Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
151 The Mysterious Masked Man 2
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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151 The Mysterious Masked Man 2

Gu Ruoyun’s brows furrowed as she noticed the group of people headed towards her. A thread of radiance flashed through her clear eyes.

"You must be Lady Ruoyun."

A bold and forthright smile rose on Feng Lei’s handsome face, "I am Feng Lei from Wind Hall. Your reputation precedes you, Lady Ruoyun. I’ve purposely come for a visit, I hope you don’t mind."

"In other words, I did not come to Gu Xianglin’s banquet in honor of his arrival. I’m here to meet Gu Ruoyun, which has nothing to do with any of you."

Even Gu Ruoyun was stunned, what more about the others. She remembered that she does not have any connections with the Wind Hall, in fact, the distance between the Wind Hall and Azure Dragon Country was really quite far. It was impossible that her reputation could have reached that far!

Gu Panpan had set her eyes on Feng Lei since the very beginning. He was not only dashingly handsome but was also the Second Master of the Wind Hall. He did not only have the looks but also a higher status than the rest. "But why do all the excellent men out there only have their eyes out for that b*tch, Gu Ruoyun!?" Thought Gu Panpan.

As she thought of this, Gu Panpan clenched her fist in jealousy and she glared at the young lady’s pretty, delicate, and calm face in a fit of anger.

"Hehe." The seductive lady from the Hundred Flower Palace giggled and said, "Master Feng Lei, you’ve beaten us all to it. Lady Ruoyun, I too have heard about your reputation since a long while ago. So, I’ve been eager to have a glance at your beautiful face."

As she said this, she thoroughly sized up Gu Ruoyun.

So, she was the one whom that important person had assigned for her to protect today? Tsk tsk, she did not know how this young lady had become involved with those people from that great organization, especially when that person was most likely to be chosen as successor of that organization. Nonetheless, that person has already made a promise; if her safety was guaranteed, the Hundred Flower Palace will have a spot to cultivate at that place in the future.

Even though it was just a spot for cultivation, it was also the one thing many other forces were after and it was just too enticing.

At this moment, General Gu’s face changed again.

He had initially thought that Gu Ruoyun had offended these influential people so they had come to seek her out for revenge. However, he had not expected that this girl had not only unknowingly became the master of the Ghost Doctor, but had also tangled herself with these powerful people.

The fact was, these powers were equal to the Gentle Breeze Faction.

"Did all of you make a mistake? Isn’t Gu Ruoyun just a good-for-nothing? What type of reputation could you all have looked forward to? She’s a b*tch who seduced an old man to protect her own interests!"

Gu Panpan had completely lost her mind and yelled loudly without thinking.

No matter what, she could not believe that this good-for-nothing whom she had been oppressing for over ten years would be able to turn around without so much as a warning!

She could not accept this immense contrast in their fates at all, it was as though she was initially a millionaire while the other was her slave. However, one day the slave had turned her fate around and become the millionaire while she was now the slave.

How could she accept this?


Gu Xianglin’s face changed greatly as he roared. The thing was, the Gu family could not afford to offend these people. Now that she had offended each and every one of them, even the Gentle Breeze Faction could not defend her.

Gu Xianglin unconsciously looked at Gu Ruoyun, his eyes dark and foreboding.

He did not know what diabolical plot she had used to become the Ghost Doctor’s master and he truly underestimated her capabilities. As for the reactions by the other factions, it was probably only because of the Ghost Doctor’s influence.

After all, she had no other backers aside from the Ghost Doctor.

However, Gu Xianglin had assumed that he knew his cousin sister Gu Ruoyun pretty well; he thought she had no knowledge of any medical skills! Even if she did have some strange encounter later in her life, it was impossible that she could surpass the Ghost Doctor within a few years. The only possibility was that she had used her own mouth to deceive the Ghost Doctor.

If there was any chance to fix this situation, he needed to expose this faker.

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