Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
731 The War Of Gods And Demons 2
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Evil Emperor is Wild Consort
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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731 The War Of Gods And Demons 2


Wei Yiyi nodded, "Should we leave now?"

"I'll say goodbye to my Maternal Grandfather and Grandmother first before meeting you at the Medicine Order."

Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin. Once these two matters are resolved, I should head to the East Peak Mainland after.

She did not delay at the thought of this and after saying goodbye to Master Dongfang and the others, she too headed towards the Medicine Order. Unfortunately, Gu Ruoyun and her party members had been one step too late. When they arrived in the Medicine Order, they found out that all the powerful figures of the Medicine Order had been transferred to the Immortal Realm!

In her rage, Wei Yiyi felt the urge to burn down the entire Medicine Order. In the end, however, she could not bear to let her old Order Master's hard work go to waste. Hence, she only destroyed the villainous Rong Xin and Lin Jun's room.

They then headed towards the Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

Since Rong Xin has joined the Immortal Realm, she would definitely make an appearance in the Demon War. 

Just as they were rushing towards the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the Immortal Realm suddenly issued a summons! It raised a powerful sensation on this mainland.

In order to defeat the demons, the Immortal Realm has called for a widespread meeting with the cultivators of the world. Regardless of whether one was weak or strong, as long as one joins the Immortal Realm, they can help push one to their strongest potential immediately. As such, countless people had flocked to the Immortal Realm all for the sake of obtaining that strong power.

Some of them held a grudge against the Dongfang family's power so they had joined the Immortal Realm without hesitation, hoping to use the Immortal Realm's power to help them stand up against the Dongfang family!

Meanwhile, in a dark room within the Immortal Realm, a voice sounded from the communications talisman in the Immortal Master's hands. The normally haughty Immortal Master's head was now bowed. Anybody's jaws would have dropped at his uncommon display of reverence.

"I'll give you an extension once again, bring that kid Gu Shengxiao to me. As for that little sister of his, she seems to be pretty talented so bring her to me as well! I don't have any desire for you to end up like the Gu family — useless to the core!"

If Second Master Gu, who was also Gu Ruoyun's uncle, had still been alive, he would definitely recognize that voice for it belonged to the person he had once helped to get rid of Gu Tian. 

"My Lord, please, give me a little more time. Gu Shengxiao has already broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Honor, it would be difficult to capture him now." The Immortal Master's tone of voice remained respectful and also carried a hint of flattery. It was hard to believe that this was the number one cultivator in the mainland, the Master of the Immortal Realm!

"Hmph! Stop giving me so many excuses! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm temporarily unable to make the journey here from the East Peak Mainland, Gu Shengxiao would have long become a part of my organs!" The voice was filled with anger, "That spineless wimp from the Gu family had caused me a lot of harm and brought me into this wretched state! Gu Tian was still alive and he had dared to lie to me by telling me Gu Tian had been murdered! However, not only is Gu Tian still alive, he has built a great organization and has been opposing me ever since! You'd better give me the Gu siblings soon! Otherwise, I will take your life away immediately!"

The Immortal Master's body trembled. He bowed and replied with a low voice, "Please don't worry, my Lord, I won't let you down. I'm now utilizing your method to help many people increase their powers. Now, the Gu siblings are no match for me."

"Hmph," That person scoffed and spoke coldly, "I hope it turns out that way. You'd better not be like Gu Tian's spineless little brother who had the audacity to lie to me! Fortunately, he's dead. Otherwise, I would grant him a fate worse than death. This is the price for deceiving me!"

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