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Suddenly, a furious bellow was heard from behind Master Xia and a man in gray robes appeared and rushed forward. He soon reached Xia Ying and quickly raised his hand to check his pulse. He frowned, but a layer of frost masked his elderly features.
"Master, Xia Ying has ingested a deadly poison. There is no cure. He only has an hour left to live."
Elder Huiyi turned towards Master Xia, who remained calm and collected, and explained the situation. Shortly after, he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and glared at her angrily, speaking coldly, "Gu Ruoyun. You've murdered one of the Xia Family in our home. What do you have to say for yourself?"
"You say that I'm a murderer?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "Do you have proof?"
Elder Huiyi grew furious, Xia Ying was one of the most talented among the distant relatives. He has always looked favorably upon him and only needed an opportunity to give the Master his recommendation. He did not expect for this to happen. How could he tolerate this?
Especially since this woman's arrogance pretty much pierced all the way through to the Heavens. She actually dared to commit murder in the Xia Family's residence. Where did she get such ambitiousness and guts?
"Master, we can prove this!"
Hearing this, an assortment of voices came chiming in from the crowd.
"We, along with Xia Ying, were only kindly informing her of the rules in the Xia Family. Who would have thought this woman was far too arrogant and wielded the fact that she was the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall so she had no need to place the Xia Family her eyes. Furthermore, she raised a hand against Xia Ying, that's probably when she poisoned him!"
"That's right. Everyone here has seen her temperament with their own eyes, she murdered Xia Ying!"
The crowd burst into a discussion, pushing the blame of their intentions to cause trouble onto Gu Ruoyun's shoulders.
"If that was the case, when Xia Ying had raised his hand to strike me, and I was unable to fight back, what would happen then?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. She showed no sorrow over her current situation. Her eyes were clear like water as if they could see through one's soul.
Master Xia's expression turned grave, his dignified gaze now fell upon the kneeling Xia Yu and he asked sternly, "Is the Gu girl speaking the truth? Was Xia Ying the first to strike?"
Xia Yu bit her lip, and softly nodded, "Regarding this matter, brother was the first to commit the wrong. But Gu Ruoyun simply cannot kill him just because he caused trouble for her..."
In that moment, Master Xia grew silent. A short while later, his gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked, "Little girl, did you poison Xia Ying?"
Gu Ruoyun laughed softly and casually shrugged her shoulders, "What do you think?"
"Hehe," Master Xia chuckled, "I may not know you very well, little girl, but based on what you've done in the past, you're not the kind of person who would willingly suffer a loss! You may have killed many people, but those people deserved to die. You did nothing wrong, so this time I believe that it was not you who poisoned him, someone must have had an ulterior motive. Even if Xia Ying did offend you, based on your temperament, you would only teach him a lesson, not kill him outright!"

Elder Huiyi's expression changed as he furiously retorted, "How can you bend the law in order to favor an associate? I understand that you're worried over the Young Master's illness and that you would offend the Ghost Doctor if you executed Gu Ruoyun, but showing such blatant favoritism... How many of the Xia Family brothers would feel bitterly disappointed? Furthermore, everyone else would think that they can kill our Xia Family brothers whenever they pleased! In such a situation, how can we maintain our control over Heaven City? Please give justice to the Xia Ying siblings, in the name of the Xia Family!"

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