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Elder Tianren was shocked. If this was the Clan Leader's decision, perhaps he could have said something. However, he had not expected the Sacred Beast to be the one who actually made the decision!

"Clan Leader, why does the Lord Sacred Beast want to personally make an appearance before the eyes of the world? This simply defies all common sense! I can't help but feel that something has happened! Besides, ever since the Gu girl and the others have entered the Secret Order, the Lord Sacred Beast has become restless and impatient. Still, he has never communicated with anyone. Now that he has issued this order, does he plan to appear in front of the Gu girl?"

Elder Tianren knitted his brows. He simply could not comprehend what was going on which would cause the Lord Sacred Beast to make such a decision.

The Clan Leader laughed bitterly and shook her head. "How can we guess the meaning behind the Sacred Beast's decision? Regardless of his motives, we only need to listen to his orders! Don't forget that back then, that Lord was the one who had left the Sacred Beast here. He's also the foundation of the Secret Order's establishment."

Hearing this, Elder Tianren was just about to speak but ended up swallowing his words. There was an exasperated smile on his face.

"Clan Leader, this is something that the Secret Order has already determined yet we've suddenly changed our decision. How should we explain this to the Gu girl? After all, she was the champion of the assessment. Logically speaking, she should be the one receiving this inheritance."

The Clan Leader nodded. "Though the Gu girl is Yu'er's daughter, the Secret Order cannot give her any preferential treatment. However, if she ends up losing the inheritance, I will still grant her an unsurpassed position within the Secret Order."

Even if Gu Ruoyun was not the champion of the assessment, she would still have a leading position in the Secret Order simply due to her status as Dongfang Yu's daughter.

"Elder, you may take your leave. Make preparations for the event in the next few days."

The Clan Leader closed her eyes once again after saying her piece and did not say another word.

Elder Tianren took one last look at the Clan Leader before he sighed and turned around to leave. He then closed the door to the clan hall on his way out.

At the disciples' chambers.

Unlike Gu Ruoyun's living quarters, the disciples' chambers were rather average with several large beds scattered all over the place and one simple wooden desk placed in front of each bed. A woman dressed in yellow robes was sitting at one of the wooden desks. Her graceful and noble air contrasted greatly with the simplicity in the disciples' chamber.

"Is what you've said true? The Secret Order is going to re-elect the heir to the inheritance?"

Wen Ya's eyes flickered and her eyes flashed with an unreadable light.

"Eldest Lady, my information is accurate. They said that the Secret Order's Sacred Beast had issued the order and only the person who manages to successfully communicate with the Sacred Beast will become the heir to the inheritance."

Communicate with the Sacred Beast?

Doesn't that mean that anyone who manages to tame the Sacred Beast will become the heir?

"I heard about the Secret Order's Sacred Beast from the Lord Left Emissary. The meaning behind this Sacred Beast's name is very different from an average Martial Saint spiritual beast. Instead, his name represents divinity and nobility. I've also heard that in the Secret Order, the only one who truly keeps to his word is the Sacred Beast. Even the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order is beneath the Sacred Beast! The Sacred Beast is the only one who lives in solitude at the back of the mountain and pays no attention to the matters of the secular world! Hence, though the Clan Leader is tasked with managing the Secret Order, in truth, the Sacred Beast's words are far more powerful than the Clan Leader's."

There was a graceful smile on Wen Ya's face as her beautiful eyes flashed with a faint light.

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