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Gu Ruoyun only smiled in a noncommittal way.

She definitely would not let the Clan Leader know that she had also received a most precious item other than comprehension from the inheritance!

This was a lifetime of experience from a peerless cultivator!

To her, this was the greatest of riches!

"Why have you summoned me here?"

Gu Ruoyun's eyes turned towards the Clan Leader's elderly features as she asked calmly.

"Little girl, I know that you have many dissatisfactions towards the Secret Order's decisions. For example, we had agreed to give the inheritance to you and then went back on our word." The Clan Leader sighed in exasperation. "However, I had no other choice either. Even though I am the Secret Order's Clan Leader, there is one person whose orders must be followed. That person is the Secret Order's Sacred Beast! The Sacred Beast had given the order to choose the heir on its own. Therefore, I had no choice."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she said, "Regardless of the process, this inheritance is now mine. As long as the Secret Order doesn't go back on the deal."

"Hehe." The Clan Leader chuckled softly. "You've already successfully received the inheritance, how can we even go back on our deal? I've called you here today because I know that you are going to leave the Secret Order. However, the Sacred Beast has now been seduced by the plaything in your hand and wants to follow you. Therefore, if you plan to leave the Secret Order, please take the Sacred Beast with you. Furthermore, I have one more thing to ask you. Was that thing which you gave to the Sacred Beast for consumption a pill?"

A pill?

Boom, crash, crash!

Yun Yan, who had been standing by the side, had been increasingly shocked by the conversation between the two. Once he heard what the Clan Leader had just said, his entire being turned into disarray! His eyes could only stare sluggishly at Gu Ruoyun as his face filled with disbelief.

Just as he was staring sluggishly at Gu Ruoyun, she slowly nodded, "That's right, it was a pill."

Gu Ruoyun's response clarified the Clan Leader's question and resulted in an unstoppable shock in Yun Yan's heart!

After all, when Gu Ruoyun had enticed the Sacred Beast, the entire Secret Order was filled with regret. If they had known that the Sacred Beast was such a glutton, they would have prepared some sweets so that they could receive the Sacred Beast's approval.

However, no matter what, no one expected that the items Gu Ruoyun had produced were not candy but pills instead!

That made sense. How could such a noble existence like the Sacred Beast have been enticed by a plaything used to entice little children? It was likely that only pills could have tempted it to lower its noble status and turned it into such a glutton!

"Haha, indeed, the younger generation will surpass us in time!" The Clan Leader burst into laughter. "I never thought that despite your young age, you would be honored with the art of pill refinement. Even Elder Wuyu greatly admires you as a Pill Master! Previously, Elder Wuyu had asked me to make you stay as he wanted to explore the art of pill refinement with you!"

Yun Yan blinked.

Gu Ruoyun may be a Pill Master but the Secret Order also has their own Pill Masters in their midst!

Elder Wuyu has been around for so many years and no one in the First City can surpass the pill refinement technique which he has received! Hence, in Yun Yan's eyes, Gu Ruoyun and Elder Wuyu's levels as Pill Masters were on vastly different levels!

However, he never thought that Elder Wuyu would harbor great admiration towards such a young Pill Master that he would even want to explore pill refinement with her?

How could Yun Yan avoid the shocked tremors in his heart?

"Leader, I've certainly acknowledged the right leader now!"

After a long pause, Yun Yan returned to his senses and sighed emotionally. "I am so lucky to have lost to you. Otherwise, I would never have become a Pill Master's follower!"

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