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The Vermillion Bird was mad with rage. We have the dignified blood of the Divine Beasts flowing in our veins yet they had been oppressed by a tiny little human? This was an unforgivable sin! I'm not going to let that woman get away with it!

"Actually, I don't know where that woman is myself." Xia Ming's eyes darted back and forth as he spoke. "However, in three days, my young daughter will be getting married. I will invite that woman to attend my young daughter's wedding and you, Lord Vermillion Bird, may emerge and avenge your companions. Sigh, that poor white tiger had been beaten black and blue at that time and was gasping, dying for breath. I wanted to stop her but that woman said that she had to subdue the white tiger and that she was a trump card which could help to protect her from any attacks. So it was her prerogative to treat her in whatever way she wishes."

"The audacity of that damned girl!" The Vermillion Bird was angered beyond measure and its eyes were spitting fire, "To actually say that we spiritual beasts are trump cards and shields for her against any attack? This was exactly why I have refused to serve humans. It was because they hold this kind of mentality!"

In ancient times, spiritual beasts and humans had been comrades in battle. However, human cultivators began to treat spiritual beasts as only tools in battle. As time passed, all spiritual beasts would rather die than to serve humans.

Xia Ming was aware of this so he had purposely constructed those words.

"Not only that," A malicious smile flashed across Xia Ming's eyes before he quickly reverted back to his righteous and morally upright manner, "That woman had also managed to capture the Azure Dragon, that was how she had forced the White Tiger to submit to her! Even I, as a human, can't bear to watch this. Spiritual beasts are supposed to be our companions yet this human has treated spiritual beasts with such cruelty. Humans like these are not fit to be called humans, they're worst than beasts!"

His words struck a nerve at the bottom of the Vermillion Bird's heart. The Vermillion Bird nodded and suddenly felt as if this human was not as hateful as the rest.

At least he had used the word 'companion'!

Amongst the hearts of humans, not many would consider spiritual beasts as their companions!

"Kid, when that woman appears, call me. I will come out immediately and destroy her!" Each time the Vermillion Bird thought of how that person had treated the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger with such cruelty, its body would tremble with anger. "Furthermore, I will make her understand that we spiritual beasts will never be satisfied with becoming weapons of war for humans!"

"Alright, I'll wait for you when that time comes, Lord Vermillion Bird."

Xia Ming then lowered his head and the corners of his lips curled into a smile.

This Divine Bird has been around for such a long time yet its heart is still too naive. I really can't comprehend how it had managed to stay alive for such a long time. It would believe whatever anyone says! Does it not understand the concept of 'humans have sinister hearts'?

Furthermore, Xia Ming has his reasons for planning this to happen during his daughter's wedding. He wants to create a sensation!

Otherwise, the Little Princess would definitely report everything which has happened today to the Emperor of Drifting Wind Country. By then, they might not be able to count on Supreme Jin so he had no choice but to utilize this trump card to intimidate the Emperor! This was to ensure that He would have some degree of fear towards the Xia family!

At the tavern.

Gu Ruoyun had just returned to her room when, not long after, an invitation card was delivered to her.

"Mm?" Gu Ruoyun mildly raised her brow and flipped the invitation card open. When she saw the two names on the invitation card, she could not help but smile, "Xia Chuxue and Lu Chen are getting married? However, Lu Chen is still in my hands. I wonder... How are they planning to get married? Zixie, what do you make of this?"

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