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The sun was setting in the west and the afterglow of twilight illuminated the whole of Dongfang City.

At this moment, outside the Dongfang household's gate, a figure drenched in blood fell to the ground with a loud thud. A white muslin had been draped over her face but now, even the white muslin has been stained red with blood. She pleaded in a frail and weak voice, "Please report to Lady Gu, tell her... Wu Yue of the Medicine Order requests for an audience."

The two guards at the door jumped in fright. They looked at each other before one of them hurried off to inform Gu Ruoyun. 

In the blink of an eye, a figure dressed in green was led by the guard towards them, reaching Wu Yue in about three steps.

"Wu Yue!"

Gu Ruoyun was stunned and she furrowed her brows as she helped the woman on the ground to her feet. She then quickly gave her a pill, "What happened? What happened to you? Has something happened in the Medicine Order?" She asked.

"Cough, cough."

After swallowing the pill, Wu Yue's wounds healed rapidly. She coughed drily and raised her head towards Gu Ruoyun, "Lady Gu, something's happened to my Master. Is Senior Aunt Wei here?"

"Your Master? Nan Xiao?"

In truth, Gu Ruoyun had never met Nan Xiao in person. She only knew that she was Wei Yiyi's Junior Sister and was responsible for saving her life. Hence, she could not sit idly by and watch.

"It's not convenient here, let's talk inside."

Gu Ruoyun supported Wu Yue and walked towards the rear courtyard.

Normally, no one would disturb Gu Ruoyun in her quarters. As such, she released Wei Yiyi, who had been in the middle of cultivation, from Xiao Hei after closing her room's door. 

At the sight of Wu Yue, Wei Yiyi hurriedly stepped forward. Her features were filled with anxiety as she asked, "Wu Yue, what on earth has happened?"

"Senior Aunt Wei."

Once she laid eyes on Wei Yiyi, Wu Yue could no longer contain herself. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed, "It's Rong Xin. Rong Xin has wounded Master and taken her away. I risked my life to escape from under Master's protection! Senior Aunt, you must save my master. Rong Xin has long harbored a deep hatred for Master, she's certainly going to torture her to death!


Wu Yue fell to her knees on the ground as she pled and cried incessantly.

"Get up, quickly." Wei Yiyi swiftly helped Wu Yue to her feet as rage flashed across her charming face, "I had initially intended to make my way to the Medicine Order a few days after but I didn't think that Rong Xin would be so quick to act against Junior Sister Nan Xiao! Wu Yue, don't worry, I won't desert your master!"

Wei Yiyi quickly turned around to look at Gu Ruoyun, "My powers are nearly at the ideal level so I'd like to make a trip to the Medicine Order. This trip is not only to make Rong Xin pay but I have to help Nan Xiao as well! Nan Xiao is my master's daughter and she had saved me once before. I can't remain idle while her life hangs in the balance!"

Gu Ruoyun gently nodded, "Let's go, I'll come with you to the Medicine Order."

"Master?" Wei Yiyi was mildly stunned.

She had mentioned to Gu Ruoyun before that she would have her revenge on Rong Xin one day. However, she never expected Gu Ruoyun to personally accompany her when she returned to the Medicine Order!

Wei Yiyi's heart filled with gratitude at the thought of this. This woman is the one who has changed my life.

"A few days ago, my elder brother sent a letter from the Spirit Sect. The war between the demons and the mainland will begin in a few days time. They will be meeting at the Battlefield of Gods and Demons and has asked me to begin my journey there as soon as possible! In order to reach the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, I'll have to journey pass the Medicine Order. We should get this over and done with as soon as possible. This is the reason why I've decided to come along with you."

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