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"Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed coldly. His eyes darted back and forth before he asked, "Do you know who this woman is? She knows that the Xia family has Supreme Jin's support yet she dares to act with such arrogance. I don't know if she's really that stupid or if another person is backing her. I'm going to send someone to investigate that woman's origins. If she doesn't have much power, we can just kill her off! As for that little boy, if Ling'er likes him, give him to her."

Xia Ming's gaze softened as he turned towards the little girl who was wailing pitifully in his arms.

"Anyone whom my precious baby daughter has taken a fancy to is very fortunate. Whoever Ling'er likes, no matter who it is, Daddy will snatch him back for you. Alright?"

Xia Chuling stopped crying and blinked at Xia Ming.

At this moment, she remembered Xiao Zixie's beautiful and adorable little face. She nodded, "Alright Daddy, snatch him back for me. But, will he like me?"

"Don't worry," Xia Ming smiled, "My Ling'er is loved by all. Anyone who sees Ling'er will like Ling'er instantly unless they're blind! So I believe that little boy must like Ling'er too. The only thing is, Ling'er is already so cute at such a small age. You'll definitely grow into a national beauty who brings the downfall of cities so his sister must have been jealous of Ling'er's looks. That's why she had refused to let him come home with Ling'er. As long as that woman is gone, he will follow Ling'er for sure."

Xia Chuling finally smiled happily.

Daddy is right! Ever since I was born, anyone who sees me will like me instantly. That boy will be no different! However, that woman is really vicious. Just because I'm cute, she's jealous of me and she won't let that little boy play with me. 

Why are there such women like her in the world? She's so evil, she'll definitely have a horrible death!

A vicious light flashed in young Xia Chuling's eyes as she secretly cursed Gu Ruoyun in her heart.

If Gu Ruoyun were here to witness this scene, she would certainly sigh and lament. Indeed, this was a classic situation of how a parents' character can influence their daughter's upbringing! With Xia Chuling following these people around, even though she was still very young, she already has a malicious heart.


Just then, a guard rushed right in and reported with reverence, "There's a woman named Gu Ruoyun who requests an audience."

Gu Ruoyun?

Xia Ming's heart trembled upon hearing that name. He furrowed his brows before quickly relaxing them.

Perhaps this is a coincidence?

There are many people in this world who have the same name but with a different surname so it must be a coincidence.

Xia Ming calmed himself at the thought and replied indifferently, "Have her wait in the hall. Xue'er, I want you and Lu Chen to come with me."


Xia Chuxue nodded and followed Xia Ming into the room.

In the hall, the woman in green was seated on a chair, sipping quietly on a cup of tea. She lowered her eyes, hiding the whirling emotions within her clear and cold gaze. However, her emotions became thoroughly energized when she caught sight of the middle-aged man who walked in from the courtyard.

I can never forget this face!

Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and suppressed her growing murderous intent before smiling serenely at Xia Ming.

"It's you!"

Lu Chen's eyes darkened at the sight of Gu Ruoyun. He exclaimed darkly, "Uncle Xia, this was the woman I had told you about. The boy that Ling'er fancies... He's her younger brother!"

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