Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
672 The Return 3
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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672 The Return 3

If they were given the chance to leave the Banished Lands, no one would refuse.

As such, not a single person in Black Rock City, including the little peddlers, had opposed Gu Ruoyun's decision.

So, on this day, a huge incident happened in the Banished Lands.

Black Rock City, which had previously enjoyed an abrupt rise in power, suddenly disappeared! That was right, it had indeed completely vanished! Even its roots had been pulled out and was lost in the river of history in the Banished Lands.

Because of this, countless powerful cultivators received a great shock and gathered to visit Black Rock City.

Initially, they believe that some powerful cultivator had destroyed Black Rock City. However, not a single sign of battle could be found on the land where Black Rock City had once stood! Furthermore, if it had been an unknown cultivator who had destroyed Black Rock City, they would at least leave some kind of trace. Even if they had used fire, it would be impossible for them to have burned the entire city in such a pristine manner.

Most importantly, the marks on the ground only proved one thing...

Someone had pulled everything up from the roots!

From the roots? How could this be? Not even ten thousand Martial Honors would be able to accomplish such a feat!

To be able to do such a thing, just how powerful was that person?

This matter soon reached the ears of the Ye family's father and son as well. Instantly, Ye Lan's eyes danced as he laughed bitterly, "This little girl. Wherever she goes, she'll cause a ruckus."

"Father, do you mean that Black Rock City's disappearance had something to do with Lady Gu?"

Ye Xingtian was shocked. Even if Lady Gu had the Flames of Nirvana, she could not possibly have the power to pull Black Rock City out from its roots.

"That's right, my informants have told me that this girl was closely tied to this matter." Ye Lan shook his head exasperatedly, "However, this is enough to place the Martial Honors of the Banished Lands into a state of terror for a while. Perhaps those secretive old men will appear as well."

How much shock can a person who was able to move Black Rock City away inspire? Most importantly, no one knows who the cultivator was! Who could resist not investigating such a powerful yet anonymous cultivator in the Banished Lands?

"I'm glad that girl has managed to leave the Banished Lands. Otherwise, there would be trouble for sure. Don't judge the situation just because those old men do not seem to bother about worldly matters. Hidden in the mountain forests, they are the patron saints of the Banished Lands. That little girl had made such a huge move, those old men are bound to be shocked as well."

There was a huge amount of anxiety in Ye Lan's voice.

Obviously, his worries were unfounded.

After she had uprooted Black Rock City, Gu Ruoyun had flown back to the mainland immediately. Otherwise, she might end up attracting unwanted attention...

At the West Spirit Mainland...

Deep in the mountains, a group of elders in white traveled with a speed that almost cut through the trees around them.

"It's been so many days and we still have not been able to capture that woman, Gu Ruoyun. Let's speed it up. As long as we can capture the Dongfang family members, we can use them to threaten her."

One year ago, during the Divine Trials, Gu Ruoyun had killed countless cultivators of the Immortal Realm. Even though the Spirit Sect had helped to conceal this matter, someone somehow managed to leak out this bit of information. As such, throughout this entire year, the Immortal Realm has been sending out search parties to find Gu Ruoyun's whereabouts so that they could exact revenge on her for killing off the best cultivators of the Immortal Realm!

However, that woman seemed to have disappeared. Not one person has seen any sign of her at all during this year.

Also, during this period of time, the Spirit Sect, without rhyme or reason, deliberately caused trouble for the Immortal Realm. This prevented the Immortal Realm from sending out any more personel to gather information about Gu Ruoyun. Hence, the Immortal Realm had decided to seize the opportunity to stir up trouble under the Spirit Sect's surveillance and dispatched a few people to attack the Dongfang family.
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