such a good relationship with her aside from the fact that she was the Master of the Ghost Doctor. That alone was reason enough!

As Elder Lei thought about how he could be friendly to Gu Ruoyun, an announcement came suddenly, interrupting everyone’s thoughts.

"General, the Heavenly Dragon Order, the Hundred Flower Palace, and the Wind Hall have all come to pay a visit."

General Gu rapidly regained his thoughts when he heard that and his weathered old face lit up with joy as he thought, "So what if Gu Ruoyun has the Ghost Doctor and Elder Lei by her side? The powerful influences who were invited by the Gu family don’t only include the Heavenly Thunder Faction. You just sit tight. In time, you’ll realize the true strength of the Gu family when they call on their allies!"

At this thought, he excitedly said, "Xianglin, let’s go welcome our guests who had traveled from so far."

The grandfather and grandson pair immediately walked out from the banquet hall through the door. Elder Lei crinkled his eyebrows as he watched them leave and a streak of determination flashed through the depths of his eyes as he said, "Lady Ruoyun, honorable Ghost Doctor. Rest assured that no matter what, we the Heavenly Thunder Faction will always stand by your side."

With this one declaration, Elder Lei made clear to all the side he had chosen to stand with.

What a joke, so what if he was opposing numerous powerful influences? No matter what, he would not dare to offend the Ghost Doctor and Gu Ruoyun! Otherwise, he would definitely regret it in the future. Moreover, if the Ghost Doctor had not helped him back then, the Heavenly Thunder Faction’s Master would have passed away then. How could he forget her deeds?

"Thank you very much." Wei Yiyi smiled alluringly as she said, "I, Wei Yiyi will remember your kindness, Elder Lei. However, I don’t believe that General Gu has the ability to rally people from so many powerful places to do his bidding. The most he can do is to humiliate us slightly."

In truth, Wei Yiyi predicted it accurately. No matter what General Gu did, he did not have the competence to have those factions take his side. All he could do was to brag about his abilities before Gu Ruoyun.

"Aside from bragging, what other abilities does he have?" Wei Yiyi mocked.

General Gu brought in a group of people and entered the banquet hall just as Wei Yiyi said this. There was a look of obvious delight plastered across his face.

"That’s right. General Gu, I have a matter to inquire of you." The Left Protector of the Heavenly Dragon Order suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to the old man, "I heard that there’s a young lady who goes by the name of Gu Ruoyun in the Gu household, is that true?"

"Oh? Even the Heavenly Dragon Order is looking for Gu Ruoyun?" A beautiful lady smiled sweetly with mirth she said, "Coincidentally, the Hundred Flower Palace is looking for her too."

"Haha, this is really a coincidence."

The one who said that was the Second Master of the Wind Hall, Feng Lei. He guffawed and said, "The person that you two are looking for just so happens to be the person the Wind Hall is also looking for. General, where is Gu Ruoyun?"

General Gu was stunned, why did these three people want to find Gu Ruoyun? Could it be that this woman had caused some kind of trouble outside and people were seeking their revenge by coming here?

"This…" General Gu was in a difficult spot, "The person you three are looking for was indeed part of the Gu family. However, she had been disowned not too long ago. Regardless of what she has done outside, it has nothing to do with the Gu family. Everything that happens has its reasons, every debt; its debtors. She’s sitting right there. The three of you can look for her by yourselves."

The three visitors were confounded by what he had said. However, when they saw Gu Ruoyun chatting happily with the Ghost Doctor, they immediately disregarded whatever he had said earlier and hurried in their steps to approach her.

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