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Wen Ya was only interested in news concerning Gu Ruoyun.

"Yes," Wen Ying replied reverently, "I overheard the Secret Order's disciples say that the elders should have immediately brought Gu Ruoyun to accept the inheritance once she has entered the Secret Order as the champion of the assessment. However, the elders have not let her set foot into the inheritance area but had arranged it all at will. The disciples took this to mean that there were many elders in the Secret Order who were not happy with Gu Ruoyun as the champion and did not want her to accept the inheritance."

He paused before he continued, "Besides, no elder has stepped out to stop them after they had openly challenged Gu Ruoyun. Perhaps the elders want to use the Secret Order's disciples to force Gu Ruoyun to give up on the inheritance on her own. After all, if such a large organization like the Secret Order goes back on their word, they would suffer from gossip. As for why they had assigned a private living quarter and courtyard to her, it was for the sake of their reputation! They could not let anyone else in the First City know that the Secret Order was treating the champion unfairly. Hence, these elders are waiting for an opportunity. Once Gu Ruoyun loses the competition, she would have no choice but to give up the inheritance!"

Wen Ya's eyes flickered as a sense of joy flashed across her eyes.

"If Gu Ruoyun gives up the inheritance, doesn't that mean that I would still have a chance?"

At this moment, Wen Ya was blinded by greed. Even if Gu Ruoyun lost her chance to accept the inheritance, there were still many other disciples in the Secret Order in line to the inheritance and she would still have no chance at all.

Unfortunately, her entire head was now filled with thoughts about the inheritance and she lost her powers of judgment.

A few days ago, she had secretly received information on the Secret Order's situation from the Left Emissary. All the disciple who had received the inheritance would experience a sudden spike in power so Wen Ya knew that they had all failed in accepting the inheritance fully!

Even after failing to receive the inheritance, they would still gain such a sensational effect. If someone were to succeed, how powerful would they become?

By then, the entire mainland would trample beneath her feet!

Besides, if she successfully accepts the inheritance, the members of the Secret Order would certainly have a whole new level of respect for her. She might even have the chance to climb her way up to the Clan Leader position! After all, so many geniuses in the Secret Order had failed to fully accept the inheritance. If she manages to accept it, why should the members of the Secret Order not put her in high regard?

"Gu Ruoyun, are you not powerful? But so what? That inheritance will belong to me!" A fierce light flashed in Wen Ya's eyes and she no longer held her once gentle and graceful air. Even her voice has become sinister. "No one should be able to continue living safe and sound after crossing me, Wen Ya! Once I've successfully received the inheritance, forget about you, even the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order will have to grant me some leeway!"

Perhaps the entire Secret Order would turn into useless scoundrels before her.

Wen Ying did not react to her sinister face as if he already knows Wen Ya's personality like the back of his hand. 

As her trusted aide for so many years, how could he not be aware of the Young Lady's personality? Her attitude to the situation now could be considered pretty good. After all, she had never spared anyone who offended her interests even if they were her own brother or sister!

"Wen Ying, you may leave."

Wen Ya put her intentions away and calmly mused, "Furthermore, watch Gu Ruoyun's every move! I cannot let her accept the inheritance."

"Understood, Young Lady."

Wen Ying joined his fists and took his leave after receiving the order.

Once Wen Ying had left, Wen Ya's body crumbled and she nearly fell to the ground.

At this moment, her face was extremely pale and sweat was slowly forming on her forehead, soaking her entire head.

"Even if I'm not even planning to hurt Gu Ruoyun, I can still feel such agony. Are the effects of the poison really that powerful until I can't even talk about her? Why is this poison so potent to actually be able to control my every move!"

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