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Xia Ming still retained his rationality at a time like this. If this were to continue, no one would be willing to marry his good-for-nothing daughter! Hence, he had quickly decided to entice Lu Chen to his side.

Xia Chuxue kept her cool. The hatred she feels towards Gu Ruoyun has long entered deep into her being. She lowered her gaze and said, "As you command, Father."

"Alright. Since that's the case, let's quickly organize the wedding. The wedding must be conducted in three days' time. We shall have to must humble ourselves this time and beg Gu Ruoyun to let him go."

"In three days' time? That's so soon!"

Xia Chuxue was a little shocked and she stared in astonishment at Xia Ming's handsome face.

"Did you think you could continue to drag this on? The longer you delay, the greater your powers will deplete. By then, Lu Chen will certainly see the truth of our situation. I've always known that Lu Chen had pursued you because of your status as the master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. If he finds out that you've become a good-for-nothing, he would certainly turn on his heel and leave. That man is that realistic!"

Nevertheless, who wasn't?

Xia Chuxue's mother was his one true love but between power and love, he would choose the former as he was a man. Otherwise, he would never have let his childhood sweetheart go and court Lady Mo instead.

During that fateful year, he would not have favored the concubine and done away with the wife if it had not been for the Oracle's predictions. He had even gone to great lengths to murder his own flesh and blood!

Therefore, after finding out that Xia Chuxue has become a good-for-nothing, the favor he had for her in his heart has diminished. On the contrary, he now wanted to squeeze the very last bit of value out of her!

"I understand."

Xia Chuxue lowered her head as she replied.

She had lowered her head so that no one could see the look on her face. If anyone had seen it, they would have immediately jumped in fright.

At this moment, Xia Chuxue's face was now twisted with rage and hatred. The space between her brows was filled with contempt. To her, this was all Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye's fault!

They had forced her into a marriage with a man she does not love!

It was also Xia Ming's fault as well! 

Would she have ended up in this predicament if he had not left first? Once she finds the Ancient Divine Pagoda, be it those two or Xia Ming, they would all pay for this!

Naturally, Xia Ming was unaware that his own daughter had already turned against him as well. Her heart dearly wished that she could make him disappear immediately!

"Alright, you can leave now. I'm going to think of how we can bring Lu Chen back."

Xia Ming waved his hand, closed his eyes and entered into deep thought.

Xia Chuxue lifted her head and looked at Xia Ming before leaving without another word.


At the Dragon and Phoenix Restaurant.

A man dressed in golden robes was sitting in front of a window in one of the private booths. He quietly looked out at the lively and bustling streets. Just then, the door swung open. He frowned and turned towards an elegant figure, dressed in white robes, who had just entered the room.

"Big Brother Jin."

Xia Chuxue stood in front of Supreme Jin and stared at the splendidly handsome man in gold. She pursed her lips tightly as a wave of grief flashed fleetingly across her eyes.

"What is it?" Supreme Jin's frown deepened. His voice was as cold as usual, "If you have no information on the Holy Doctor, there's no need to come and look for me."

"Big Brother Jin, have you not heard that a person who claims to be the Holy Doctor's disciple has appeared in the Imperial City?"

Xia Chuxue stared at Supreme Jin in confusion. She simply could not understand it, this was such big news yet why does this man act as if he had never heard of it?

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