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Gu Xianglin’s self-sacrificing words fell into everyone’s ears and combined with the stern expression on his face, nobody had any doubt about his intentions. After all, he was different from Second Master Gu. He would never allow his greed to show on his face.

It’s just that...

Gu Ruoyun smiled and her clear eyes filled with sarcasm, "If that’s the case, shouldn’t I thank you for helping me out of danger?"

"Of course."

Gu Xianglin raised his arrogant face, "Little Sister Ruoyun, the Hundred Herb Hall is so high-profile now, have you ever thought of the danger they’d be in? Don’t become complacent just because it has been peaceful for the past three years, someone could always come to snatch away the pill formulas in the future. Those forces have been making their preparations during these past three years which was why they haven’t had the time to come and bother the Hundred Herb Hall! The Beauty Rejuvenation Pills had not appealed to them but this time, with the emergence of the Longevity Pills, there would definitely be many interested parties. You can’t remain standing on the sidelines and hide behind the Hundred Herb Hall!"

"Not to mention…" Gu Xianglin paused and smirked, "The Gentle Breeze Faction would never let such a great opportunity slip through our fingers! Sister Ruoyun, do you think that this little Hundred Herb Hall is comparable with the Gentle Breeze Faction? I’m just giving you some good advice, seeing that you’re part of the Gu household’s bloodline. If it was another person, I could care less!"

It was quite obvious that Gu Xianglin wasn’t planning to leave until he was able to obtain the formula for the Longevity Pills. They would attempt to coerce, borrow or steal, just to have the formula!

"You’re right, the Hundred Herb Hall is no match for the Gentle Breeze Faction."

The crowd had thought that with Gu Ruoyun’s temperament, she would not give in to such tactics. They didn’t expect her to say such as thing and were completely caught off guard. The crowd was stunned as they looked dumbfoundedly at the young girl’s delicate face.

At that moment of distraction, no one noticed the trace of cunning which flashed through her eyes.

She then slowly raised her head with a hint of timidness in her clear eyes. She spoke meekly, "Actually, the formula is not with Elder Yu. Elder Yu had taken me in because I possessed the pill formulas. If you want the formulas, you could’ve just asked me directly. As the saying goes, one should trim the sails with the wind. I don’t wish to antagonize the Gentle Breeze Faction so please don’t cause trouble for me. I will hand over the formulas to you."

This series of events had gone according to Gu Xianglin’s plan.

He had thought extensively about it during the past few days - why had the Hundred Herb Hall defended Gu Ruoyun, this orphan girl, so readily? Why had the haughty Ghost Doctor apprenticed herself to someone without a background in medicine?

Obviously, it could only have been because of one reason - Gu Ruoyun was in possession of an item that the two could only dream about.

And that item was the legendary pill formulas!

He really can’t comprehend what kind of dumb luck this orphan girl Gu Ruoyun have had in order to obtain the pill formulas and to get Elder Yu and the Ghost Doctor wrapped around her finger. The pills in the Hundred Herb Hall must from the Ghost Doctor. Who else in the world, apart from the Ghost Doctor, could have mastered the art of refining pills at such a speed?

"Little Sister Ruoyun, there’s no need to worry. Once I become the head of the Gentle Breeze Faction, I will give to you what you are due." Gu Xianglin laughed as he never imagined that obtaining the pill formulas was going to be so easy.

Who says that Gu Ruoyun had become tougher? That had only been because she had Elder Yu and the Ghost Doctor to back her up. Once she heard of the dangers posed to her by those who were coming to snatch the pill formulas, she was scared out of her wits to the extent that she’s now obediently handing the pill formulas over.

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