Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
674 The Return 5
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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674 The Return 5

Yunyao stared dazedly at the familiar face before her as tears streamed down her face. Overcome by emotion, she immediately reached out to hug Gu Ruoyun. However, before she could even touch Gu Ruoyun, she was pulled aside by another hand. Yunyao nearly fell face first onto the ground.

Qianbei Ye glared irritably at the white tiger and his eyes filled with warning.

"Master, you've returned."

In the past, Qianbei Ye's glare would have scared Yunyao to death. However, at this moment, the surprise of seeing Gu Ruoyun again after such a long separation had conquered her heart until she did not notice Qianbei Ye's deathly glare.

"Mmm, I've returned. Where is maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother?"

"They are in the grand hall, Master. We've all been waiting for you. We've been waiting for almost two years."

At the very mention of this, Yunyao's eyes were filled with grief. They had endured countless suffering over the past two years. Nonetheless, they had taken it all in stride.

All for her sake!

"Come, let's make our way there now."


Yunyao had recovered her usual graceful manners and smiled. She followed behind Gu Ruoyun and walked into the grand hall.

In the grand hall, Master Dongfang and Lan Yuge were in the middle of a conversation. It was at this moment that Lan Yuge, who had been laughing and chatting with him, abruptly stopped and stared out the door with a look that Master Dongfang had never seen before. 

Master Dongfang followed her gaze towards the doorway and nearly fainted in shock.

His heart was immediately filled with ecstasy.

The only thing was, the old man was used to being proud and pompous so he quickly put away the joy on his face and cleared his throat, "It's good to have you back!"

Master Dongfang had never experienced the dangers in the Banished Lands but he has heard of them.

It was a place where even Martial Honors would never return from.

Hence, over the past year, they had been constantly on the edge and had not been able to have a good night's sleep.

Now that the lady who had been away for more than a year has finally returned, Master Dongfang was not only surprised, he was also in a state of disbelief.

"Yes, I'm back." Gu Ruoyun smiled and slowly walked towards the two, "Maternal grandmother, is maternal grandfather still crabby and ill-tempered? Has he made you angry?"

Master Dongfang nearly went wild with rage. I'm still this fellow's maternal grandfather after all yet she would slander me the moment she returns!

She's really going to anger me to death!


He was not happy at all. He scoffed and was just about to turn away when at that moment, he accidentally caught sight of Qianbei Ye who was holding Gu Ruoyun's hand.

What... What's this?

Even though Gu Ruoyun had announced to everyone that Qianbei Ye belonged to her a year ago, this had completely been for the sake of opposing Elder Qili. At the time, the two of them were not as intimate as they were right now, what more about holding hands in public.

What on earth has happened over the past year?

"Yun'er, what is your relationship with Sir Qianbei?" Lan Yuge had obviously noticed this as well and asked in surprise.

"Maternal grandmother, we..."

Gu Ruoyun was just about to explain but was cut off by the man's jolly voice.

"Between the two of us, cooked rice can never go back to being raw again. What's done is done. We ask that you make us whole, maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother."


Cooked rice can never go back to being raw again.

Gu Ruoyun's mind exploded. While I'm sure of my feelings for Qianbei Ye, when had this 'cooked rice can never go back to being raw again' situation occurred?
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