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He then paused momentarily before continuing his speech, "Furthermore, I'm afraid that you were all unaware of everything that this woman had done to Shi Yun! Shi'er once had a childhood sweetheart but this woman had plotted to wipe out his memory and took advantage of the opportunity to snatch him away. Even so, Shi Yun never hated her and even begged me not to confront her – for the sake of the mainland. Shi'er, as a person, is constantly placing the needs of others before her and so she could not possibly have any malicious thoughts of harming her! This has got to be a conspiracy or a misunderstanding!"

My Shi'er is kind and gentle, he thought. How could she possibly do such a thing?

There's no doubt about it. I know that Gu Ruoyun has definitely done something to Shi Yun and caused everyone to misunderstand her. 

Hearing this, the audience in the plaza shook their heads. 

The look on Shi Yun's face that they had witnessed a while ago was now deeply etched in their hearts. Her venomous, hateful gaze was not one that belonged to a kind-hearted person! Hence, no matter what Kun Nan has to say now, no one would believe him at all. 

Gu Ruoyun calmly glanced at Kun Nan then waved her longsword. Her white pale dragon flashed across the void, charging towards Shi Yun who laid on the ground. 

"You're looking for death!"

Kun Nan's face changed immediately. He rushed forward to stop the attack and the white dragon's head crashed into his sword, causing a powerful light wave and damaging nearby trees from all directions. A few people who had been situated nearer to the fight were even wounded from the impact. 

"You sl*t, you'd dare harm Shi'er in front of me? You've certainly become tired of living! Since that's the case, I'll send you straight to hell!!!"


Kun Nan raised a storm from within, gathering it in a uniformed fashion into the sword in his hand. In this moment, his face looked incomparably savage amidst the wild winds with murderous intent layered thick in his cold, eerie eyes. 


"You go to hell!"


Boom, boom, boom!

The crashing sound of thunder rang aloud as he raised his emotionless face. Then, a powerful, whirling thunderstorm shot out from his sword, attacking Gu Ruoyun.

"Stop, you mother f*cker, I say, stop!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi was so enraged that veins popped from his forehead like a riot. He waved his hand, aiming a bright wave of light towards the thunderstorm that was heading in Gu Ruoyun's direction.

Just then... 

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky, smashing through both the Honorable Sir Tianqi's attack and Kun Nan's thunderstorm just before they could reach each other. The entire plaza was immediately silenced and the attacks from both men disappeared at once. 

On the ground, all that's left was a bottomless crevice.

From within the void of the surroundings, the man's silver hair looked particularly radiant against the gloomy skies. His crimson robes were like the very fires of hell and contrasted beautifully against the faint red blush of the sky, like the magnificent afterglow of a sunset. 

Time seemed to stop. The man, floating in the air, slowly turned his head. A hint of gentleness flashed across otherworldly red eyes at the sight of the young girl behind him. 

Then, he smiled. 

If Zuo Shangchen's smile was considered magnificent and unmatched among the peers of his generation, then this man's smile could make everyone forget themselves and stare foolishly at his incomparably beautiful visage. 

Kun Nan clenched his fist and glared jealously at Qianbei Ye. He had never seen a man so beautiful. In fact, he's even more breathtaking than the person whom many in the mainland considered as the number one beauty - Zuo Shangchen. 

Besides, in contrast to Zuo Shangchen's beauty which could cause the downfall of cities, he looked more like a demon that had crawled out from the depths of hell, blood-thirsty, evil, and so powerful that no one would dare to even look at him.

"Xiao Yun, I was following your instructions and hiding behind the scenes to wait for Shi Yun's mysterious agent to show himself. But these people have gone too far, so I couldn't take it anymore and..."

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