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What on earth has happened?

"Wind Valley? Haha, Huang Feifei, are you unaware that Wind Valley has abandoned your father? Are you still hoping that they would stand up for your father now?" One disciple burst into laughter and spoke in a voice dripping with disdain, "In the Medicine Sect, Elder Huang's era is over. You, Huang Feifei, are no longer the Eldest Lady of the Medicine Sect! Only the Lord Sect Master has the power to make decisions and you want to cause harm to Grand Master Gu!"

"That's right, what kind of person is Grand Master Gu that an idiot like you can shout at her in such a manner? Huang Feifei, go back to the urinal and take a good look at your reflection. Perhaps if you saw how you looked like right now, you'd have the urge to pound your own head to death!"

"You want to avenge Elder Huang? That's fine. Let me tell you this, each one of us in the Medicine Sect should have beaten Elder Huang up! Not only has he offended Grand Master Gu, he had even tried to usurp the Sect Master's position. We won't kill him so easily just yet, we'll let him live for now so we can slowly torture him!"

Wait a minute!

Grand Master Gu?

Suddenly, Huang Feifei caught on to the phrase and responded sluggishly, "What 'Grand Master Gu'? I've never met this Grand Master Gu! I've never offended him, have you all made a mistake?"

"Hehe," Lin Yi sneered and replied with contempt, "Gu Ruoyun is Grand Master Gu! Oh, that's right, I forgot that the Sect Master had not allowed you to join the general meeting at all so you aren't aware of the situation. Gu Ruoyun is Grand Master Gu! Elder Feng of Wind Valley had failed to refine the pill but Grand Master Gu had managed to successfully refine it instead! Furthermore, Elder Feng had previously made a promise that if Grand Master Gu was actually able to refine the pill, he would ask her to be his Master instead! Eldest Lady Feng Xiaoxiao has even invited Grand Master Gu to become the Chief Pill Master of Wind Valley. Do you really think that Wind Valley is going to stand up for you two now? Stop joking around!"


These words were like a flash of lightning on a clear day and struck Huang Feifei into a daze.

Elder Feng had failed to refine the pill? Yet... Gu Ruoyun had succeeded instead?


That's impossible!

I won't believe this!

This woman can't possibly have this kind of talent. It's a lie, these people are trying to trick me!

Huang Feifei screamed maniacally, "Lin Yi, this woman must have seduced you which is why you're now helping her! Haha, how could she possibly have the ability to refine pills? Stop lying to me, I don't believe your words!"


Lin Yi kicked Huang Feifei once again and fiercely knocked her a few steps back. He then sneered, "Huang Feifei, is Grand Master Gu someone that you can humiliate? If you don't believe me, you can ask everyone else here. All of us can serve as witnesses!"

Huang Feifei was shaken. She stared at the look of disdain on every face in the crowd and staggered back before landing with her butt down on the ground.

Her heart felt as if it was being torn to shreds at this moment. She glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun with her bloodshot eyes as if she wanted to carve a few bloody cavities on her body!

I really can't understand how this woman has managed to run into such good luck to actually manage to refine a pill in such a timely manner! Otherwise, those people from Wind Valley would never treat my father this way! All of this is her fault!

Even now, Huang Feifei still refuses to face her own sins and continued to push all of the blame onto Gu Ruoyun's head.

Especially since the impish yet beautiful man that she has fallen for was now standing right next to Gu Ruoyun. This made her feel even more dissatisfied! If only her father had managed to successfully gain the position to become the Medicine Sect's Sect Master, this man would be kissing her feet by now.

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