Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
673 The Return 4
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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673 The Return 4

As long as they can capture the Dongfang family members, they would not have to worry about Gu Ruoyun not showing herself!

However, because most of the powerful cultivators were under scrutiny and unable to leave, they could only send out a few low-level Martial Emperors. Even though Lan Yuge of the Dongfang family has already reached the rank of a high-level Martial Emperor, for the sake of victory, the Immortal Master had lent them his spiritual weapons and provided them with a spell which could temporarily increase their power.

That, along with the fact that they had the advantage in greater numbers, they had no worries in attacking the Dongfang family.

"Who are you trying to capture?"

Suddenly, a melodious voice rang out from the trees above them. It was not too clear nor was it too faint, it was just enough for everyone to hear the message.

"Who's there?"

The elders' breath grew sluggish and they immediately paused in their tracks, staring in full alert at the big tree next to them.

However, they found it hard to believe that while there was a man in the tree, they had not been able to sense his presence at all. Even their mental powers could not catch his aura.

Who was this to have such power that we were unable to sense his presence?

A shadowed form leaped from the tree, landing steadily on the ground. 

It was a delicate and pretty youth with eyes that sparkled like stars in the night sky. The aura from his body gave off a rather comforting feeling and made one inadvertently think of verdant hills and still waters. The youth carried the air of a harmless, well-brought-up man. He did not seem to have very much of a killing intent.

Nevertheless, these traditional elders dared not act too carelessly. Based on the man's voice, they could tell that it had belonged to the delicate and pretty youth before them, who did not seem like the sort of person who would even harm a fly.

"Who are you?"

One elder furrowed his brows and asked.

"You mentioned that you wanted to do something to someone. Who are you targeting?" The delicate and pretty youth slowly walked towards them. His smile was youthful and tender, "Does it concern Gu Ruoyun?"

The elders looked at one another and let the elder who had first spoken issue the reply, "That's right, we're scheming against Gu Ruoyun."

"Oh? Then I've found the right people."

The youth smiled gently. His smile still looked rather harmless, pure and touching.



A powerful force suddenly appeared from the ground as countless swords erupted from the earth. Before the elders could react, they had been impaled by the swords on the ground.

The elder who had replied was drenched in blood. He fixed his bloodshot eyes upon the youth's tender features and spluttered, "Who are you?"

The youth did not speak, he held a longsword made of spotted laurel and slowly walked ahead.

Just as his figure disappeared, a youthful and tender voice echoed in the thin air. The voice was light and airy but it embedded itself fiercely into the hearts of the elders.

"Remember, my name is Xia Linyu..."

The elder opened his mouth, trying to speak. However, before he could even call out for help, he had closed his eyes, lifeless, never to open them again.


At the Dongfang family home.

Two figures stood for a long time outside the large gate.

Gu Ruoyun looked at the courtyard before her and her eyes were distant, "The Dongfang family home. I've finally returned."

She was just about to make her way into the Dongfang family home when a figure rushed towards her, nearly colliding with her head-on. Just before the figure was about crash into Gu Ruoyun, she stopped abruptly and wrinkled her eyebrows in annoyance. When she noticed Gu Ruoyun, she was stunned.

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