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"Is there any way for us to save him?" Gu Ruoyun tightly clenched her fist as she asked. 

Zixie shook his head, "I'm sorry, the power within his body is too strong and I cannot suppress it. I can't help him."

Gu Ruoyun's face immediately turned as white as a ghost. 

If even Zixie is unable to do it, then...

No! There has to be a way!

"Zixie, I know you'll find a way. I don't care what it is, I must save him!"

Hearing this, Zixie fell silent. After a long while, he slowly raised his handsome and demonic face, "There is a way. But..."

"What is it?"

Gu Ruoyun's grip on Qianbei Ye's hand grew even tighter as she asked.

"The Banished Lands!"

The Banished Lands!

Hearing this, the faces of both the Honorable Sir Tianqi and the Honorable Poison Master changed completely. Their eyes were filled with horror. 

"The Banished Lands? You want the girl to make a trip to a place like that? No way, that place is far too dangerous. Not even the Spirit Sect's master would be able to guarantee that he could come back from there alive."

Similarly, Gu Ruoyun's eyes slowly darkened as well. 

The Banished Lands. I've heard of this place back when I was visiting the Xia family home. 

This piece of land was not within the West Spirit Mainland, the place where she was currently residing in. The Banished Lands was located in the common border between the West Spirit Mainland and the East Peak Mainland. Those who reside within the Banished Lands were mostly fugitives and amongst those residents, there was no lack of cultivators at the rank of Martial Honor and above. 

However, in order to get into the Banished Lands, one must overcome ten deadly trials and each trial generally can only be passed after a narrow escape from death. So, one can imagine the kind of people who have entered the Banished Lands... 

"Zixie, I will go to the Banished Lands. What would I need to do once I get there?"

A spark of resolve glowed from within Gu Ruoyun's eyes. 

Forget about the ten deadly trials. I would still go even if there were a hundred! 

"It is said that within the Banished Lands, there is a tree filled with Hell's Lotus. Only after you've obtained a Hell's Lotus can you even hope to save him. However, you only have a time frame of five years. If you don't obtain a Hell's Lotus before the end of five years, I'm afraid that his life will then be in danger."

Five years?

Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath, and spoke slowly, "In the past, Xiao Ye has always protected me. This time, it's my turn to save him. No matter the dangers that await me at the Banished Lands, I will not give up!"

"Little girl!"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi wrinkled his brows disapprovingly, "There must be a better way for you to save him. The Banished Lands are far too dangerous and that's not only because there is an infinite number of powerful cultivators living there. Those who have managed to pass the ten deadly trials are also few and far in between. Many have fallen at the first trial. Therefore, we should think of another way."

Zixie swept his gaze towards the Honorable Sir Tianqi, and replied steadily, "There is only one other way to save him besides this one - A Martial God."

A Martial God!

This was a completely impossible existence!

Hence, upon hearing this, the Honorable Sir Tianqi was rendered speechless. His eyes stared worriedly at Gu Ruoyun as his words failed him. 

The Honorable Poison Master was momentarily silent before he looked at Gu Ruoyun and said, "If you've truly set your mind on going to the Banished Lands, I'll remain in the mainland and await your return. I believe that, by then, we will all have a whole new level of respect for you."

Besides her great talent, this girl holds countless miracles in the palm of her hand, he mused. If this were anyone else, I don't think their chances of returning would be very high at all. But she is different... 

He could never forget how she had once tamed an enormous pale dragon right before his very eyes!

If she could tame a dragon, is there anything else in this world that she cannot do?

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