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"By the way, my name is Ye Ying and I'm the Leader of the World Destruction Mercenaries. This is Gu Lan. May I ask who you are?" Ye Ying asked as he looked at Gu Ruoyun. He had lifted the corners of his lips into a dashing angle and had spoken in a magnetic voice.

"My name is Gu Ruoyun. This is my younger brother, Xia Linyu."

She rubbed her nose and raised her head to face the group before her. However, she clearly noticed a strange look in their eyes when she turned to look at them.

She was shocked by their reaction.

Is there something wrong with my name? she wondered.

"Miss, your name is Gu Ruoyun?" Ye Ying stared at her with a strange look in his eyes as he asked.

Gu Ruoyun blinked. He's asking to clarify if this is my name?

"That's right, my name is Gu Ruoyun. Is there a problem?"

The members of the World Destruction Mercenaries looked at each other when they heard this. The strange look on their faces increased in intensity as they stared disdainfully at Gu Ruoyun.

"Haha," Ye Ying laughed and patted Gu Ruoyun's shoulder as he said, "Actually, it's nothing much. It's just that you share the same name with a famous figure so I had repeated the question out of curiosity."


Do I share the same name with a famous figure? How am I not aware of a famous figure who also has the same name as me?

"May I ask, this famous figure you've mentioned is..."

"Are you not aware?" Ye Ying was flabbergasted. He was clearly shocked that Gu Ruoyun was actually ignorant of this matter, "Two months ago, something happened during the Medicine Sect's general meeting. They said that the Holy Doctor's disciple, Gu Ruoyun, had managed to successfully refine a pill. At that time, a physician from the Northern Block Territory had also been present at the general meeting. When that physician returned, everyone in the Northern Block Territory knows of this name."


Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and looked exasperated.

When on earth did I become so famous?

I wasn't surprised that Old Man Jiang had known of this. After all, he holds a rather high position so he would need to have some clear understanding of the news outside the Northern Block Territory. However, I never expected everyone in the Northern Block Territory to know my name now!

"Furthermore, ever since the world knows about Gu Ruoyun's name, many in the Northern Block Territory have started to use that name to swindle others. My enemies, the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries, had been once fooled as well. It has caused them to go into a rage at the very mention of that name."

Ye Ying laughed before continuing, "However, I do believe that this is really your name! I can also see that you have no idea of the incident in the Medicine Sect's general meeting."

Ye Ying did not think that the Gu Ruoyun standing before him and that rising star was the same person!

After all, what possible reason would the Holy Doctor's disciple have to make an appearance in the Nemesis Forest all on her own? With her current reputation, she only needs to say the word and many would send her an escort.

Hence, it was more likely to him that the woman in green before him merely shares the same name with that celebrity.

Gu Ruoyun blinked and looked rather astonished.

Not only has my name shocked the whole of Northern Block Territory, there are many people impersonating me as well?


Unconsciously, Gu Ruoyun felt a chill. Suddenly, she felt the need to change her name in the Northern Block Territory...

Otherwise, forget about finding the herbs for Xia Linyu, all sorts of other trouble would come her way!

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