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Lu Chen laughed maniacally. Whenever he remembered how much he had given up, he would feel as if ants were crawling and biting his heart. It was an agonizing pain that he could not bear.

Xia Ming's expression has changed completely, even his grip on Qiu Na's neck was loosening. He glared murderously at Lu Chen.

It was true that Xia Ming had been responsible for poisoning old Master Xia to death! However, not even Xue'er or her mother had known of this so how had Lu Chen found out?

"Hehe, you must be curious as to how I had found out about this?" Lu Chen sneered, "If I did not have some information which I could use against you, would I have been able to stay in this doomed petition for so long? Xia Ming, if you don't want anybody to find out about your sins, don't do it in the first place. I will now announce how you had murdered old Master Xia to the world! Let everyone bear witness to your deceitful face, Xia Ming. This is the price your Xia family shall pay for deceiving me for all these years!"

Lu Chen could not believe that Xia Ming had been unaware of the fact that Xia Chuxue was not the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

It was possible that he was not aware of Qiu Na's adultery, thought Lu Chen. Otherwise, he would never have behaved so lovingly to a b*stard daughter. However, Xia Ming was most certainly aware of the person who was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!

Hence, Lu Chen would burn with rage each time he thought of how everyone in the Xia family had collaborated to deceive him!

If it had not been for this scam, perhaps I would have long taken Xia Ruoyun as my wife. Knowing Xia Ruoyun's level of talent, her evolution into a Martial Supreme was only a matter of time.


Just then, a powerful force exploded and crashed into Xia Ming's body, causing him to stumble back. Just as he raised his head in anger, he heard a clear and cold voice coming from above his head.

"It was you who had murdered old Master Xia?"

The woman's eyes were completely frigid. Her gaze was so cold that there was not even one shred of emotion on her face. The woman's body was enveloped with murderous intent, causing his heart to panic.


Suddenly, he burst into laughter. His laughter echoed throughout the noisy main foyer and sounded absolutely terrifying.

"Since you've all found out about this, then no one shall be leaving today."

He slowly rose to his feet as an eerie smile appeared on the corners of his lips, "As long as you all die, the world will ever find out about this and I, Xia Ming, will remain a magnanimous and genuine nobleman!"

Hearing this, everyone assumed that Xia Ming had gone mad with rage.

After all, the Holy Doctor and Supreme Jin were both Martial Supremes, how on earth does he expect to defeat them both?

"Hahaha!" Bai Zhongtian laughed maniacally and asked disdainfully, "I'd like to see what method you would use to kill all of us here."

"Bai Zhongtian, you've only caused trouble for the Xia family all these years so the first person that I shall not spare is you!" A murderous intent flashed across Xia Ming's eyes before he suddenly cried out to the skies, "Lord Vermillion Bird, please help me destroy these people!"

Vermillion Bird?

Gu Ruoyun was stunned. Before she could return to her senses, she heard a long howl from beneath the skies. It sounded like ten thousand stampeding horses rushing towards them. Some who were at a slightly lower level of power immediately felt suffocated.

"Who is Gu Ruoyun? Bring her to me!"


An angry roar sounded, followed by a blazing flame that rained down from the skies into the main foyer immediately.

An enormous firebird, whose entire body was lit with a blazing flame, was in the air above them. Each flap of its wings sounded like the huffing sound of the wind. Its swift gaze swept across every face in the crowd with a domineering air.

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