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Ye Lan laughed loudly and nodded his head in satisfaction. It's been a long time since I've met a young person like this. Besides... She's a Martial Emperor and she's not even twenty years old. Such talent! There's probably only about one or two cultivators in the Banished Lands with a talent like hers, second only to my grandson. 

However, if Ye Lan were to find out that Gu Ruoyun had only begun her cultivation at the age of fourteen, he would probably weigh his words more carefully once again. 

After all, his grandson had begun cultivating at the age of five and has only reached the rank of a Martial King at the age of ten. That amount of talent is already shocking enough but Gu Ruoyun, who had also begun cultivating five years ago, has already reached the rank of a Martial Emperor. 

His grandson also had the help of countless geniuses and different treasures to enhance his innate capabilities in order to reach his current level. This can't even be compared to what Gu Ruoyun have had to go through... 

"Hehe," Yun Luo chuckled, "The auction will be starting soon. Everyone, let's go inside."


Gu Ruoyun nodded and replied. 

Murong Yan and Lu Shaochen looked at each other. Even though they were both bursting with curiosity over the identities of the two old men, they did not pry. Instead, they simply followed them into the hall...

"Sir Bai."

A malicious light flashed across Murong Rou'er's eyes. Then, she stared pitifully at Bai Xin who was now deep in contemplation and spoke in a frail voice, "Yan'er, she..."


Bai Xin finally returned to his senses and took a deep breath. He then turned towards Murong Rou'er with a serious look on his face, "Do you know the name of that little boy?"

If the elder in red and Lord Yun Luo are such peerless cultivators, his grandson can't possibly have some obscure name. 

"I think his name is Ye Nuo," Murong Rou'er knitted her brows in grief, "Sir Bai, why did you ask about that?"

At this moment, Murong Rou'er missed the change in Bai Xin's expression once she had mentioned Ye Nuo's name.

Ye Nuo!!!

If I remember correctly, the Little Master of the number one aristocratic family in the Banished Lands, the Ye family, is Ye Nuo!

That's right. Who else could joke around with Lord Yun Luo besides that person from the Ye family? The biggest joke was that I had nearly offended the Little Master of the Ye family all for the sake of a girl!

Bai Xin's back was immediately drenched in a layer of cold sweat at the thought of this. Fear began to take over his heart and he sorely wished to kill Murong Rou'er with one slap!

"Sir Bai, what's happened to you? Ah, that's right, those two elders are..."

"Hmph!" Bai Xin scoffed coldly, cutting Murong Rou'er off. He was about to reveal the identities of the two old men but thought better of it and decided against it, "Murong Rou'er, our relationship ends here. Don't come looking for me again!"

Then, he abandoned the pale-looking Murong Rou'er and quickly headed into the auction hall. 

Seeing that Lord Yun Luo had not revealed his identity, he mused. That means that he did not wish for anyone in Black Rock City to find out. So if I had hastily exposed him, I might end up offending the two great lords.

It was simply not worth the trouble that comes with dragging down the whole of White Glory City for a sake of a woman!

Murong Rou'er, who obviously did not know what happened, stared at Bai Xin's shadow with tears in her eyes... 

Even though Murong Rou'er was in love with Lu Shaochen, Bai Xin's status as the son of the Governor of White Glory City was not something which could be matched by many. If she had managed to snag this huge boat, the Murong family would reap many great benefits. 

But who would have guessed that even after she had used all of her skills, Bai Xin would throw her aside and abandon her.

"Murong Yan, it's definitely all her fault!"

Murong Rou'er clenched her delicate hands into fists. A venomous light flashed across the corner of her eyes as the white-hot fury from within her heart nearly set her entire being on fire. 

"That sl*t. As if seducing big brother Lu wasn't enough, she's even latched her claws onto Sir Bai! I will never let her get away with this!"

At this very moment, Murong Rou'er's brain was completely muddled with rage and ignored the fact that Bai Xin's attitude had only changed after hearing Ye Nuo's name...

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