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Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as she stared at Elder Feng's confident expression, "You're not a Pill Master so even if I become your disciple, you won't be able to teach me anything. Likewise, even if you do become a Pill Master, I won't be your disciple either."

Gu Ruoyun's response calmed Elder Feng down and a light flashed in his cloudy eyes.

"Little girl, one should not make such a statement too hastily. You may say that I can't be a Pill Master but I'll prove you wrong! When that time comes, let me know if you change your mind!"

Isn't this little girl unwilling to become my disciple because I'm not a Pill Master at this point? Just wait until I become a Pill Master, she probably won't have any objections then and would even ask to become my disciple!

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and did not say much else. However, her half-smile made Elder Feng feel very uncomfortable! He resolved that he would make this little girl regret her rude and impetuous rejection!

The crowd stared as Elder Feng took a deep breath and clutched the pill formula in his hand. He then headed to the medicinal cauldron which had been placed at the center of the plaza. At this moment, his elderly features no longer displayed his previous arrogance, his face was now utterly solemn.

"After this, I'll refine a pill from this pill formula. However, this is my first time refining a pill so it's possible that I may not have complete control based on my level of power. Therefore, I'd like to ask Bai Zhongtian and Gao Lin to come to my side and help me!"

Elder Feng swept his eyes towards the crowd below before resting his gaze upon the Holy Doctor and Gao Lin.

Amongst all the attendees, the two of them were pretty powerful and only they would have the right qualities to assist Elder Feng!

Bai Zhongtian furrowed his brows and subconsciously turned towards Gu Ruoyun. When the crowd noticed the expression on his face, they were all filled with doubt. Why would the Holy Doctor ask for his disciple's opinion?

Even if this woman was lucky enough to obtain such a powerful spiritual beast, that does not mean that her power and medical skill would surpass the Holy Doctor's! Yet, the Holy Doctor would consult her at a time like this.

"Go ahead," Gu Ruoyun patted Bai Zhongtian's shoulder as she raised her brow and said, "Nothing will happen as long as I'm around."

These words dispelled the worries from Bai Zhongtian's heart.

After all, this little girl has the Ancient Divine Pagoda in the palm of her hands. Her words prove that no danger would come to him once he was in the pill refinement process! Even if anything bad were to happen, she would stop it in time!

Bai Zhongtian chuckled at the thought, "Since Elder Feng has extended an invitation to us, how can we refuse? Besides, there hasn't been a Pill Master on this mainland for so many years. If I could join in on the pill refining process, I'd have something to show off about in the future!"

After saying his piece, he no longer hesitated as he leaped across the crowd in front of him and arrived next to Elder Feng.

When Gao Lin saw how Bai Zhongtian has already joined in, he did not delay any further as well as he hurriedly made his way to the center of the plaza.

The entire plaza was now completely silent. It was so silent that one could hear the sound of a leaf falling to the ground.

All eyes were fixed upon the three elders in the middle of the plaza. Even their breathing has grown anxious.

Though there was no way they could join the pill refinement process, they were lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness the birth of a pill! This was something that every doctor on the mainland has been yearning to see for over ten thousand years.

"Gao Lin, give me that medicinal herb. Bai Zhongtian, I want you to do as I say."

Elder Feng's eyes were filled with a serious air as he delegated the tasks in a low voice.

After giving those orders, he began to refine the pill as the crowd watched...

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