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In this lifetime, she hates betrayal the most!

So, she would never stand for any form of treachery!

"Master Murong, Elder Er, follow me. I have something to discuss with you."

Gu Ruoyun looked at them in the eye as she spoke before turning around towards the study.

Murong Yan tried to follow them, intending on saying a few words but was held back by Lu Shaochen. 

He shook his head at his Junior Sister and laughed bitterly, "Yan'er, previously, we could be considered as her friends. However, from now on, she is not only our benefactor but a Master we must serve. We cannot treat her like a friend anymore."

Hearing this, a complicated look flashed across Murong Yan's eyes, "I understand, Senior Brother. In the eyes of a genius like her, we are only people passing by..."

Even though she did not know the full measure of Gu Ruoyun's strength, she knows that if her grandfather had fought against her, his victory would not be guaranteed...

How could a person like her be a friend? Even if they had devoted their entire lives, they probably could not ever reach her standards.


The air was quiet and tranquil in the study. 

Gu Ruoyun looked up at the two elders and calmly raised an eyebrow, "Before anything else, I will reveal my ambition to you! My ambition is... To unite Black Rock City!"

To unite Black Rock City?

Even the highly experienced Master Murong and Elder Er were both shocked by Gu Ruoyun's declaration.

The powers within Black Rock City are intertwined in many ways with countless skilled cultivators. Even the Murong family was merely considered middle-class compared to the other organization around the area. There were many forces who were far more powerful than the Murong family!

So, it would not be possible for Gu Ruoyun to unite the whole of Black Rock City even after assuming command over the Murong family!

"Lady Gu..." Just as Elder Er was addressing Gu Ruoyun, he suddenly remembered her current status and hurriedly changed his tune, "Eldest Lady, I'm afraid that this would be rather difficult. The Murong family and the Yeh family are considered middle-class in power. The other organizations have at least a few Martial Honors amongst their groups. If you really wish to unify Black Rock City, it won't be that easy..."

Elder Er had framed his thoughts in the most tactful way possible. In reality, what he truly wished to say was that it was impossible to unite Black Rock City!

"I'm only telling you my ambitions so that you are both clear on what needs to be done," Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. Just being in command of the Murong family was not quite within her sights. What she truly wished for was the whole of Black Rock City, "Furthermore, this time, I need you both for something else."

Hearing this, both men looked at each other before looking back at Gu Ruoyun in confusion. 

Then, under the glare of their puzzled looks, Gu Ruoyun pulled out a bottle of pills from her sleeve.

"This... This is..."

Master Murong had been thoroughly confused and was frowning. However, when he sensed the spiritual energy emanating from within the porcelain bottle, he trembled and stared at Gu Ruoyun with uncertainty... 

Gu Ruoyun casually poured a single pill out from the bottle. She then placed it in front of Master Murong and said calmly, "Swallow this."

There was an unquestionable directive in her tone. 

Master Murong held out his trembling hand and accepted the pill from Gu Ruoyun. He then placed it into his mouth and swallowed it.

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