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"You're merely an insignificant Martial Emperor yet you would dare to defy us. Zuo Shangchen, I had initially pegged you as a smart man. However, I didn't think that you'd turn out to be this stupid. You've certainly wasted the high opinions I've once had of you."

Bai Xiangtian straightened his sleeves as he glared coldly at Zuo Shangchen who was standing tall against the howling winds. His eyes were filled with a cold and disdainful look. 

Zuo Shangchen wiped the blood from his lips and his figure, dressed in peach blossom pink robes, continued to stand resolutely by Gu Ryoyun's side. A gloomy air seemed to take over his peach blossom-like features, "Bai Xiangtian, is the Immortal Realm not afraid of provoking the ire of the Spirit Sect and Courts of Hell with your deeds? And don't forget, Xiao Yun'er has an older brother who holds a position of high authority in the Spirit Sect."


Bai Xiangtian burst into laughter and replied mockingly, "We're quite a distance from where those guys are at the moment so they won't find out anything about this fight. As for the people around us, do you really think that I'll let any of the leave with their lives? Now, even if you die, no one will ever know about it! For those who have already made their escape, I'll go after them after I've killed you both!"

Zuo Shangchen's expression grew increasingly gloomy. It seems that this guy had already planned everything out. 

"Run, Xiao Yun'er," He smiled bitterly and spoke with a hint of helplessness, "If the opposing force had been Bai Xiangtian alone, I could have protected you from harm. However, now there are far too many Martial Honors against the both of us. I can't take on so many of them so it's best that you run. At least we might still have a chance if you save yourself."


Gu Ruoyun lightly raised her eyebrow, "You think I can escape? You may be a menace it was I who had brought this burden upon you."

This matter initially had nothing to do with Zuo Shangchen. I had been Bai Xiangtian's target from the very beginning. At the end of the day, I've dragged this menace down along with me. 

"Xiao Yun'er," Zuo Shangchen turned towards Gu Ruoyun and threw her a charming gaze, "If you truly believe that you've done me wrong, how about giving your heart to me once we're done with this? What do you think?"

Gu Ruoyun's face immediately turned black as she thought, how can this casanova joke around at a time like this?


Bai Xiangtian scoffed coldly. Then, with a single move, he charged towards Gu Ruoyun. 

"To actually make flirtatious banter at a time like this, you really know no shame! Since that's the case, I'm going to deal with you both right now!"


The desert air was then filled with smoke and dust which obscured the view from everyone's eyes...

At Cloud City. 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi had just said his farewells to the City Governor and was just about to leave when a large figure appeared in the sky. It crashed on the ground right in front of him, causing him to jump in surprise. 

Upon seeing the woman who was dismounting from the snow wolf, the Honorable Sir Tianqi was stunned. He wrinkled his brows in confusion as he asked, "Aren't you one of the Gu girl's personnel? I thought you had all left. What are you doing back here?"

"Honorable Sir, my Lord."


Wei Yiyi threw herself onto the ground and spoke with an anxious look on her face, "Lord Honorable Sir, please save my Master."

"The Gu girl?" The Honorable Sir Tianqi furrowed his brows, "What happened?"

"It's the Immortal Realm!" Wei Yiyi clenched her fists tightly as she spat out hatefully, "The Immortal Realm had suddenly ambushed us with a large group of Martial Honors and were trying to force my Master to join them. They'll kill my Master if she refuses. We have to hurry! I'm afraid that my Master will be in serious danger if we delay any further."

"What did you say?"

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