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"You say that you want Yu'er to serve you?" Gu Ruoyun's eyes moved back and forth before resting on the man in grey. Her voice was clear, cold and light yet it carried a thick sense of coercion, "Besides, he also has to please you, is that so?"

The man in grey shivered and his expression filled with anxiety. He immediately dashed hurriedly towards the courtyard door nearby. Nervousness has begun to take over his heart.

Didn't Huang Feifei say that all we needed to do was to provoke her and that she would take care of the rest? Why hasn't she arrived yet?

Of course, Gu Ruoyun could see the look on his face very clearly and she also caught sight of his eyes darting towards the door. She curled her lips gently as she spoke, "Are you waiting for Huang Feifei's people to save you? Unfortunately, no matter who arrives today, you'll have to pay the price for everything you've said!"


Gu Ruoyun's fist landed fiercely on the man in grey's chest. Instantly, the man in grey flew out of the way and crashed heavily inside the courtyard. Fresh blood splattered continuously from out of his mouth, making him look absolutely horrifying. 

Just as he raised his fearful gaze, a leg landed heavily against his chest. That assault caused him to spit even more blood and he nearly breathed his last.

Dragons always have their reversed scale!

Gu Ruoyun's reversed scales are her loved ones!

It did not matter whether this was Huang Feifei's trap, she did not mind stepping into the trap herself.

"Since Huang Feifei wants to use you, you can relax, I'll let you be used to your ultimate potential."

Gu Ruoyun giggled.

Huang Feifei knows her level of power but she had asked such weaklings to approach her. The whole world knows her intention but Gu Ruoyun was not willing to bow to her.


Gu Ruoyun struck once again and the man in grey spat out another mouthful of blood. He now looked extremely pale as he stared in terror at the delicate features on her face.

"You... You're acting out in the Medicine Sect's territory, aren't you afraid of the consequences?" 

The man in grey had used a great amount of effort just to complete that question.

Gu Ruoyun turned around and looked at him, "Since I'm bold enough to do this, it already proves that I'm not afraid of the Medicine Sect."

The man in grey trembled violently and his face instantly turned ashen.

Even though he was a pervert, he was good at reading people's intentions. He could see very clearly that Gu Ruoyunw was speaking the truth! This woman's eyes show no sign of fear and all there was, was confidence.

Perhaps, this time, they have truly kicked a hot iron!

At this moment, the man in grey suddenly hoped that Huang Feifei would not make any other move. Otherwise, if she truly angers this woman, the entire Medicine Sect might end up being burnt to the ground!

However, a sudden cry shattered all hope in his heart and killed all of his optimism.

"Gu Ruoyun, how dare you openly commit such thuggery in the Medicine Sect?! You simply place no importance on the Medicine Sect at all! Guards, surround this woman and inform the Sect Master as well as my father so that they can come and serve justice!"

A woman in yellow robes slowly stepped forward. Her lips were curled into a sneer as she stared disdainfully at Gu Ruoyun.

Even though Elder Huang had promised Huang Feifei that he would obtain the position of the Medicine Sect's Sect Master, Huang Feifei does not wish to let Gu Ruoyun live on for so long. She then planned to get rid of this eyesore of a woman herself.

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