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"Let me guess, are you guys from Wind Valley or the Lin family?" Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and laughed icily as she said, "If my guess is correct, you're from the Lin family! The Eldest Lady of Wind Valley would not be so stupid to send people to capture me here. However, it goes without saying that you're far more composed compared to the last time. You've even sent Martial Saints along as well!"

The Lin family from First City were the ones who had plotted to capture my older brother and caused my parents' separation!

They're also the reason why Father has been working so hard!

"Gu Ruoyun, how dare you!" The middle-aged man scoffed icily as he stared domineeringly down at her. "Previously, the members of the Lin family had extended an invitation to you as a guest in our Lin household. Instead, you had collaborated with Grand Lord Hong Lian and murdered the Lin family members! This is a debt that the Lin family shall collect from you sooner or later! However, the Lin family has always practiced returning good for evil. We will give you a chance to atone for your sins. As long as you follow us back to the Lin family home, we'll spare your life!" 

Gu Ruoyun laughed.

Her smile was filled with an icy chill and it further enraged the middle-aged man.

"You want me to follow you back to the Lin family home?" Gu Ruoyun smirked as replied. Her eyes were clear and cold as she continued, "Then what? Use me as a means to threaten my father? Do you think that I'd do as you say? Besides, it seems that First City has its own set of rules. Cultivators at the rank of Martial Saint and above aren't allowed to leave First City without permission. Aren't you afraid that those people from First City would punish the Lin family for shirking the rules like that?"

The middle-aged man's face was ashen. The Lin family had to do this was because they had no other way.

Grand Lord Hong Lian's power was growing far too quickly! If they want to eliminate him now, they would need to send out half of the Lin family's powerful cultivators! However, if they really were to mobilize that many Lin family cultivators, it was likely that they would be stopped even before they could step out from First City.

Hence, he had to represent the cultivators of the Lin family and capture Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter!

However, upon leaving First City, he never thought that he would hear a rumor about how this woman was a Pill Master! If that was the case, the Lin family seriously needs to get rid of the father and daughter pair more than ever now. Otherwise, the Lin family's doomsday would arrive very soon!

"Little girl, let me offer a bit of advice, don't retaliate unnecessarily. That trouble-making father of yours has constantly antagonized the Lin family. The Lin family had always shown mercy by allowing him to drag out an ignoble existence for so many years. We've already shown him so much benevolence! After this, don't blame us for being discourteous!"

"Showing mercy? Drag out an ignoble existence? Are you certain that you're talking about the Lin family and my old man?" Gu Ruoyun replied as she chuckled softly. Her smile was extremely calm but when her voice rang in everyone's ears, they could clearly hear her disdain.

"Based on what I do know, the Lin family has been trying to eliminate my father for many years now. However, it was to no avail as they were simply too weak. Not only had they allowed my father to escape, they've let him grow to the rank that he is today! If it wasn't for the fact that you can't do anything about my father, you wouldn't have needed to come and look for me! Only, it's just too bad. I, Gu Ruoyun, may not be able to go up against so many of you but if I want to escape, there hasn't been anyone who's been able to intercept me!"


The middle-aged man burst into laughter and exclaimed with a scornful look on his face, "Little girl, as humans, it's best not to act with such savagery. With so many of the Lin family members surrounding you, do you really think that you can escape? If we do let you get away, we won't have the right to stay in First City anymore."

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