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"Father, should we go after her?"

Ye Xingtian suppressed the high spirit in his heart. If Lady Gu was the person we've been searching for, then...

"There's no need."

Ye Lan slowly stepped out from his shock. He turned towards the direction where Gu Ruoyun had left and muttered, "If destiny permits it, I believe that we'll see her again. There's no need to rush for now. Besides, Lady Gu has left after having cured my ailment. I think that it's best that we don't disturb her for the time being."

Hearing this, Ye Xingtian said nothing more. Whatever his thoughts were, no one knew. 


At Black Rock City.

After several months, Gu Ruoyun had returned to this place once again. Everything looked the same and things do not seem to have changed very much.

"Yun'er, where are we going?"

Qianbei Ye lowered his eyelids and observed the woman next to him. His lips curled into a smile that could send countries into war.

Gu Ruoyun pondered for a bit before replying, "We're going to the governor's palace."


Qianbei Ye would never have anything against Gu Ruoyun's suggestions. His already peerless features grew even more breathtaking with that smile. Instantly, the people on the street found themselves consciously drawn towards the two.

The very sight of the picture-perfect pair walking hand in hand was so beautiful that they could not turn away.

Every moment when they looked at each other and smiled with such a pure and deep connection, they looked like a couple who were made for one another. No one could come between them at all.

Outside the quiet governor's palace, the Murong family disciples yawned sleepily. Suddenly, they seemed to notice something and hurriedly rubbed their eyes. They then ran into the governor's palace without another word.

"Master, Master, the governor has returned! The governor has returned!"


At that moment, everyone, led by Master Murong, came out from the governor's palace. Everyone stared in shock at the woman in green. Some were so shocked that they could not even speak.

"Lord governor, you... You've finally returned."

Master Murong's elderly eyes welled up with tears. Even his voice shook, "I've been watching over the governor's palace, waiting for you to return. Now that you've finally returned, you won't be leaving anymore, right?"

"No." Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "This time, not only would I be leaving, I also want to ask you this, who is willing to leave this place with me?"

As long she has Xiao Hei, transporting the entire Black Rock City out from the Banished Lands would not be an issue.

"Even though Black Rock City is our root, if you've made a decision, I will certainly pledge my life to follow you!"

Rustle, rustle!

Everyone immediately knelt down and formed a pitch-black mass, using this to signify their heart's decision.

"Murong Lin, gather everyone in the city. If anyone chooses to stay, I will not force them! I'll be moving the entire Black Rock City. Those who choose to stay will be sent to Holy City."

With her connections to the Ye family, having them take in a few people would not be a problem.

Moving the entire Black Rock City?

Everyone was shocked when they heard those words. Black Rock City is huge, how can she move an entire city?

Of course, no one opposed Gu Ruoyun's orders. They hurriedly gathered the citizens to the city plaza and announced Gu Ruoyun's decision.

What kind of a place was the Banished Lands?

It was a place made up of people who had been banished from the mainlands!

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