Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
729 Shifting The Blame 5
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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729 Shifting The Blame 5

Lin Jun was right. Once, Nan Xiao had run into danger and if it had not been for this little girl who had taken a knife for her, Nan Xiao would have ended up with a pretty heavy wound. It was for this very reason that Nan Xiao favored her even more.

If Lin Jun had been the one to make these claims, no one would ever have believed it.

Nan Xiao could also be considered as this little girl's surrogate mother so why would she discard her own Master's life for someone who had done nothing wrong to her?

This was impossible!

As such, the elders who had been demanding to see Wei Yiyi were silenced, unsure of what to think.

Rong Xin laughed coldly, "Now you should all know that my husband had been right! Wei Yiyi is truly a malicious villain! However, Wei Yiyi is currently under the Dongfang family's protection. We can't defeat her with our current level of power. As such, I've decided to merge the Medicine Order with the Immortal Realm! Only the Immortal Realm can aid us in our revenge!"


Hearing this, the elders were shocked. Ever since Rong Xin had taken over the Medicine Order, she had been trying to curry favor from the Immortal Realm. However, if the Medicine Order was to merge with the Immortal Realm, they would no longer have their freedom from then on.

This was not an outcome they wished to have at all.

"No, I reject this. The old Order Master had taken great pains to develop the Medicine Order independently. How can we now join another organization? I don't agree with this!"

"Elder Tianli, do you not want to save Nan Xiao?"

A light flashed in Rong Xin's eyes. She knew that if she proposed for them to join the Immortal Realm straightaway, she would be stopped by these old fellows.

Hence, she plotted against Nan Xiao and shifted the blame to Wei Yiyi. Only then would she be able to convince them.

"Junior Sister Nan Xiao is Master's only remaining blood relation. Even if you don't want to save her, I won't give up! Do you think I actually want to demote myself from an Order Master to the subordinate of another? All of this is for Junior Sister Nan Xiao's sake! Master has shown me such great kindness, how could I kick my benefactor in the teeth like Wei Yiyi? I'll bring Nan Xiao back alive even if I have to give up my own life!"

The elders fell silent once again when they heard this. 

Indeed, nothing else matters more than Nan Xiao's life right now even if it means giving up the entire Medicine Order. 

So, in the end, Elder Tianli lowered his head and muttered begrudgingly, "All shall be left to your decision, Order Master."

Rong Xin slowly raised the corners of her lips as a sneer pierced through her eyes swiftly. See, Wei Yiyi? No matter how much these old fellows refuse to believe that you would commit such a sin, I have ways to make them believe me.

As for Nan Xiao...

She had been operating against me in the dark all these years so it's about time for her to disappear.

Don't worry, once you're dead, I'll have Nan Xiao keep you company in hell! It's her fault for having the audacity to let you off!

"Meeting adjourned." Rong Xin spat, saying nothing more at the thought of this. 

She then exited the meeting room with a grin on her splendid features. Clearly, she was in a pretty good mood today.

Lin Jun also remained silent. His eyes shifted from Rong Xin's disappearing figure to the trembling young girl kneeling on the ground. His eyes darkened.

Rong Xin is truly cruel!

She would not even spare her own Master and Junior Sister from her violent acts of treachery. I can't guarantee that she won't turn around and bite me viciously in the back one day. It looks like I'll need to be wary of this woman. Otherwise, I'll end up like the old Order Master, unaware of how I have ended up dead...

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