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Housekeeper Zhang's heart was deeply moved. He had initially thought that he would not be of much use anymore after the Northern Block Territory has changed hands. However, he never expected Gu Ruoyun to ask him to stay and continue working as the housekeeper.

How could he disappoint her trust in him?

"Since you've made your decision, Miss Gu, I won't argue. Even though I don't have much power, I have mingled around here for many years. No one else is better versed on the matters concerning the Northern Block Territory."

"Good." Gu Ruoyun smiled. "From now on, everything inside and outside the Medicine Manor shall be left to your care, Housekeeper Zhang. Zixie, let's head to our rooms."

Zixie glanced at the respectful-looking Housekeeper Zhang before he followed Gu Ruoyun to the room without another word.

"Little girl, do you wish to subdue the whole of Northern Block Territory or build your own organization?"

In the room, Zixie minded his own business by first pouring a cup of tea. His lowered and hoarse voice carried a sense of wickedness as he asked his question.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and laughed gently. However, she did not reply to his question. Instead, she unleashed Wei Yiyi and the others who had been in the midst of cultivation within Xiao Hei. Of course, the Vermillion Bird immediately protested wildly so Gu Ruoyun had thrown her out of the Ancient Divine Pagoda as well.

"Finally, I get the chance to appear!" said the Vermillion Bird as she looked absolutely delighted. However, when she sensed the crowd in the room, her smile froze in place. "Master, isn't it a little too crowded here?" she whined woefully.

Gu Ruoyun's gaze moved from the Vermillion Bird's pouty little face towards Wei Yiyi. "Wei Yiyi, I'll leave you to manage the Medicine Manor for the time being. If anyone wants to see me, please inform them that I won't be receiving any guests."

Wei Yiyi was shocked. "What about the Jiang family and the Gu family?" she asked.

"I won't see them."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as a light flashed in her eyes.

While it was true that she would not receive the Master of the Jiang family in the Medicine Manor, she could still seek him out at the Jiang family's residence...

"The average citizen would not know about my journey to the Medicine Manor. However, those mid-tier forces must know it very well. I won't be seeing anyone personally. When the time comes, I will choose a date and summon all the leaders of the powerful forces in the Northern Block Territory! By then, I will subdue the whole of Northern Block Territory in one stroke."

Before that time comes, she will not reveal herself!

She knows that she will only be able to find the medicinal herbs that Yu'er needs at a faster pace when she has united the Northern Block Territory.

Wei Yiyi nodded before asking, "Master, may I ask if you've chosen a date?"

"In about half a month." Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she continued, "If I want the leaders of the other forces to rush to the Main City, even a Martial Supreme would need half a month's time at best. I'll give them half a month's time. You can now issue an anouncement that I will be holding a banquet in the Medicine Manor in half a month's time! Everyone who has reached the Martial Supreme rank must attend! Before that time comes, I won't be receiving anyone!"

Even if this was for Xia Linyu, subduing the Northern Block Territory was something that she absolutely had to do!


Wei Yiyi joined her fists, accepted the order and walked away.

The Vermillion Bird's large, quick-witted eyes darted back and forth before she exclaimed in a domineering voice, "Master, her powers are so weak that she can't possibly make those people surrender! Why don't I go with her? I guarantee that no one will dare to cause trouble for the Medicine Manor then."

What a joke!

Who is the Vermillion Bird? I'm a majestic Divine Beast! Those are merely a group of Martial Supreme humans. With me, the Vermillion Bird around, who would dare act with impudence?

Gu Ruoyun thought for a bit and found the Vermillion Bird's suggestion to be quite rational. She nodded and replied, "Alright, both you and Wei Yiyi will take care of this matter. I won't entertain anyone who visits the Medicine Manor!"

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