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In his bedroom, Xia Zixi opened his eyes to find Master Xia entering the room with a young woman following closely behind him. He motioned to get up but was pushed back down by the old man.
"Zixi, the Ghost Doctor is here. You are saved."
Master Xia was filled with emotion at the thought and his eyes glistened with tears.
Only the heavens know how much torture his son has endured over the past few months. At times, Master Xia wished that he could bear the pain for him. Unfortunately, he could only watch as his son suffered, helpless to do anything else.
Xia Zixi's lips trembled, wanting to speak, but he swallowed his words in the end. He looked at the Ghost Doctor and gently nodded his head, "Ghost Doctor, please give me my treatment with ease. Regardless of whether it is a success, I will accept my fate."
No one else knew his own body better than he, and it was highly possible that no one else can cure his disease.
"Don't worry," Wei Yiyi curved her lips into a smile, "My Master will be supervising the treatment. If I'm unable to help, she will do it personally. There is no disease that she cannot cure."
Hearing this, both Master Xia and his son stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment.
Even though they already knew that Wei Yiyi had become Gu Ruoyun's disciple, they assumed that it was because of her ability to refine pills. When it came to medicine, they reckoned that no one has ever bested the owner of the Treasury of Medicine, Wei Yiyi.
Only Xia Linyu reacted as if he hadn't heard much else. He stared in admiration at the person whom he had longed to see for over four years.
He knew better than anyone of the level of his sister's medicinal skills. One could even say that if you had lost an arm or had a broken limb, or if all the bones in your body had been shattered, she would be able to put you back together in the fastest possible time.
"Ghost Doctor, please begin your treatment."
Xia Zixi smiled weakly with a face full of gratitude.
No matter the outcome, the Ghost Doctor has arrived. She has shown the Xia Family enough courtesy so even if she failed, he would not blame her.
"My Master has explained your condition to me. The reason behind your ailment is because someone had placed a parasitic poison into your body. This parasite absorbs the life force from your soul in order to survive, that's why you've grown weak. Furthermore, I've seen through the condition of your soul. In just a few more nights you would've been beyond saving."
The soul is the most important part of a human body and not many would be able to endure the agonizing feeling of one's soul being ripped apart. It must not have been east for Xia Zixi to endure the pain.
"A parasitic poison?"
Master Xia's face changed. How could Xia Zixi have been inflicted by a parasitic poison? He wondered. Yet, after so many doctors, not one of them was able to detect the poison. This proved that this parasitic poison was unlike any other form of parasitic poison — it could conceal itself in his blood cells, it was undetectable!

When had the Xia Family provoked such an enemy? How did he not notice this?
"Then, Ghost Doctor, is this poison curable?" Master Xia frowned and stared worriedly at the Ghost Doctor.
Parasitic poisons were extremely dangerous, one mistake would bring harm to the doctor herself. Hence, not many doctors would be willing to attempt to cure this type of poison.
"I can force it out. Please stand back, Master Xia."
Wei Yiyi's gaze now clouded with concentration and her tone grew serious.
Master Xia and Xia Linyu retreated a few steps back, giving Wei Yiyi full use of the empty space in front of the bed.

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