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The black-robed man pulled his hand out as he stared coldly at the cultivator while a chilly light enveloped his black mask.

His lips were gently pursed but he did not say a word at all.

Elder Mei's eyes instantly widened as she stared at the black-robed man who had killed another without any sign of mercy. Her voice shook as she asked, "What are you doing? Are you here for the inheritance as well?"

This was the only thing that Elder Mei could think of!

If it had not been for the sake of the inheritance, why would he have killed someone in cold blood? As for Gu Ruoyun... That was completely impossible. She simply does not believe that this woman would have any connection to such a powerful man. If they were acquainted, she definitely does not need to gain the Second Young Master of Wind Valley's favor at all.

The black-robed man remained silent.

In Elder Mei's heart, his silence verified her question.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Let's join forces. Perhaps if we work together and fight him, even if it's no use, it's better than sitting here and waiting for our deaths."

Honestly speaking, Elder Mei does not want to fight the black-robed man but it seems like she does not have any other choice now.

If she does not kill him, she would never be able to obtain the inheritance!


Elder Yun's voice sank as she issued the order.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In that instant, everyone pulled out their weapons and faced the black-robed man.


A great wind rose and his black robes danced in the wind. The man lifted his grim eyes as he stared at the crowd charging toward him. A murderous intent then flashed in his eyes.

Just as the group was about to reach him, his power exploded like a flood. The group did not even have time to react before their bodies were flung fiercely out of the way. Blood splattered out from their mouths and their faces turned extremely pale.

It was clear that the man's power had surpassed their imagination.

"This isn't good!" Elder Mei's expression changed several times. She quickly retreated as her eyes filled with an eerie light. "Elder Yun, this man is too powerful. We're no match for him unless our Sect Master was here. Only then will we stand a chance against him!"

Elder Yun did not reply. She looked at the black-robed man in front of them and thought for a moment before saying, "Elder Mei, let's give up on the inheritance."


Elder Mei's expression drained of color. Their objective in coming here was for the sake of the inheritance. Now, after giving so much, this was the conclusion they would receive? How could she accept that?

"No, I don't want to give up! I must have that inheritance!"

Her eyes turned red as she screamed maniacally.

"Elder Mei!" Elder Yun quickly pulled Elder Mei back and knitted her willowy brows. "The inheritance is indeed very important but at the end of the day, it's not as important as our lives. Also, for the remaining Charm Sect members, we should also let it go! As long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood. We will have the chance for vengeance in the future!"

Give up on the rest of the Charm Sect members?

Elder Mei stared at Elder Yun in astonishment. Was she saying that they should both run away and abandon the rest of the Charm Sect members?

How could Elder Yun say such a thing?

Instantly, a cold and chilly sensation rose in Elder Mei's heart.

Even though she was typically very aggressive, she was not the kind of person who would discard the lives of the Charm Sect members! However, Elder Yun was more vicious than she. No matter how many Charm Sect members there were, in her eyes, they were things that she could discard at any moment!

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