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A force like a heavy wrecking ball slammed into the man with the side whiskers' chest. It threw his muscular body back and he fell into the middle of the crowd. 

The man with the side whiskers was stunned and the rest of the gang of robbers were shocked as well. The entire mountain range had turned so quiet that they could clearly hear each other's breathing. 

Our Second-in-command, despite being a low-level Martial Honor, was actually... Unable to retaliate?

Is this fellow abnormal?

The man with the side whiskers turned very black in the face and clenched his fists so tightly that it shook. To be defeated by one blow in front of so many people, this was a first for me!

Especially since the opponent was such a young lady!

This was simply a disgrace!

"Hold it." As he noticed that the man with the side whiskers was about to make another move, the scholarly-looking man raised his hand to stop him and frowned. He had caught the glimmer of a light flashing in Gu Ruoyun's eye, "Young lady, the Wolf's Fang Robbers will never serve anyone else. Since you wish to provoke us, I have no choice but to kill you!"


As he spoke, he raised his hand which glowed with brilliance and directed a strong wind towards Gu Ruoyun. It brought a sharp force which swept forward like a hot knife through butter. 

Gu Ruoyun leaned to the side and dodged the attack. In the next instant, the scholarly-looking man was right in front of her. The fan in his hand shone with a grey light and was aimed at her neck. She hurriedly raised her sword in front of her face and with a loud clang, a blazing flame burst outwards. Gu Ruoyun frowned as she examined the scholarly-looking man who was still standing very close to her. 

The fan in the scholarly-looking man's hand was no ordinary fan. It looked as hard as metal and could not be destroyed by any normal weapon.


Both parties gathered their spiritual energies into the palm of their hand and gradually channeled them into their weapons. A loud bang sounded and lightwaves shot into all four corners of the area before dispersing into the air. Soon after, a heavy force fell upon the scholarly-looking man's chest and he lost his footing, stumbling back for a good distance. In that instant, the fan in his hand tore like a raggedy old cloth and fell to the ground.


The faces of the Wolf's Fang Robbers changed greatly. That fan was their leaders' most prized possession and they all knew it. Besides, this fan was a spiritual weapon and was only shy of containing a weapon spirit.

Now, this woman had somehow managed to destroy it?

A spiritual weapon!

There's no mistake about it, the weapon she has is also a spiritual weapon!

No weapon, no matter how sharp the blade, could ever destroy the Leader's fan unless it was also a spiritual weapon!

"Hehe, I never thought that the weapon in your hand would actually turn out to be a spiritual weapon as well. I would not have been able to recognize it without a closer look!" The scholarly-looking man held onto the tatters of his fan tightly and his expression was a ghastly sight to behold. His hands trembled continuously as a murderous intent began to overflow from his heart. "However, my fan is far more important than your life. Since you've destroyed my fan, you shall pay for it with your life!"

Actually, it was not the scholarly-looking man's fault for failing to identify Gu Ruoyun's weapon as a spiritual weapon. Once a weapon spirit inhabits a spiritual weapon, its wielder can control it as they wish. Unless Gu Ruoyun chooses to expose the spiritual weapon, anyone else would assume that it was simply an ordinary sword. 

Of course, once a weapon spirit has entered a spiritual weapon, it would need a certain amount of time to adapt. Now, the pale dragon which resides within the sword had managed to gain total control over the spiritual weapon. 

"That depends on whether you'll have the opportunity."

Gu Ruoyun smiled. Then, a majestic dragon's roar rang out from the sword in her hand. Before the scholarly-looking man could make sense of the situation, a white pale dragon charged out from the blade, spitting powerful dragon's breath from its mouth. The dragon's breath knocked the scholarly-looking man out of the way before he could even react.


The scholarly-looking man slammed into a tree behind him. He raised his head in astonishment and his face was full of shock.

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