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The Secret Order's disciple replied with reverence.

"Oh?" Yun Yan responded in surprise, "She had received the right to enter the Secret Order along with Gu Ruoyun? They must have an amicable relationship. Since that's the case, let her in. Remember to be more cordial to her. If she has a very good relationship with Gu Ruoyun and you offend her, it might anger Gu Ruoyun."

"Yes, Senior Brother Yun Yan."

Upon hearing this, the Secret Order's disciple retreated. Not too long after, he led a figure into the room.

When Yun Yan laid his eyes upon the graceful figure, his eyes flashed with clear surprise. Soon, his surprise vanished but even so, Wen Ya had caught it easily.

There was a sweet smile on her flawless and beautiful face but her heart was filled with disdain. She never expected that Yun Yan, despite being a disciple of the Secret Order, would turn out to be such a pervert! He could not even bear to blink after seeing her. Since that was the case, it would be much easier to use him.

"Senior Brother Yun Yan," Wen Ya slowly stepped forward as her smile grew even more graceful and moving. Her light yellow robes made her look absolutely stunning and even more seductive. "I've heard of your great name, Senior Brother Yun Yan, long before I had set foot in the Secret Order. Now that I've seen you, you are indeed young and highly talented, Senior Brother, as well as outstanding and magnificent! If you had not met that opponent who holds the Nine Underworld Flames in her possession, you would not have lost the competition today."

The Nine Underworld Flames?

Upon hearing the name of the flames, Yun Yan's interest was piqued. "You're saying that the flames in Gu Ruoyun's hands are the Nine Underworld Flames?"

As expected!

Wen Ya's smile deepened when she heard the way Yun Yan had addressed Gu Ruoyun.

Judging by the way this fellow had addressed Gu Ruoyun by her name directly, that means that he has not accepted her as a leader from the bottom of his heart! After all, as a disciple of the Secret Order, Yun Yan has always been placed high above everything else. How could he possibly agree to become someone else's subordinate?

However, Wen Ya was not aware that Yun Yan had not changed his manner of address not because he has not accepted Gu Ruoyun as his master, he had merely slipped up at the moment.

"That's right, those are indeed the Nine Underworld Flames. I happened to be fortunate enough to have heard of those flames." Wen Ya's eyes flickered as she spoke sympathetically, "If the Nine Underworld Flames were in your possession, I believe that your power would increase two-fold, Senior Brother Yun Yan."

This also meant that the Nine Underworld Flames were wasted on Gu Ruoyun!

Nevertheless, because of Gu Ruoyun's poison, Wen Ya had not dared to say it explicitly and only hinted at it. Besides, she believes that even as a disciple of the Secret Order, Yun Yan might not be aware of the fact that the Nine Underworld Flames cannot be passed to a different master! After all, she had also accidentally discovered this fact herself!

Yun Yan was laughing icily in his heart but his expression was one of ignorance, "How unfortunate that I can't take the Nine Underworld Flames for myself. These things are prohibited in the Secret Order. If I do that, the elders of the Secret Order will never let me get away with it!"

His voice was filled with regret as if he really did believe that Gu Ruoyun's possession of the Nine Underworld Flames was truly a pity!

Realizing the implication in his words, Wen Ya's heart leaped with joy, "Senior Brother Yun Yan, if you need help, I will never refuse you!"


How can that be the case?

She was merely using this man so why should she take the risk and help him? Gu Ruoyun was such a sinister character and being her enemy would result in having her bones turned to dust if she was not careful enough! Besides, she was still poisoned. Each time she has intentions of hurting Gu Ruoyun, she would suffer a searing pain.Ohhhh you are soooo far off.

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