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The organization which had really set tongues wagging was the Immortal Realm. After all, the Immortal Realm held a grudge against Gu Ruoyun so why would they attend Lan Yuge's birthday celebration? It was hard to say but if they do decide to come, it would surely be because they wanted to cause trouble.

Knowing the Immortal Realm's petty nature, how could they possibly spare anyone in the Dongfang family?

Under the fervent discussions of many, the day of Lan Yuge's birthday celebration finally arrived...


The Dongfang family home was illuminated with many lanterns.

The banquet hall was filled with many wonderful-smelling delicacies. Lan Yuge, supported by Master Dongfang, slowly approached the seat of the master. A graceful smile played on her lips from the very beginning. It goes without saying that due to proper body maintenance, Lan Yuge still looked as young as a twenty-year-old and was stunningly beautiful.

Due to this, she immediately attracted a lot of attention.


Master Dongfang was not happy at all. He placed his fist on the side of his belt buckle and cleared his throat. He glared at anyone who even dares to look at his wife and scoffed coldly. His elderly face was filled with jealousy.

It seems that I should probably request for a, what do you call it, Beauty Rejuvenation Pill from my maternal granddaughter. To prevent people from staring at my wife every time we go out. They don't even care that I'm standing right next to her!

That's just intolerable bullying!

If it were not for his wife's intervention, he would have torn out their eyes long ago!

"The Medicine Order is here to congratulate Mistress Dongfang on her birthday!"

Just then, a voice rang out from outside the door.

Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and swept her gaze towards that voice with a smile which did not reach her eyes. When she saw Rong Xin leading a group of girls as she entered the room, a hint of amusement appeared in her eyes.

Rong Xin clearly noticed Gu Ruoyun as well but she did not comment on it. She continued to walk forward before joining her fists and saying, "Congratulations, Madame Dongfang. Servants, present Mistress Dongfang's gift."

During this period of time, she had gathered information on Gu Ruoyun's identity. As it turns out, she was the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall and had the support of the Dongfang family. It seems that if she really planned on killing this woman, it would not be easy.

She could not show any sign of murderous intent especially in front of Lan Yuge. After all, the Medicine Order was no match for the Dongfang family at the moment. 

"Thank you, Order Master Rong Xin."

Lan Yuge smiled serenely and waved her hand, "Servants, take Order Master Rong Xin's gift away. Order Master Rong Xin, please have a seat."

Then, she turned towards Gu Ruoyun who was seated next to her.

"Little girl, where is Xiao Ye? I don't see him."

"I don't know," Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "He mentioned that he had something to take care of and that he'll be here once he's done."

Gu Ruoyun frowned. I haven't even seen Xiao Ye's shadow over these past few days, I don't know what he's up to.

"Master, Mistress!"

Lan Yuge was just about to speak when she was abruptly cut off. She gravely knit her beautiful brows and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Reporting to the Mistress, the Spirit Sect has arrived to congratulate you."

"Oh?" Lan Yuge raised an eyebrow, " Who is the representative of the Spirit Sect?"

"The Young Master of the Spirit Sect! Gu Shengxiao!"


Gu Ruoyun immediately rose to her feet when she heard this. Her clear, cold eyes were overcome with a never-before-seen emotion. Her eyes fixed squarely upon the night sky outside the banquet hall as her entire being shook with excitement.


Master Dongfang and Lan Yuge went into shock at the very same time. Then, their faces broke into pure joy as they excitedly directed their attention to the door.

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