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"Mei Xue, how can you show off this old, broken box so unabashedly?" Hei Bao stared disdainfully at Mei Xue ash he spoke with contempt, "Everyone in Black Rock City knows that you've never wanted this old, broken box and now you're actually using it to con others. You said that it's an heirloom which was handed down for generations but if it's that magical, why haven't you used it yet?"

Mei Xue was not at all annoyed when she heard this. She only curled her lips into a smile as she replied, "Don't you know that some treasures choose their masters? The Mei family has been guarding it for so many years but have never been able to control it. That means that it does not belong to the Mei family. I see that Lady Gu's talents are rather substantial so perhaps this heirloom will recognize her instead. If it turns out that way, it won't be a waste for the Mei family to have guarded it for so many years."

"Haha! Lady Gu, you mustn't fall for this woman's deceit. That's merely an old, broken box." Hei Bao spoke with a hint of ridicule but when he looked at Gu Ruoyun, he did not dare show any sign of disrespect and exclaimed with deference, "However, though Mei Xue has come bearing gifts, I, Hei Bao, am also equally prepared. I hear that you are a medicinal expert, Lady Gu. I have a fragment of a pill formula and would like to present it to you as a token of my respect."

Pill formula?

Hearing this, the crowd could not help but turn towards Hei Bao. 

We never thought that this fellow would have a pill formula in his possession and now he's just giving it away?

Doesn't he know how valuable a pill formula is?

As if he sensed the questions bubbling within the crowd, Hei Bao scratched his head and chuckled, "Actually, this pill formula was once given to me by someone else as a kind of collateral. In the end, because he was unable to pay back the money, it became one of my possessions. Since I'm not really interested in these things, so why not give it to Lady Gu. As a medicinal expert, Lady Gu must have done some research on this subject matter. Perhaps she might even be able to refine a pill from it. All I ask is for Lady Gu to gift me with one pill once she has mastered pill refinement."

Hearing this, everyone turned their noses up in the air and scoffed disdainfully. 

Even though because pill formulas were extremely valuable on the mainland and has caused countless fights between numerous people, the reality was that no one has been able to master the art of pill refinement!

This means that even in Gu Ruoyun's hands, this pill formula was merely a useless piece of scrap paper.

The crowd, however, failed to notice the strange looks on the Murong family members' faces. 

Pill formula? This was an extremely valuable item in the eyes of the world but in her hands?

She already has the capability to casually produce pills whenever she wished which could help a Martial King achieve a breakthrough. In all honesty, this pill formula wouldn't really be of any interest to her. 

However, to the surprise of the Murong family, Gu Ruoyun graciously accepted the pill formula and smiled, "Don't worry, if I succeed in pill refinement, I'll definitely gift you with one pill."

"The Mei family and Hei Bao have already presented their gifts but I haven't quite had the time to prepare anything." Mo Liyou remained seated in his wheelchair and his handsome face carried a thin smile, "So, I've decided to present you with a last minute gift, Lady Gu."


Instantly, all eyes turned towards Mo Liyou.

Mo Liyou smiled as if he did not notice their stares, "My gift is the entire Mo family!"


The crowd reeled in surprise!

Even Mei Xue and Hei Bao were shocked. No one thought that Mo Liyou would have made such a decision on the spot.

The entire Mo family, just how valuable was this gift?

He has just given the entire Mo family away without any hesitation?

Gu Ruoyun observed Mo Liyou's pale and sickly pallor. She did not know why but this man seemed to give her a rather vague and strange feeling.

"Eldest Lady, this..." Master Murong rose to his feet as he spoke, no longer able to contain himself. Mo Liyou's declaration has certainly shocked him to the core.

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