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"This... High-level Martial Honor? Is he..."

The Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm!

Unexpectedly, someone other than the Palace Lord of the Courts of Hell had made a personal appearance. The Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm has arrived as well!

Heavens, the Dongfang family garners too much respect. Not only did they manage to invite the Three Great Authorities, even the most important figures have gathered here tonight.


Gu Shengxiao fiercely rose to his feet. His grim eyes shot towards the conceited looking man as he said, "Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm, I didn't think that you'd actually grace the Dongfang family with your presence. Unfortunately, if you plan on causing trouble here, don't blame me for my lack of courtesy!"

"Hehe," The Immortal Master chuckled softly. His eyes swept below him before finally landing on Gu Shengxiao's handsome face. He sneered, "If the Spirit Sect's Master was here, he would have the authority to speak to me. Unfortunately... You don't!"


The Immortal Master released his high-level Martial Honor aura and aimed it all at Gu Shengxiao like a hurricane.

However, Gu Shengxiao's expression did not change as he stood beneath the torrential winds. His handsome face was as grim as ever.


The Immortal Master was slightly taken aback. He withdrew his aura and fixed his gaze upon Gu Shengxiao.

"A high-level Martial Honor? I didn't think that you'd actually break through to a high-level Martial Honor. Now, you have some semblance of authority to speak to me."


A high-level Martial Honor?

The crowd went into shock. The initially silent crowd now began to whisper amongst one another under their breaths.

Every one of them was aware of what being a high-level Martial Honor meant. This Young Sect Master of the Spirit Sect has actually reached the rank of a high-level Martial Honor! This means that he was on the same level as the Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm.

However, it seems that Gu Shengxiao does not place any importance on the Immortal Master's words.

Gu Shengxiao's grim eyes stared coldly at the Immortal Master's arrogant visage. A cold light flashed in his handsome, chiseled face, "If you're here as a guest, the Dongfang family welcomes you. If you're here to cause trouble, then the Spirit Sect will not stand idly by."

"The same goes for me!"

The Lord of the Amethyst Underworld Palace slowly rose to his feet. A smile appeared on his handsome visage but his words sounded more like a warning, "The Dongfang family can be considered as my savior. If you even think of touching them, the Amethyst Underworld Palace will never condone it."

They have all heard of the feud between Gu Ruoyun and the Immortal Realm. So, no one believed that the Immortal Master of the Immortal Realm had simply come here just to pay his respects to Lan Yuge.

Clearly, one should beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts. They are sure to be ill-intentioned!

"Ha, ha, ha."

Suddenly, the Immortal Master laughed maniacally. His laughter pierced through the night sky and was filled with unbridled arrogance.

His inky black hair danced in the wild winds. When paired with that over-the-top laugh, it was an extremely terrifying sight.

"You've both gotten it wrong, I've come here today to send my regards to the Mistress of the Dongfang family. And another thing..." He paused, directing his sharp gaze towards Gu Ruoyun who had remained silent the entire time. He then spoke in a compelling manner, "Lady Gu, your powers and talents are indeed astounding. I've come here in regards to another matter."

"All of you know that the battle between this mainland and the demons will be arriving very soon. As such, I'm here to invite Lady Gu to join the Immortal Realm so that we can stand together and win the next battle."

Actually, since Gu Ruoyun has killed so many members of the Immortal Realm, the Immortal Master dearly wished that he could take this woman's life!

However, at the same time, to lose a genius of her caliber would be very unfortunate.

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