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Master Xia paused momentarily, then nodded his head, "Seeing how outstanding Pang Ran is, then you shall make the decision on this matter. If there is nothing more, you may retire. I am a little tired."

Hearing this, the Xia family chamberlain's face showed some hesitation, after a long consideration, he slowly opened his mouth, "Master, there is still one other thing, the Emperor of Black Tortoise Country, Pang Zihuang has sent a single Longevity Pill as a gift. Only Master has never accepted any gifts from anyone, so this old servant was very hesitant, I did not know if I should give this back to Pang Zihuang or…"

A pill!

Master Xia felt as if a heavy weight had struck through his heart and caused a ripple, he finally turned his head, his old eyes excitedly turned towards the chamberlain, "What did you say? A Longevity Pill?"

The Xia family chamberlain was momentarily stunned, ever since the Young Master's illness took a turn for the worse, he has never seen the Master react in such a way. Although the Longevity Pill was very valuable, but based on the Master's capabilities, purchasing a string of pills from the Hundred Herb Hall would not be a problem.

Did he need to be this excited?

However, the Xia family chamberlain realistically replied Master Xia's question, "In response to your question Master, the pill from Pang Zihuang is in this old servant's hands, this old servant shall present it to you."

The Xia family chamberlain then opened his palm, revealing a single green pill in his hand.

The pill was filled with the vitality of the life force, as if an endless life enveloped Master Xia's body, even the pores of his body felt refreshed.

Master Xia grew more excited and suddenly laughed.

Of course, he wasn't thrilled because of the pill, the most important thing here was that the Master of Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun had vanished without a trace, and no matter how hard the Xia family tried, they could not find out where she was, as if some other power was causing interference. Now, Pang Zihuang has presented him with the Longevity Pill, which was only available from the Hundred Herb Hall.

What does this mean?

One pill is priceless, and even if Pang Zihuang were to empty the entire contents of the imperial treasury, he would not have been able to purchase one. Unless he had recently met with the person with the most authority in the Hundred Herb Hall!

There is probably only one person who can actually make a decision regarding the pills from the Hundred Herb Hall!

"Chamberlain," Master Xia steadied the great waves in his heart, and said, "Get ready immediately, I want to make a personal visitation to the Imperial Palace of Black Tortoise Country!"

The Xia family chamberlain was astonished, as the person in control of Heaven City, the Master had great authority and does not need to personally handle matters surrounding the selection of the Crown Prince. Yet he was choosing to visit the palace when the Young Master is gravely ill?

Could this be because of the Longevity Pill?

"Yes, Master." The Xia family chamberlain replied, hiding his suspicions, and joining his fists into a respectful bow.

Then, out of his line of sight, Master Xia straightened the sleeves of his robe and walked quickly out of the study. His clear and bright laughter resounded over the entire horizon, echoing around the Xia household courtyard.

Most people thought that their Master was cracking under the upsetting state of the Young Master's illness. Otherwise, why would he be laughing so loudly at a time like this?

But only Master Xia knew, once he found Gu Ruoyun, not only would he be able to complete Lord Lingxiao's mission, he might even be able to cure Xia Jixi's strange illness…

All was silent in the Imperial Court.

Pang Zihuang's majestic gaze swept across the statesman before him and steadily asked, "Beloved noble ministers, Concubine Lin and the Imperial Advisor are guilty of plotting a rebellion, but the Third Prince is innocent. However, due to the sins of his mother, this means that he cannot possibly be selected as the Crown Prince! Hence, We have already sent word to the Xia family, and recommended the Sixth Prince as the Crown Prince of Black Tortoise Country, do any of Our beloved noble ministers have any opinions?"

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