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Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently when she heard the Great Elder's exaggerated laughter. She already knows that this would be the outcome once anyone said those words!

This was the reason why she had not bothered to explain herself when Bai Yin had slandered her the first time.

Besides, be it Bai Yin or the members of the Lan family, they were nothing more than jumping little clowns in her eyes. She never paid any attention to them.

The Vermillion Bird's expression changed. She never thought that these people would doubt her words!

"My Master has always been Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter. She holds Grand Lord Hong Lian's token in her hands. Everything I've said is true!"

"Token?" The Great Elder laughed curtly. "Grand Lord Hong Lian's token is in Emissary Bai Yin's possession. Perhaps the one in your hands is a fake! I will never believe that Grand Lord Hong Lian has a daughter unless he was to announce it personally!"

Gu Ruoyun's identity was not considered to be a secret in the Red Lotus Territory and only Bai Yin, who had escaped a long time ago, was not aware of this.

However, Grand Lord Hong Lian has incurred countless enemies. Aside from the Lin family of First City, he has many other rival forces! To prevent them from causing trouble for Gu Ruoyun, he had this a secret.

However, he never thought that his concealment of this fact would result in Gu Ruoyun's current situation.


Gu Ruoyun noticed how the Vermillion Bird was about to continue her argument with those people and calmly cut her off. She then spoke in a clear and cold voice, "Let them say whatever they want to say. Why waste your spit on them? There's no use in doing that."

The Vermillion Bird still felt rather unsatisfied. However, she did not dare to oppose Gu Ruoyun's order and could only suppress her fiery rage.

Old Man Jiang gaped, burning with questions. At that moment, Gu Ruoyun turned to face him and gently nodded.

This one action answered all of Old Man Jiang's questions!

Instantly, he felt as if a stroke of lighting had flashed across the top of his head, stunning him on the spot.

Old Man Gu was also just as stunned. The two looked at each other and saw the shock in each other's eyes! They simply never thought that Gu Ruoyun was actually Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter!

No wonder this girl was so abnormal. Who else but that big abnormality could possibly produce a small abnormality like her?

The funniest thing was, they had previously decided that if Grand Lord Hong Lian was really going to trouble the little girl, they would ensure her safety no matter what as a token of their gratitude for saving their lives.

However, they never thought that the two would actually turn out to be father and daughter. As her father, why would Grand Lord Hong Lian possibly want to hurt his own daughter?

Old Man Jiang slowly exhaled as the corners of his lips carried a bitter smile. It was obvious that Gu Ruoyun has truly shocked him today. His heart, which had been stretched for many days, finally relaxed.

"I will settle my grudge against the Lan family in the future." Gu Ruoyun turned and glanced at Lan Shao before she looked back at the crowd and said, "Now, I have other announcements to make."

"You all know who I am. I have completed my duties in the Medicine Sect during their general meeting so the Medicine Sect had given the Northern Block Territory to me as a gift. From now on, I shall be the Grand Lord of the Northern Block Territory!"

Her clear and cold voice slowly echoed throughout the crowd, silencing the entire hall.

The meaning behind Gu Ruoyun's words was obvious.

I am the Grand Lord of the Northern Block Territory so, from now on, the Northern Block Territory shall only listen to my orders alone! All of you shall serve me and become my subordinates.

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