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One should not underestimate the difference between a Martial Supreme and a high-level Martial Honor! As long as he has not grown out of this rank, there was no need for her to worry despite how invincible he was amongst other high-level Martial Honors!


Gu Shengxiao was stunned and he could only watch as the woman left. He did not know why but at this very moment, he suddenly believed that she could do it.

He trusts her abilities and judgment, perhaps they really have a shot at defeating this old man this time.

"Everyone, fall back."

The woman's clear and cold voice rang out on the battlefield, "Leave these people to me."


Everyone was in shock and were momentarily unable to come to terms with the situation.

Does she mean that she is going to challenge every Martial Honor enemy on her own? Especially with the one who was considered invincible amongst Martial Honors?!

"Let's fall back."

The Spirit Sect's Master glanced over at Gu Ruoyun and ordered everyone in the Spirit Sect to back away.

Everyone else fell silent for a moment but ultimately, they chose to listen to Gu Ruoyun's words. Soon, only Gu Ruoyun and the demons were left on the noisy battlefield.

"Chehehe." The old man cackled once again and stared creepily at Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, do you want to challenge all of us? When had the human race produced such a brainless person? It seems that it would be best if the mainland is taken over by the Celestial Spirit Clan."

As he spoke, the woman underneath him retained her calm expression. Her clear, cold features did not change. Then, the crowd watched as a purple cauldron suddenly appeared in the sky above her.

"What's that?"

Everyone stared in confusion at Gu Ruoyun, unable to comprehend what she was doing.

A cauldron?

Does she think that this cauldron could solve everything?

Just as everyone was beginning to doubt Gu Ruoyun's behavior, the floating cauldron suddenly grew bigger and bigger extremely quickly...

Everyone widened their eyes in shock. Even the demons were in a daze.



The cauldron suddenly rose to the highest point in the sky before smashing fiercely into the ground! The smash carved a deep chasm in the ground and the battlefield shook as if an earthquake had just occured. Some of them even lost their balance and fell sitting on the ground.

Soon, everything was peaceful once again. Gu Ruoyun put the Ancient Divine Pagoda back into storage and slowly rose to her feet. She then spoke with a calm look in her eyes, "It's finished, let's go."


As they heard her words, everyone's hearts trembled fiercely. It was a long time before they could return to their senses.

Had the cauldron crushed all the enemies to death?

The crowd gulped intensely, completely unable to believe what they had just seen.

Those headache-inducing demons, archenemies of all mankind, had been wiped out just like that?

"If she had used that cauldron during her battle with the Immortal Realm, would there be any opportunity for the Immortal Master to even speak?"

No one knew who had said this but the silent crowd immediately exploded into a cacophony of discussion, chattering over what they had just witnessed.

However, they knew that Gu Ruoyun probably would not have used the cauldron to smash the Immortal Master to the ground. Based on what the Immortal Master had done to her, she would not have possibly granted him such an easy death.

Smashing them to the ground with the cauldron would have been too easy.

"No wonder. No wonder she paid no heed to the Immortal Realm and had discarded all else to destroy the Immortal Realm. That's because she had such a powerful trump card! She has destroyed the demons in one day!"

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