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Elder Feng?

Bai Zhongtian wrinkled his brows and turned to face the countless guests behind him. His was slightly startled upon seeing who they were.

If my senses are in order, these people hold great power within their bodies. Even their maidservants are extremely powerful! On this entire mainland, there's only one place that contains so many powerful cultivators.

Bai Zhongtian took a deep breath at that thought and spoke with a stern look in his eyes, "Ladies and gentlemen, if my guess is right, you must be from the First City's Wind Valley?"

The man whom Huang Chuan had addressed as Elder Feng glanced at Bai Zhongtian when he heard those words. However, when he sensed Bai Zhongtian's power, a hint of disdain flashed across his eyes.

Nonetheless, he did not show his disdain at all. His elderly voice remained stern and severe as he stood behind the woman in green like a revered god of war.

"That's right," The woman in green smiled gently. Her behavior was elegant and graceful with no sign of arrogance at all, "We are from Wind Valley. We heard that someone from the Medicine Sect has uncovered a pill formula so we wanted to come by and join in on the fun. I wonder if the Medicine Sect's Master would welcome us?"

As she spoke, her gaze turned to look at a patch of the sky not too far away. Her beautiful eyes were filled with smiles and her voice was like a Black-naped Oriole, clear and moving. It was an indulgence to listen to her speak.

"Hahaha, Eldest Lady Feng Xiaoxiao of Wind Valley, you certainly have a sharp wit. Since you've all personally made an appearance, why should I refuse your presence?"

A bout of loud laughter pierced through the air. Soon, they all saw the Medicine Sect's Master, Gao Lin, slowly appearing out of thin air. The meaning behind his choice of words was obvious, he was implying that they were all uninvited guests.

"Feng Xiaoxiao?"

Bai Zhongtian shuddered. Even though he had never been to the First City, he still has some measure of understanding towards the powers within the First City. Feng Xiaoxiao was the Lord of Wind Valley's daughter and has become the Young Valley Lord at a very young age. The full measure of her power was a profound mystery. 

He did not expect Feng Xiaoxiao to personally show up as the representative of Wind Valley!

This time, it looks like it would no longer be so easy to obtain the Northern Block Territory!

Even though the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley does not have a lot of interest in the territories outside her city, she would certainly be interested in pill formulas. Besides, based on Feng Xiaoxiao's exclamation, their objective here was definitely for the sake of the pill formula!

"Sect Master, you are too kind." Feng Xiaoxiao smiled and she did not show any anger towards Gao Lin's rude words. She maintained a warm smile on her beautiful face which was as gentle as a spring breeze, "This time, I've indeed arrived uninvited. It's really all because of that pill formula, it's simply too alluring to me. I had no choice but to thicken my skin and make a trip to the Medicine Sect as a guest for the sake of that pill formula."

Initially, Gao Lin had a few more things he wanted to say but after hearing Feng Xiaoxiao's words, he began to feel embarrassed and was momentarily unable to speak up.

"Hmph!" Bai Zhongtian, however, paid no attention to the power of Wind Valley. He scoffed icily as he said, "I don't care what the Wind Valley's objectives are, Huang Chuan had bullied my disciple so I won't let him off so easily!"

Huang Chuan was Wind Valley's spy in the outside world. This was not really a secret amongst the members of the Medicine Sect so when he heard Bai Zhongtian's words, Elder Feng furrowed his brows and sent an ugly look towards Bai Zhongtian.

"Huang Chuan is a member of Wind Valley. If you wish to lay your hands on him, you would need to ask our permission!"

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